Attack on Titan Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Japanese feature film “Attack on Titan” has an impressive army of fans. The film is based on the manga by Hadhime Isayama. Why has this work been so successful? What is the main point of the film? Let’s try to figure it out.

The meaning of the movie “Attack on Titan”

Huge giants have invaded the human world. Monsters cause irreparable harm to all mankind. People understood that something had to be done about it. It was then that they had the idea to build a wall that would separate them from the titans. After a few years, people stopped betraying great importance to monsters. Some of them even wanted to know what was happening behind this wall. Only the characters had no idea what a cunning plan the monsters were developing. The only goal of the titans is to get into the territory of people. Monsters have long dreamed of capturing humanity

The confrontation between good and evil is the main idea in many films. And the work “Attack on Titan” was no exception. In many heroes of the tape there is a psychological struggle. Some viewers are sure that the main characters of the story are different from their anime counterparts. The characters even have a slightly different story.

The filmmakers showed how freedom is vital for the characters. Inner freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of action. Some of the heroes of the picture were bound by certain frames and boundaries. This did not give them the opportunity to develop, to go further. They became hostages of circumstances, turned their lives into a boring and faceless existence. Silent heroes without initiative preferred to remain in the shadows. Such characters are not capable of making serious decisions that require taking responsibility for their words and actions. That is why they do not attract viewers, they do not want to empathize and sympathize.

Titans are represented as vile, repulsive creatures. These monsters are not admirable. On the contrary, few of the spectators would like them to win in a difficult confrontation.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Attack on Titan”

Good has conquered evil. The general no longer has superpowers that help him turn into a titan. He is simply not there, he is defeated. Monsters will no longer be able to enter the territory of people, because the hole has been successfully closed. The monsters could not bring their dangerous plan to life. What did they lack? The young people were brave and courageous. In some scenes of the film on the screens, the audience saw how blood gushed, the titans seemed too big and invincible. But people didn’t give up. They understood that the future of all mankind depended on their actions. It was this thought that gave them the strength to move on. The heroes of the film realized that there were still people behind them. Therefore, they simply do not have the right to surrender or retreat.

Despite their impressive size and power, the titans were never able to win. They rushed into battle, tried to seize every opportunity that would lead them to the territory of people, but this did not lead to a positive result. The point of the Attack on Titan ending is that reality can be too scary, but you should never give up. No matter how difficult and dangerous external circumstances are. After all, the quality of life depends on it. You need to go towards your goal, even if there are many obstacles on the way.

Explanation of the ending of the anime Attack on Titan

The titans had a specific goal. But they lacked cohesion and faith in their abilities. The monsters figured that with their size, they would easily become victorious. Only brave characters did not want to give their territory to anyone. Did the invaders have a chance to take over the whole space? Maybe. But this is only if the actors do not have internal freedom and responsibility. The gripping film “Attack on Titan” intrigues and fascinates from the first episodes. It didn’t take much for the monsters to invade human territory. Just defending this space turned out to be an impossible task. It doesn’t always take effort to get something. It is much more difficult to keep it in your hands.

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