Spider-Man: No Way Home Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film about the new adventures of Peter Parker, known worldwide as Spider-Man, is breaking records at the box office, ahead of Gone with the Wind, Titanic and Avatar. One of the Turkish fans of Marvel films managed to watch this film more than two hundred times, denying himself rest and sleep. Indeed, the plot of the saga about the invincible superhero takes on a special poignancy – his incognito, successfully hidden for many years, is under threat. In desperation, Peter turns to Doctor Strange himself, imploring him to cast powerful magic and make the world forget Spider-Man’s identity and his perilous adventures.

Alas, the spell worked the opposite way – all the characters of the Multiverse burst into the world, including notorious villains like the Lizard, the Green Goblin and the Octopus Man. In addition, Peter’s multiple personalities break free, adding to the general chaos. Peter will not only have to defeat the villains, using his dexterity, ingenuity and agility, but also understand himself, decide whether he wants to hide his heroic past from the world and move on to the life of an inconspicuous layman. And most importantly, as the plot develops, it will be decided whether his relatives will forget about the true face of Peter?

Such temptations are faced by many not only fictional but also real heroes and superstars – actors and athletes tired of fame and autograph seekers, scientists who are besieged with ridiculous and provocative questions by journalists, retired politicians who can not manage to live a normal life in surrounded by children and grandchildren. And Peter and his family are threatened not just with the cost of fame, but with serious danger. As Spider-Man is not inventive and cunning, it always seems to the audience that he cannot cope with a team of supervillains ready to smash New York to smithereens and that the saga will end with the untimely death of the protagonist.

Although, as in previous series, Peter, armed not only with supernatural agility and invulnerability, but also with knowledge of the “weak points” of his many, tireless and ferocious enemies, will overcome the most cunning trap and get out of any trouble.

In the end, Peter makes a fatal, and according to a number of viewers and film critics, the only right decision. Terrified by the effects of a spell that has gone out of control, and especially by the death of his dearly beloved Aunt May, the tormented superhero prays that the world will forget about the existence of not only Spider-Man, but also Peter Parker himself. Judging by the final episodes, this magic even worked for Peter’s lover and his closest friends. The villains who terrorized New York have also returned to their worlds. But in the finale, we see an announcement showing that we are waiting for new adventures, if not Peter himself, then at least the tireless Doctor Strange, who can become the main character of the continuation of the Spiderman saga.

Explanation of the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Why does the movie end like this and not otherwise? It looks like the filmmakers have decided to make Peter an altruist with a capital P. Indeed, by renouncing his past, he not only provides ideal protection for his loved ones, more durable and reliable than any web, but also finally breaks his relationship with them and renounces his true self. Fans of the increasingly unpredictable spider saga are already debating how firm Peter’s decision will turn out to be, and whether he’ll decide he’s paid too high a price for safety.

Hints on how the plot will develop can be given by the already announced film “Doctor Strange. In the Multiverse of Madness, which is due out in 2022, of course, if the coronavirus epidemic does not put the leading actors to bed, stop filming or close theaters again. This will be sad news – after all, the audience has already been waiting for the last Spider-Man movie for too long.

Announced back in 2017, it was released only at the end of 2021 and immediately set popularity records around the world, from New York and London to Moscow and Beijing. The film’s collection, not counting the money earned by distributors of pirated film versions, amounted to almost $ 2 billion, and this is not the limit.

In a word, the creators of the latest “Spider-Man” paid tribute not only to puzzling adventures and fantastic special effects, but also to the basics of psychology, showing how dangerous the burden of fame is. And at the same time they “pulled out” from the depths of the Multiverse an entire army of monsters, leaving behind the darkest works of folk fantasy and the most terrible nightmares of Bosch. So if you’re ready to follow the latest adventures of Peter Parker, stay tuned for the latest in the Marvel Universe, stock up on popcorn, and get ready to storm the theater! And at the same time, you have time to compose your own versions of the further adventures of Peter Parker, his friends and enemies and share your own fan fiction with your friends that will help brighten up the long wait!

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