The Boys Season 2 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The second season of the series “The Boys” was full of bright battles of super-powerful characters, mysterious episodes, and unexpected twists. The ending of the film was held under the slogan “What I know.” This is a kind of summary of all the events that took place during the season. Many storylines made up a single picture. The puzzle has been completed. It is worth noting that the expectations of the audience regarding the finale did not coincide with the opinion of the writers. Surprise, delight, awe. This season gave viewers unforgettable emotions.

The hero of Stormfront caused the most questions. The creators of the series relied on him. With the help of the character, the writers showed the superiority of some people over others. Their nature can be called insidious, but the viewer got to know her throughout the movie. The series deals with the false idea that people do not like the division described. But not all actors belong to this group. Some heroes eschew the word “Nazis”. It is a forbidden concept for them.

Explanation of the ending of season 2 of The Boys

Hugh and Starlight conduct their investigation. They managed to find irrefutable evidence to declassify Stormfront’s true identity. They made their information public. There was no doubt left. Stormfront is a real monster. Now everyone knows about it. The media released rare footage from the marriage of Stormfront and Frederick Vought. The photographs also show the silhouettes of representatives of the Hitler regime.

Stormfront marched confidently towards its goal. She moved towards her dream. The heroine dreamed of fame, recognition of power. However, her desire played a cruel joke with her. The fact that for a long time helped her grow, ascend to the podium became fatal for her. The fall was inevitable. Initially, the videos made her recognizable, they also became the reason for her complete collapse. In the final series, the writers tried to show the attitude of the Patriot to the goals and mission of the monster heroine. For Stormfront, there was only a top race of super-powerful characters with incredible abilities. However, Patriot did not clearly express his position. He focused his attention on the inner emptiness, which was located in himself. He simply did not want to think about people, to divide them into categories. Most likely, this storyline will continue in the next season.

Express managed to overhear other characters, including Stan Edgar. The hero suddenly suddenly realized why he had become the chosen one. And the information reached him that Stormfront is a violent racist who is a true monster. Express needed an employee. The character has valuable information. The folder with important documents should not be lost. Express hopes to put her in good hands. How did he get this folder? According to one version, the character stole valuable documents from the Church of the Collective. The folder is a treasure trove of documents containing classified information.

The character assures that no one will suspect him of stealing important information. Express is looking forward to working with a mysterious hero. The viewer suddenly realizes that the character with Starlight is connected not just by one thing. They are not only allies.

Billy Butcher’s life came down to one goal. It is important for the hero to find out what happened to his wife. Other questions simply do not interest him. In the final episodes, the character realizes that his wife is alive. Now his priorities have changed. His desire is to be with her again, to recreate a family. Becca became an obsession for the Butcher. She occupied all his thoughts. The butcher put her in the first place. Billy swore to the heroine that he would do everything in his power to save her child. He can no longer look at the suffering of his mother. Patriot holds Becky’s son. Billy will no longer allow a mother to be separated from her child.

The hero does not accidentally make his promises. Once he already made attempts to return the heroine. But then something went wrong. It was not intended to reunite her with her son. He realized everything and realized that his actions were wrong. The character managed to develop a win-win plan. At the cost of his own efforts, he lured the Patriot to a secluded place. Becky and Ryan have time to escape. This action of the Butcher can be called selfless. The hero thinks not only about himself, but also about those who are dear to him. There are many touching moments in the final series. The butcher forced himself to tell Becca about the deal he had made. In the finale of season 2 of The Boys, the viewer saw a connection between previously disparate storylines.

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