John Wick 3 Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum (2019) is a middle-aged killer who is still in great shape. It’s time for him to live in peace, without any adventures. Age somewhere over 50 years. He dreams of getting married. John has a private house that will be blown up in the second part for John’s refusal to kill the sister of one of the gangsters. John Wick is a calm, peaceful person, but only if you don’t touch him. But he is being touched. In the first part, killers tumble into him and beat him, then they kill his dog. John just crossed the road to one of the gangsters. But what will happen next. Beaten John stood up, yelled and realized that he must take revenge. His wife died before these events. In the farewell video, she told the man that she left him a cage with a dog that has a personalized collar. Together with her, John decides to continue to live and find the strength to come to terms with the loss of his wife. But now the dog has been killed. John has awakened the beast in himself and decides to take revenge.

First of all, John decides to go to an old friend who is the patriarch of all killers. The big boss is at the Continental Hotel. And John comes to this hotel. There he is attacked by hitman Peterson. The girl is very beautiful. She fights John and he barely gets the better of her. The boss of the hitmen and John’s friend later shoots her. Beauty’s body is wrapped in polyethylene and loaded into a truck. You can feel the coordinated work of the killers. Next, John commits revenge. He kills the gangster who beat him in the house. But he is the son of a more eminent gangster. He survives in the first part, his turn will come. At the end of the first part, John takes a dog to replace the one that the gangster killed. The two of them walk along the deserted night street of a huge city. The second one is great, just like the first one. A gangster comes to John and tells John to kill his sister in Rome. John refuses. Then the gangster shoots his house with a bazooka. As a result, John has to go to Rome to kill the gangster’s sister. The magnificent Colosseum is shown, in the light of multi-colored lanterns. There’s a rock star concert. John has to attend the event. In one of the rooms near the Colosseum there is a beautiful room with a swimming pool. The gangster’s sister is there. John is talking to her. She goes into the bathroom and cuts her own veins. Mission accomplished. Then the woman’s bodyguards arrive. Shootout again. John Wick gets out of the mess. Then he avenges the destroyed house and kills the gangster, the customer of his own sister. In the film, there is probably a scene of John’s massacre of the father of the villain from the first part.

Explanation of the ending of John Wick 3

In the third part, John Wick is in complete disgrace. Even in the second part, his friend, the boss of the killers, announced to him an ex-communicado. Now all the killers are chasing him. John runs from everyone. He is pursued by the girl head of the liquidators team. John takes refuge in a hotel for hitmen – Continental. But there he is overtaken by a team of liquidators. John defeats them. But in the end, his friend, the boss of the killers, shoots John Wick. He falls from a multi-story building, but survives. He was taken in by an old friend played by the actor who played Morpheus. Very symbolic.

The end paves the way for John Wick 4. And there is a question: did the head of the killers betray John or did this experienced person shoot at the wrong places to let John survive. It remains for Wick to lick his wounds and begin to take revenge again.

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