How to Get Away with Murder Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The American television series How to Get Away with Murder tells the story of ambitious and confident law students. This film reveals the abilities of the human soul, the hidden talents of the characters, as well as the secrets that they keep. The series was a resounding success. However, the authors of the project announced that the sixth season was the final one. Let’s try to figure out what hidden meaning lies at the end of the film.

Explanation of the ending of How to Get Away with Murder

How to get away with murder. Probably everyone who commits a crime thinks about this. But getting away from justice is extremely difficult, and most often impossible. In the center of the storyline is Professor Annalize Keating. The heroine successfully realized herself in advocacy. She is also teaching. Her students are passionate, interesting individuals who want to get to the bottom of the truth.

It is no coincidence that the TV series has collected a lot of positive reviews. The picture shows how criminals feel when they are found by law enforcement agencies and bring charges against them. Do they feel the emotional burden that they carry in their soul? What drives them when they commit a crime? Does repentance come to them after their deed? The creators of the series tried to answer these questions in the final episodes.

By the end of the tape, the tension only grows. The plot is fast paced and intriguing. The audience has a chance to look the criminal in the eye. Fans of the series sincerely worry about those who are faced with misfortune. Hatred arises in their souls for those who are guilty of this. It is difficult to pass by human misfortune. It is difficult to understand the motives of the killer’s actions. The viewer is completely sure that everyone who deserves punishment will suffer it. However, the filmmakers warn: “Beware of endings!”. In the final episodes, viewers are waiting for unexpected twists in the storylines. Few killers follow a pattern. Criminals prefer to develop their own signature. The film “How to Get Away with Murder” is filled with intrigue, secrets, non-standard riddles. There are almost no positive moments in the series. It has many dramatic episodes that make the audience sympathize and empathize with those who are in trouble. With the help of well-chosen soundtracks, the authors of the project managed to create a gloomy atmosphere that presses from all sides.

In the final episodes, it becomes clear to the viewer whether legal ethics exist at all. Throughout the film, metamorphoses occur with the main character. The woman has changed beyond recognition. She was an ambitious lawyer known in wide circles. However, during her life she committed many unpleasant and even vile deeds. Therefore, at the end of the film, her life can hardly be called joyful and happy. The series showed that one should exist and act according to conscience. Otherwise, in life you will be rewarded for everything. You can’t commit a betrayal and think that you won’t get anything for it.

The woman is of the following opinion: “The client is not guilty, unless proven otherwise.” She doesn’t want to hear anything else. The heroine perfectly mastered oratorical skills. She is able to convince any opponent of her innocence. The tough, imperious, strong heroine brought up stamina and assertiveness in herself. She studied all the subtleties of human nature. Now she manages to pick up any key that opens the soul. However, this heroine is lonely. She does not trust anyone and believes that the whole world is against her. The series shows the dramatic story of a self-sufficient woman who chose a special dangerous life path for herself.

The existence of the heroine is more like a struggle. Not only with the outside world, but also with yourself. The heroine, having 20 years of legal practice behind her, suddenly realized that she could not accept herself in any way. A woman teaches her students that in this life every man is for himself. A successful lawyer is a multifaceted personality. Only at the end of the series How to Get Away with Murder does the audience manage to get to know her better. A woman prefers to hide her emotions behind a mask of indifference. The life of the heroine is her personal tragedy. She could not realize what she planned in her youth. A woman does not try to be an enemy only to her ambitious students. It is only with time that they realize this. The characters are so dependent on their mentor that they are even afraid to admit it to themselves. Strong, filled with the series “How to Get Away with Murder” – a picture affecting many topical issues. However, the authors of the project did not give an answer to some questions, because each viewer should have his own vision.

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