Squid Game Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

On September 17, the new series Squid Game was released on Netflix. It was filmed by a South Korean team led by director Hwang Dong Hyuk. This is an action-packed drama and thriller series. The story is about a group of people who play children’s games for a huge cash prize. The catch is that only the winner can exit the game – the losers will die.
In a short time, the drama has gained incredible popularity among users, now the picture is being actively discussed on the network. The ending has clear hints of a continuation of the story. Perhaps the creators will begin filming the second season in the near future.

The acclaimed Korean series Squid Game has no doubt surpassed expectations. Not only in the sales of the already famous white slip-ons from Vans or the traffic growth of South Korea’s most popular service provider (everyone rushed to watch the series, of course), but also in the fact that originally presented as a project to develop local content in different countries, of which there is a dash of it on Netflix, it suddenly shot up after a couple of days of rather quiet premiere and gained worldwide fame.

Below we’ll try to figure out what the secret to the success of the series Squid Game, and talk about what’s wrong with it after all.

We all love games.

No doubt, it won’t be hard to explain the secret of this project’s popularity in its South Korean homeland. We all love games. And those that come from our childhood are even more so. First, because we were all children, and secondly, – because it is exciting, easy and fun. So it turned out that watching the “red light, green light” in a new, not quite children’s reading, most of the audience began to literally scream with delight. And so did we. If they had also played Robber Cossacks, they would have been priceless.

What is The Squid Game about?

In the center of the plot of the picture is a certain Ki Hun. This is a middle-aged man who has a black streak in his life. Because of his love of gambling, he gets into debt. His wife and daughter leave him, so the man runs the risk of not seeing the child again. One day, Ki Hun runs into a man who offers to play with him for money. After several tries, Ki Hoon wins, to which the man leaves him a business card if Ki Hoon wants to win more money. So the main character ends up on a closed island, where 455 more players are with him.

The winner of the game will be the one who completes all six games and survives. As the story progresses, Ki Hoon gets to know the other players in the game. All of them did not come here from a good life: someone needs to pay off their debts, someone needs to help their relatives. They are united by an urgent need for money, and even the risk of death does not stop them from participating in the game.

Gradually, there are fewer and fewer players until only a few people reach the final. Among them are Gi Hoon and his childhood friend Sang Woo. At the end of the game, they have to fight each other. Gi Hong, having won, suddenly declares that he wants to stop the game. But Sang-woo is unable to live with the sins he committed during the game. He asks to take care of his mother and kills himself. Gi Hong, having become the winner, returns home. He learns of his mother’s death and mourns her, never spending the money he received. A year after the game, Ki Hoon receives a similar card with an address. On the spot, he meets with O Il Nam, the creator of the game. He is clearly sick and on the verge of death. From him, Gi Hoon learns about the meaning of the game and the true motives of its creator. The last game of the two heroes is an argument about whether someone will help a homeless person on the street. Gi Hoon bets on help, and Oh Il Nam on the fact that there will be no help. the homeless is still being helped, after which Oh Il Nam dies, and Ki Hoon understands how to dispose of his winnings. He fulfills the wishes of the players by helping their loved ones, and then goes to his daughter.

Meaning of the series ending

Explanation of the ending & the meaning of the series Squid Game. The last episode and Ki Hoon’s conversation with the creator of the game completes the main idea of ​​the whole series. She says that money is no guarantee of happiness. The poorest and richest people are similar in that they are equally unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives. The first – from the constant need for money, the second – from their abundance and boredom.

Oh Il Nam and his wealthy friends came up with the game for their own amusement. So they could feel alive, experience new emotions. And when O Il Nam got bored again, he decided to play with life for the last time, and he himself became a member of his “brainchild”. He knew that he would die soon, so he wanted to enjoy the last bits of this life. Not money, but the full awareness of death and the absence of fear of it, gave him a true sense of omnipotence. But despite the wealth of the hero, he is not able to escape death. Therefore, the second thought of the series is that everyone is equal before death.

The dispute of the characters about helping the homeless and the conclusion reached by Gi Hoon became the final, third thought of the series. Only humanity and help, love for people can save our world. These are the things that cannot be bought. But Ki Hoon’s last decision, when he sees the next recruiters and does not fly to his daughter, tells us about the continuation of the story. The character is going to fight the game, which will continue on. Now he considers it his duty to help other people get out of their difficult situations. Otherwise, they also risk falling into the game and losing their lives. Perhaps next season we will see this confrontation in its full bloom.

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