Angels of Death Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Many viewers did not expect such an ending to the film Angels of Death, which was presented to them by the creators of the project. This kind of tape is a computer game in which the central place is occupied by the quest. It was developed by a Japanese master all alone. The game is composed as a string of horrors and psychological fears. But what is the meaning of the ending of the picture Angels of Death.

Explanation of Angels of Death ending

The characters will have to plunge into a computer game and go through a quest specially prepared for them to the end. The characters find themselves in an abandoned building. Traps and dangers lie in wait for them at every turn. Violent maniacs and bloodthirsty killers can hide behind the wall. How to cope with panic attacks and overcome psychological stress? The main character is Rachel. The girl is only 13 years old, but she is already ready to challenge the danger. Her team includes twenty-year-old Zach. Young people plan to go through all the tests together.

The abandoned building is a multi-storey building. The floors are clearly divided between the owners. It is they who are commonly called “Angels”, who must protect their space. The entire floor is a single play area. When the character enters the floor, the game starts. Both the Angels and the characters pursue their goals. The atmosphere is heated to the limit. At the end of the picture it becomes clear who was stronger.

The final episodes of Bloodshed Angels are characterized by a sense of loss. The ending was confusing and incomprehensible. The creators of the project left the final open. The audience can guess for themselves what happened to the characters. Is it worth looking for a deeper meaning in the final episodes of the picture Angels of Death? If we ignore the virtual world, we can understand that the life of every person is a kind of quest. Everyone encounters problems and obstacles along the way. The trials sent by fate never seem to end. A person has an irreplaceable resource – time to realize his plans and goals. But external circumstances interfere with the comfortable existence of everyone. How to deal with them, how to respond to them, everyone decides for himself.

The painting Angels of Death is filled with cruelty and bloody scenes. These episodes are not to be taken literally. Perhaps life should not be seen as a race for survival. Existence should bring joy and happiness. If you notice only negative moments, a person will not last long. Life should become an interesting adventure with a lot of positive emotions.

Sometimes the characters in the picture are trapped. from which the exit is not visible with everything. Although there is a well-known person nearby, the heroes understand that not everyone can be trusted. Some individuals act solely in their own interests. It is better to stay away from such people. Nobody wants to get stabbed in the back. The characters of the painting Angels of Death do not yet know what they are capable of. On a visual example, the viewer can see that every person has a great potential. It is important to use it at the right time. Each person is endowed with certain skills and abilities. But in order to recognize them, he must work on them. Bloodshed Angels is not just a fight for survival. On the screens, viewers see a quest full of mysteries and secrets. I would like to believe that the characters will keep their composure and will not succumb to panic.

There are many psychological horrors in the final episodes that undermine the characters’ self-confidence. The picture shows how the heroes are desperately fighting the “owners” of the floors. These “masters of fate” believe that everything is decided exclusively by them. They stick to their own methods to achieve results. However, at the end of Bloodshed Angels, it becomes clear that manipulators also make mistakes. It is impossible to control everything. Otherwise, it can lead to psychological problems. Despite the fact that the owner of the floor is presented as a cruel self-sufficient person, at heart he is a deeply unhappy character who is trying to defend his territory.

The ending of the film Angels of Death is striking in its cruelty. It doesn’t match real life. The creators of the picture are advised to separate the virtual world and reality. You should not exist in a computer game, as if you are going through a quest. Otherwise, psychological fears and horrors will consume you. It is important to pay attention to real life, to feel the fullness of its colors. Despite the fact that the world is sometimes not fair, it is beautiful. Only in real life does a person have many opportunities to realize their potential.

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