Eternals Explained: How It Sets Up The Future? What Happens?

At the beginning of November of this year, the film Eternals, so much awaited by fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was released and immediately blocked all previous indicators of popularity. After all, the new picture is simply amazing due to the indescribable grandiosity of the events taking place on the screen and the scale of filming. Thanks to the dynamic development of the storyline and the recognizability of the main characters, the viewer will be able to quickly understand the essence of the picture and, together with its main characters, instantly move into another reality. So, enjoy your time watching an action-packed and exciting movie!

What will the movie be about

Immediately after the first credits, the viewer will see a spaceship of the most modern kind. It is on it that much will happen in the future, the defining meeting of Eternals, the adventures and metamorphoses of which will be discussed further.

The film should be attributed to the category of legendary paintings with a dynamically developing plot. Therefore, viewing will be a great pastime for everyone who loves action with the most modern special effects and excellent musical accompaniment.

Plot development

A lot of time has passed since the immortal beings of Eternals were sent to the planet Earth. Seventy centuries ago, they were assigned here by the Celestial Arishem, and the purpose of Eternals was to protect the inhabitants of the earth from the invaders of the Deviants. A feature of the mission of Eternals was that they had no right to interfere in human life, because people had to learn from their own mistakes.

Having defeated all the Deviants dangerous to people, Eternals became invisible among people, as if they disappeared among them, turning into one of the earthlings. However, as it turned out, some Deivants managed to survive. There are a lot of them, and now Eternals are forced to unite again in order to fight the invaders of the Earth again with all their efforts. But the resurgence of the Deviants is not the only news for Eternals. It turns out that Arishem had his own special idea regarding the Earth: he placed an embryo in the center of the planet, which, as it develops, will become a new Celestial.

Tiamut, the new Celestial, develops as the number of earthlings increases. The appearance of Tiamut is accompanied by the destruction of the planet in which he grew up, therefore the death of the Earth is inevitable. As the new Celestial grows and develops, many cataclysms occur on the planet: earthquakes and floods, which are caused by the rapid warming of the climate. It was as a result of such negative changes that the Deviants that remained in the glaciers woke up.

The goal of the Devinates was originally to cleanse the Earth of the predators that flooded it. However, the Deviants improve themselves, eventually rebelling against the Celestials. Therefore, more obedient and controlled Eternals were created. Such creatures were supposed to protect people on Earth, but as they contacted people, Eternals acquired such qualities as compassion and humanity, and therefore managed to give the necessary rebuff to their own creator when he decided to “zero” them, that is, erase their memory.

Continued opposition

The leader of Eternals is Ayak, who knows Arishem’s true goals. Ayak passes this information to his assistant Ikaris, who escapes from the ruler. Ayak rethinks the task for Eternals and realizes that people living on Earth have every right to exist. She is close to humanity, and sympathy for others, and such a human feeling as love. Therefore, Ayak considers the Celestial plan to be excessively cruel and unjustified.

Now the goal of Ayak is to stop and avert the terrible plans of the Celestial from the inhabitants of the Earth, in fact, to save people. However, her assistant, Ikaris, cannot believe that the Celestials are capable of making mistakes. In order to save the earth and resist the cruel Celestial, Eternals unite their efforts: in this way they become stronger than the invaders for a few moments.

Explanation & meaning of the ending of the film Eternals

The ending of the picture is significant enough. Some of Eternals: Fastos, Sersi, Sprite and Kingo decide to stay on Earth, but Ajak still takes them. The sprite remains on the planet among people and becomes a person herself.

Celestial, on the other hand, will have to make a difficult decision: to analyze the memories of the main characters and decide whether humanity should be destroyed or left alive.

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