Twin Peaks Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The series “Twin Peaks” can be called ambiguous and difficult to understand. Few viewers could predict the ending of season 3. The creators of the project decided to make it non-standard and heavy. Let’s try to figure out the meaning of the final episodes of the film.

In the film Twin Peaks, the director touched on several topics, among which there is the theme of duality. In season 3 of the series, viewers met with another type of doubles. Tulpas have appeared. This concept originates in Tibetan mythology. These doubles indicate that the thoughts of each play a significant role in a person’s life. The material embodiment of what the character thinks about is real. It is no coincidence that they say that all the problems are in the head. A person independently erects barriers and frameworks and places himself in this world. Obsessive thoughts and fears begin to haunt him. He does not understand how to get rid of them. The creators of the series “Twin Peaks” on a good example showed how this happens.

The season 3 finale features unusual characters whose actions are difficult to explain logically. There is also the Shadow of a man, which inseparably pursues him. This is the embodiment of his personal qualities, which can be attributed to the worst. However, a person cannot get rid of them in any way. Each character has a specific purpose, which they begin to reveal at the end of the film. The phrase that sounds in the series sets the tone for the entire season. “You were not created by chance.” Every viewer should think about this. Here we are not talking about doubles, but about everyone who looks at the screen. Sometimes it is important to think about the meaning of the existence of a particular person. People should not aimlessly go their own way. They should strive to find their calling, to enjoy and enjoy their lives.

Explaining the Meaning of the Twin Peaks Ending

The ending of the film also showed how wigwams function. The emphasis is not only on Black, but also on White. In the first, the viewer sees dark colors, feels a gloomy atmosphere and an inflating atmosphere. The white wigwam is more like an old cinema. These strange rooms represent the underworld. It is worth noting that there is no time in wigwams. This circumstance explains the scene, which raises many questions. Cooper had the opportunity to listen to recordings containing screams and a strange rattle. This information was given to him by the Giant. He accompanied the transfer of the recording with the ambiguous phrase: “This is happening now in our house.” In the final scene, these words take on additional meaning. In the last episodes, terrifying sounds appear on the screens. Perhaps, with their help, the director tried to convey the state of a person who cannot achieve inner harmony and peace. He got confused, he played. Such a person is like a priest in a dead end from which there is no way out. In his head, he begins to draw scary pictures. However, he does not realize that with his thoughts he himself creates a world that oppresses him, suppresses him, depriving him of the opportunity to live a full life. A person becomes a hostage of his fears and complexes.

Some viewers are sure that the final episode should be regarded as a prediction. Perhaps, in this way, the authors of the project are hinting that fans of the series are waiting for the fourth season. At the end of the film, the audience notices that Cooper’s FBI badge is missing. He never took it off his jacket. But what happened now? It can be assumed that the character is Dale from the future.

There was no happy ending in season 3 of Twin Peaks. But the point in history has not been set. Cooper did not complete his mission. His goal is not just to send a double to otherworldly space. The character has other intentions as well. In the final episodes, Evil broke free. It was able to penetrate the shell and spread throughout the world. It is important to do something about this circumstance. Heroes must overcome and expel Evil. A bright knight who serves Good has taken up the job.

At the end of the third season of Twin Peaks, the viewer realizes that you cannot change your past. It can’t be done. You can only accept the past, realize your mistakes, thank you for the experience and move on. Characters constantly struggle not only with external circumstances, but also with themselves. In the final episode, Cooper asks a bewildering question: “What year is it?”. After that, strange things happen. Laura-Carrie couldn’t bear the screams she heard in her head. The heroine plunged her home into darkness. Can this be considered a victory for Evil? Or has Laura solved the mystery of illusory reality? For now, it remains a big mystery.

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