Castle Rock Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Castle Rock (2018) is based on the famous works of Stephen King. It is impossible to say exactly which specific creative works of the writer are used to a greater or lesser extent. Throughout the story, the viewer encounters references to the master’s popular books.

Can the town of Castle Rock be called cozy? It is concentrated as if all universal evil. This place is filled with mystical secrets and mysteries. New characters are coming to town. But at the center of the film is one story. It was on it that the authors of the project decided to focus the attention of the audience. The main character is under the strong influence of her parent. A girl cannot take a step without her permission. Why does a mother restrict her daughter’s freedom of choice? Why deliberately lower her self-esteem?

The madness of a woman knows no bounds. The girl dreams of throwing off her shackles, but she understands that her mother is sick. But is she ready to support her? Does a mother need help from her daughter? In the center of the story is the relationship between two close people. Mother and daughter have come a long way. This relationship is also intense. warm and sincere. A parent is overprotective of her daughter. Perhaps she is manipulating the girl in this way? The authors of the project answered these questions at the end of the film.

Explaining the Meaning of the Castle Rock Ending

At the end of the film “Castle Rock” the characters are in for a mental shock, which led to moral purification. The characters were dependent on each other. They could not exist together, and separately. Only they did not understand it for a long time. The authors of the film built the central storyline on the contrast. The relationship between parents and children is a complex topic that raises many questions. It’s no secret that not all families have love, care and respect. Some parents suppress the desires and interests of their children.

They want to keep everything under control, not realizing that they are causing irreparable harm to their child. In the final episodes of the film, the viewer realizes that such a relationship cannot continue indefinitely. One of the family members will one day not be enough. Contradictions that arise between close people cause a lot of problems and difficulties. Therefore, it is important to hear and listen to each other, to respect the requests and desires of the other.

The problem of parents and children is not the only one in the Castle Rock movie. Also, the filmmakers paid attention to mysticism and secrets. It was this line that helped to “shed light” on the mysterious city. This is a place where not everyone would like to be. Castle Rock repels and attracts at the same time. The events taking place in it cause bewilderment on the faces of the audience. People are interested in guessing the riddles that the creators of the tape hid for them on the streets of the town.

Should a broken woman who “strangles” her daughter with sick love worry? She is so depressed, confused, that she does not notice the mistakes made. The audience will agree that the mother only harms the heroine with her behavior. In addition, a woman going crazy has a negative impact on others. But it cannot be isolated from society. Over time, fans of the series begin to empathize with the heroine. They understand that she does not know how to love differently. The further fate of the woman causes a lot of controversy and questions.

The series finale of Castle Rock is dark and powerful. The creators of the project deliberately “exaggerated” to the end of the picture. Many viewers are looking forward to the continuation of the series, because the final episodes were not fully revealed. Will mother and daughter get along, or is their relationship doomed? The final episodes of the film left food for thought. Despite the mysticism, excessive drama, in the series “Castle Rock” the authors touched upon vital topics relating to those people who have children. The spectators, by a good example, saw how one should not act under the pretext of love. The family is a place that protects a person from adversity and sorrow.

But the home should not become a cage in which a person is forcibly placed. Everyone should have freedom of choice. Otherwise, one day a person simply will not survive. The ending of the film once again proved that you should not impose your opinion on others. You can’t force a person to do one thing and not another. And most importantly, parents should not manipulate children. You can not play with the feelings and emotions of a loved one. Such behavior of parents only hurt his soul. Over time, the closest people begin to move away from each other. But will they have enough time to correct their mistakes? It is important that parents are not afraid to admit their mistakes, but are aware of them and correct them.

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