Banana Fish Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Banana Fish series originally had a promising idea. And the writers didn’t disappoint. They created a bright, rich work that evokes a storm of emotions. The ending of the movie was on point. The amine genre is not for all viewers. But in the series “Banana Fish” questions are raised that concern almost everyone.

The ending of the film is extremely unexpected even for true fans of anime. The heroes are faced with an unusual phenomenon. Due to the large number of various emotions and feelings, their brain came to a stupor, it just jammed. The meaning of this phenomenon lies in the fact that a person should not completely surrender to his feelings. We should not be overly emotional when it comes to making a clear, well-considered decision. If a person is always under the influence of emotions, he simply will not be able to perform deliberate actions. An impulsive impulse sometimes leads to extremely unpleasant consequences. Perhaps, after a while, a person wants to fix everything. But it’s already too late.

The final episode was a strong, sad, unexpected conclusion to the entire season. After viewing, a person may feel devastated. It was as if the ground had been pulled from under his feet. Lots of twists and turns, sudden storylines, unpredictable character deaths.

In the series “Banana Fish” the emphasis is on the inner world of a person. The creators showed how a character lives who feels hatred for everyone around. Including to yourself. He does not know how to enjoy life. He is too focused on flaws. That they want to remind people that no one in the world is perfect. Everyone can find strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages. The meaning of the final episode of the film “Banana Fish” is to make the audience understand that the quality of our life depends on ourselves. Our desires, goals, plans have a great influence on us. If we notice exceptionally bad, negative things around, we carry it into ourselves. Over time, the person becomes irritable. His existence becomes boring and dreary.

Over time, the character came to the realization that he did not want and could not live like that. Negative emotions began to eat him from the inside. He is trying to find a way out. But while one desire is not enough. We need concrete action. A person understands that he also wants to love and be loved. Perhaps this is where his true happiness lies.

The finale is thoroughly saturated with emotions, experiences of the characters. The viewer seems to be following a roller coaster. Characters change moods too quickly. The hero of the series was initially unsure of himself and his abilities. But he has changed. In the final series, he became simply unrecognizable. He had interests, hobbies, aspirations. Most importantly, he believed in himself. Those around him turned to him. They saw in the hero a strong personality capable of moving mountains. The character gathered a real team around him, each of whose members was ready to take risks in order to achieve a common goal. Heroes even forgot about internal omissions, scrapes. The main idea of ​​the final series is that you should not always live thinking only about yourself. We live in a society. There are many people around us who have their own views, values, ideals. Sometimes it is important to listen carefully to them.

Put aside your differences, subdue your pride, ask about the other’s point of view. Often this helps to make an informed decision. The ending of the film “Banana Fish” showed how unpredictable our life can be. The main character just stood up, led his team, freed people from mutual hatred, as his life path was interrupted. Why did it happen? Perhaps the creators wanted to emphasize that our existence is limited. You can’t waste time. You can’t waste such a valuable resource on hatred, selfish goals, suffering in the past. Negative emotions take away too much power of emotions. They are left with a void. To bring his state of mind to harmony, a person needs certain efforts and time.

But the hero simply could not stand the responsibility that fell on his shoulders. The character has neither moral nor physical strength left. Can he be blamed for this? Probably, in the life of everyone there comes a period of emotional burnout. Someone has decided to overcome it and move on. And someone cannot find the strength in himself to rise again. Everyone decides for himself what step to take. Some choose to do nothing. The reasons may be different. The main thing to remember is that only in our power to change everything.

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