Breaking Bad Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Breaking Bad is truly a great show. A whole generation grew up on it. The series aired from 2008 to 2013. For five years, many episodes have been filmed, and each is unique and represents an important role for the plot. There is not a single plot hole in the plot itself, which is why it is so interesting and exciting to watch it, because you don’t have to puzzle over ambiguities.

We propose to consider what this legendary series is about, and to analyze its ending.

What is the series about

One of the school chemistry teachers named Walter White at one point found out that he had lung cancer, and his case was already inoperable, and the disease would lead to death. Realizing that he cannot provide anything for his family, White decides to sell methamphetamine, a highly addictive drug. And so there was hope for cancer treatment, for which there was no money. The viewer is also shown how poor and bad the teacher lived: he even often had to work at a car wash, and there were cases when he washed cars for his own students.

He was not going to do this alone, but with his former student Jesse Pinkman. Pinkman was kicked out of the school where his teacher taught. Jesse already has a good experience in drug preparation: he knows all the mechanisms since school, but it so happened that due to law enforcement checks, Jesse had to run away from this business, having lost his laboratory and assistant.

Many dangers await the heroes, because the business, albeit profitable, is connected with crime. But against all odds, White and Pinkman’s lab produces the finest and purest crystals of methamphetamine in the entire city, and many are trying to unravel the secret of such a product. White makes meth, Jesse sells it. However, the heroes in the end do not turn out the way they wanted, because their fate decided otherwise.

Explaining the meaning of Breaking Bad’s ending

White returned to his hometown. The last episode of the fifth season, which is remarkable, begins the same way as the first episode of the first: he also eats scrambled eggs, but now not in the house, but in a bar. Arriving at an abandoned house, he Walter takes a poisonous substance from there. Next, he arranges a meeting with his friends, giving them the last money and asking them to donate on behalf of the Schwartz to Walter Jr. Lydia White is sprinkled with the same ricin that was obtained in the house.

It hurts to see Walter White say goodbye to his family. It can be seen that they did not expect such an outcome of events, and are in an absolutely depressed state. The protagonist confesses, repents that he did all this not for the sake of the family, and even more likely not for the sake of money, but for a completely different purpose. White never felt like a living person, working as a schoolteacher and washing cars while earning a modest income. Only the criminal life and the adventures that she gave him finally made him feel the feeling of happiness and fulfillment that had not come to him for so long. The chemist also gives the family the coordinates of the graves of Gomez and Hank.

The machine, invented further by White, once again proves his genius and eccentricity. Not only does he know and understand chemistry very well, he built special equipment. It is capable of shooting people who try to open the car.

The last place where we see the partners together is the room where they hold Pinkman as a hostage. The criminal organization that interfered with the profitability of their business was also located there. Walter arrives there and shoots the whole gang, but only Jesse is not hurt by injuries, because the chemist himself is hurt by his own equipment. White still finished off the main thing in the organization on his own. It is noteworthy that questions like “Where is my money?” was not, which proves the veracity of the words about the need for a bright life, but not in money.

White admits his guilt to his former partner, and gives him a weapon in his hands. But Jesse refuses to finish off the dying man, and offers to do it himself. Pinkman leaves the city, while the chemist walks around the building and recalls intense moments. When the police arrived, he was already on the floor.

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