Dune: Part One Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Dune by Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has become one of the most talked about projects of 2021. Reviews about the picture are the most controversial – from frenzied enthusiasm to complete rejection. What is the meaning of the film Dune and why the picture aroused such an increased interest of the public, will help to understand a detailed analysis of the tape. Dune 2021: the meaning of the film, summary, ending

Synopsis for the movie Dune

Dune is a film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s famous novel of the same name. For people who have not read the novel, it is quite difficult to understand the intricacies of the plot. Therefore, the analysis of what is the meaning of what is shown in the film Dune, it is better to start with the introduction of the main characters.

Main characters:

  • Summer is the ruler of the House of Artreides;
  • Paul is the son of Leto;
  • Lady Jessica – Leto’s lover and Paul’s mother;
  • Garni Halleck – Warlord of House Artreides;
  • Duncan Idaho is one of the best warriors of the Artreides;
  • The Baron is the ruler of the House of Harkonnen;
  • Chani – a mysterious stranger from Paul’s dreams;
  • Wellington Yue is a doctor.

The action of the picture takes place in the distant future. People are settled on different planets, each of which is controlled by separate Houses. The most influential of these are the Artreides and the Harkonnens. The Artreides control the planet Caladan, while the Harkonnens rule Arrakis, also known as Dune.

Interesting! One day, Frank Herbert, while collecting material on American agriculture, arrived in Oregon, where he saw the process of cultivating vegetation in order to stop the advance of the sand dunes. After that, the science fiction writer had the idea to write a novel about a desert planet.

The main value of Arrakis is a spice with unique properties. The use of the substance slows down the aging process and induces a narcotic state that allows navigators to determine the shortest path in intergalactic space.

The indigenous inhabitants of Arrakis – the Fremen – treat the spice as a shrine and are dissatisfied with its plunder. But they are forced to obey the cruel Baron. Difficult to extract spices and giant worms that live in the desert.


One day, the Supreme Ruler of the Empire decides to recall Harkonenne, giving Arrakis to House Atreides. This was done in order to weaken the growing influence of Duke Leto.

But Jessica doesn’t like it. The Bene Gesserit, a pupil of the magical order, has clairvoyance and is sure that a trap awaits them on Arrakis.

While in the monastic clan, Jessica learned the ability to command the enemy and now passes this knowledge on to her son. The woman considers Paul the Messiah, called to save the empire.

Paul has strange dreams all the time. Already from the first frames of the film “Dune” it becomes clear that the dreams of a young man are the key to understanding the meaning of events that will occur in the future.

In Paul’s dreams, the girl Chani appears, asking who will be their next enemy. But Summer is not going to quarrel with the Fremen. The duke intends to improve relations with the natives, but because of the betrayal of Dr. Yue, he is captured by the Harkonnen.

Leto dies, and Paul and Jessica are sheltered by Fremen. Here the young man also meets the girl Chani from his dreams. A spark runs between them.

To stay in the tribe, Paul needs to prove that he is worthy of a place among the people of the desert. One of the Fremen warriors challenges the hero to a duel. Paul accepts the challenge and kills the opponent.

The Fremen take the young man to a secret city. The hero begins a new life.

Plot Explanation

Bright special effects, original props in the form of spaceships, dragonfly helicopters, giant worms – all this in the first minutes of viewing suggests that Dune is an ordinary fantasy adventure film. But the appearance of additional storylines leads to the understanding that in the film Dune, the meaning of the story is much deeper.

It covers such serious topics as:

  • politics;
  • economy;
  • ecology;
  • energy problems;
  • war for resources;
  • waiting for a new messiah.

Interesting! “Dune” tried to film several times. A film adaptation of the novel was first undertaken by Alejandro Jodorowsky and then by David Lynch. But the most successful attempt to transfer the plot of a science fiction book full of meanings, events and characters was the 2021 film Dune.

The goal of all wars on earth is the desire to master the sources of energy. And whoever has the main resource in his hands, he has power. This is well shown in the film on the example of the political intrigues of the Emperor, who seeks to strengthen his power by playing off two powerful clans. And there is nothing fantastic about it. This is the reality of the ordinary human universe, whose politicians are constantly waging cold wars.

The authors of the picture did not set out to entertain the viewer. All Villeneuve wants to do is bring Herbert’s “Dune” to the screen, conveying the meaning of the work as accurately as possible.

The film crew managed to show the creative and at the same time destructive power of the sand dunes, the meaning of which lies in the title of the work. Looking at the mystical worms, a mysterious and merciless force is struck, hidden in the bowels of the earth. There is a realization of how numerous the mysteries of the universe are, many of which are impossible to comprehend.

What is the essence of the ending

Many were disappointed with the ending of the tape. It would seem that the audience had just begun to delve into the meaning of “Dune”, as they were expected by the ending of the film, which cut off the plot at the most interesting.

This is explained by the fact that Villeneuve shot only half of the plot of the book. The first part of the picture allows the viewer to go with Paul through the knowledge and pain of loss, losing faith and regaining it.

Dune is a coming-of-age film whose hidden meaning is seen in a veiled call to the youth to stand up for the Earth and stop its cruel exploitation.

Herbert’s monumental novel cannot be packed into 2 hours of screen time. Of course, the authors failed to raise all the serious philosophical problems identified in the novel. It is quite possible that the sequel will more accurately convey the meaning of the book and provide answers to all the questions left after watching the first part of Dune.

Despite the measured rhythm of the narrative, the picture is addictive – you fall in love with the heroes, and you hate the villains. Villeneuve’s film makes you think about the nature of humanity, turning Dune (2021) into philosophical fiction in its meaning.

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