Dark Explained: What is the main point of Series?

Review Dark (2017 to 2020) – Thriller series: the meaning of the series, explanation of the plot & ending. Not so long ago, the third season of the German series Dark ended. Intricate plot, a large number of characters, time travel. All this makes the viewer tense, trying to focus on what is happening. In the fantasy drama Dark, the meaning of the film is so complex that it is not always possible to immediately grasp the essence of the plot.

Brief summary of the series Dark

The film is set in the small town of Winden, near which there is a nuclear power plant. The duration of the action is several time periods, starting from 1921 and ending in 2053.

The structure of the series is quite complex. Time segments constantly intersect with each other, changing places.

Note! In the series, periods of time travel repeat every 33 years. The ancient solar calendar was taken as the basis for such an interval. According to him, the Sun and the Moon needed so much time to complete a full cycle.

Too many characters, as well as their incarnations at different times, does not make it easier to understand the essence. Therefore, in order for the meaning to become more clear in the film Dark, you need to start getting acquainted with the main characters.

All events in the film are connected with members of the four families of Winden:

  • Tiedemann – policeman Egon, his daughter Claudia, Claudia’s daughter and son-in-law Regina and Alexander, their son Bartosz;
  • Dollers – Helge, Helge’s son and daughter-in-law – Peter and Charlotte, their daughters – Francis and Elizabeth;
  • Nielsen – Ulrich and Katarina, their children – Magnus, Marta, Mikkel;
  • Kahnvaldy – Ines, her adopted son Michael and his wife Hannah, their son Jonas.

A significant role in the film belongs to the adoptive father of Charlotte Doppler, the watchmaker Tannhaus, who created a time machine to bring his dead son back to life.

1 season

The events begin in June 2019, when Michael Kahnwald commits suicide, leaving a note with instructions to read it on November 4th. It is on this day that Mikkel disappears.

Jonas, after reading his father’s letter, learns that Mikkel, through a time loop in the cave, ended up in 1986, where Ines adopted him, naming him Michael. Thus, Jonas is the son of Mikell and the nephew of Martha, with whom the young man developed a romantic relationship.

Traveling in time, Jonas meets his adult version – the Stranger and learns that the children were kidnapped by the priest Noah along with Helge. Adult Jonas explains his goal – the destruction of the wormhole located on the territory of the nuclear power plant, using Tannhaus’s time machine.

Season 1 ends with Jonas getting into the post-apocalyptic Winden, where he is caught by armed men led by a girl with a scar.

season 2

In the second season, the existence of the Sic mundus organization becomes known. It is headed by Adam – the aged Jonas, whose face is disfigured due to frequent travel in time. Noah is a member of the organization reporting to Adam.

Traveling to the year 2052, Jonas learns of the apocalypse that took place on June 27, 2020. Having made his way to the time portal, Jonas finds himself in 1921, where he meets Adam. Adam’s goal is to create his own world without time, for which he tries to plan the end of the world.

In the season 2 finale, Adam kills Martha in front of Jonas, but another Martha, who arrived from another universe, takes the young man with her to another dimension.

season 3

In the third season, parallel worlds are added. One such world is led by Eve, an older version of Martha.

Eve’s goal is to save her world. To do this, she creates a time loop where Jonas is killed by an elderly Martha. But in the other world, Jonas survives by turning into Adam.

The worlds of Adam and Eve turn out to be only copies of the third – the real world, which split during the creation of the time machine by Tannhaus. After learning about this from Claudia, Adam sends Jonas to Martha from the second world. There, Jonas leads Martha into the “original” world.

By the end of the film, the worlds of Adam and Eve disintegrate, and Jonas and Martha disappear, since they never existed in the “original” world.

What is the meaning of the series Dark?

When watching the series Dark, the meaning of the events taking place on the screen is not immediately revealed. The usual model of time travel is broken when the characters meet themselves, but at a different age. In addition, the same person in different incarnations can commit acts that are absolutely unacceptable to him or even kill himself.

But any time travel is not able to influence the course of events. Thus, the meaning of seasons 1 and 2 of “Dark” was reduced to the embodiment of the idea of ​​determinism: no matter what a person does in the past, the future is predetermined, it is impossible to change it. But then a natural question arises – if nothing can be changed, there is no freedom of choice – then why fight?

The heroes will try to answer this question in season 3, thereby changing the meaning of Dark. Jonas and Martha returned to the original world to prevent the death of Tannhaus’s son. The watchmaker no longer needed to construct a time machine, parallel worlds were not created, the endless chain of suffering was interrupted.

The meaning of the ending

The confusing ending of Dark makes it difficult to understand the meaning of the series. In season 3, Adam is looking for the “source” that starts the process of repeating cycles. For the “origin” he takes the child of Martha and Jonas. But in fact, the source turned out to be a car accident, as a result of which the son of Tannhaus died.

At the end, Martha wonders if there will be anything left of her and Jonas, or if they will disappear forever. But if Martha and Jonas never existed, how could they get into the true world and prevent the death of the watchmaker’s son. As Jonas said in the final episode, it’s hard to explain.

Teenagers had to sacrifice themselves to stop the repeating cycle of events. The meaning of such an ending of Dark means that it is often impossible to find a way out of the created situation without giving up one’s own desires and aspirations.

In the meaning of the series Dark, the authors put the idea that you need to live in the present. The past cannot be returned, and the future is illusory and foggy. Therefore, you need to strive to be happy here and now.

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