Children Song Meaning – Robert Miles

The song Children has become the most famous work of the Italian DJ Robert Miles. She climbed to the top of many charts and was awarded the “platinum” status in different countries. The Godfather of the dream trance genre passed away on May 9, 2017 at the age of forty-seven. Let’s honor the memory of a talented musician with an article about the history of the creation of the famous instrumental composition.

History of the Song Children by Robert Miles

Robert Miles composed Children in 1994. He talked about two sources of inspiration. The first was photographs of children taken in the war in Yugoslavia. The pictures were brought from a humanitarian mission by his father. The second was his experience in clubs. Miles wanted to create a track that could soothe rave-fueled attendees so that they were less likely to get into accidents while driving home.

In Children, one can notice a similarity with the song “Drink me with water” by Russian rock legend Garik Sukachev. In the TV program “Property of the Republic”, Igor Ivanovich recalled that the representatives of Robert Miles really turned to him with a request:

I got a call from either an Italian artist or a band who would like to use the melody from the song “Give Me Water” in some sample there (or something like that). I said, “Yes, you are welcome, why not.”

Children was first released in January 1995 on the Soundtracks compilation album released by DBX and was not a success. Then Joe Vanelli, the owner of DBX, gave the track to Miami nightclubs, where the song was heard by Simon Berry from Platipus Records.

In November, Children was released as the first single from Dreamland, Robert Miles’ second studio LP. The song became a hit in many countries, topping a couple of dozen charts. The total circulation exceeded two million copies.

Children – Robert Miles Clips

Two music videos were shot for the track. First, let’s watch the online black and white clip Children directed by Matt Amos (Matt Amos). It was filmed in several cities including London, Paris and Geneva.

The second video clip Children is in color. It changes scenes with kids playing and Robert Miles as the club DJ. We look …

In 2001, the Children remix by the 4 Clubbers was popular.

Interesting Facts

  • Various musicians have used samples from Children in their tracks.
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