Black Mirror Explained: What is the main point of Series?

The Complete Series Timeline of Black Mirror: the meaning of the series, explanation of the essence of the series. Since its inception, the series Black Mirror, the meaning of which is to reveal the vices of modern society, has gained immense popularity around the world. The cult television almanac has climbed to the top of the fantasy cinema world. He seems to be warning humanity of the impending inevitability. After all, no matter how many centuries pass, we remain weak and petty in many matters. Therefore, advanced technologies created for our own security can turn into a tool for enslavement, violence and brainwashing.

1 season

The series was directed by various directors. It is thanks to this approach that the stories written by the brilliant screenwriter Charlie Brooker were able to reflect the main problem that is emerging in modern society – the dangerous relationship between man and information technology. The point of Black Mirror season 1 is a small device that has taken over our minds. We look day and night at our gadgets and iPads, not suspecting what dangers they can carry.

On a note! The meaning of the name of the Black Mirror series is in the glossy surface of the smartphone. It is only when the screen goes blank that we can see a reflection of ourselves on the screen – an addicted person, with all the side effects.

What are you ready to go for?

The 1st episode of the 1st season of “Black Mirror” literally “blew up” the television audience. The highly respected Prime Minister, in order to save the heir to the crown, had to perform an act of bestiality on the air. We see the pressure of society, which, in order to save one life, decides to destroy the morality of all mankind. And the criminal himself, who decided to show people:

  • How did the situation evoke feelings in them?
  • who they really are
  • in what world they will soon live.

15 million merit

The meaning of Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 2, the most loved by the audience, coincides with the main idea of ​​the series. We are surrounded by black mirrors. They are everywhere, they see everything we think we want. You can’t hide from the system.

Again, the person finds himself in an insoluble situation between a passionate desire to break out of the cage. And in the end it gets into another, more spacious and comfortable.

season 2

According to the rating, the audience liked the season 2 of the series the most as the most diverse plot. It also touches on many interesting social aspects of society. The meaning of Black Mirror season 2 is that no perfect robots can replace real communication with a person. It’s time for everyone to wake up from this technical oblivion, which will soon drag us inside the black screen with our heads. As a result, we will finally stop noticing the world around us.

It’s all about the bears

For example, episode 2 of season 2 of Black Mirror, the meaning that the bear carries is a dilemma. The question of the ethics of the eternal torment of the criminal. How cruel our society is, that it is ready to let the delinquent on the wheel of Samsara endlessly. Not giving a chance to realize, repent of the act and try to build a more correct life.
Or the 3rd episode of the 2nd season of the Black Mirror series, the meaning of which is that people are losing the correct understanding of the structure of an indestructible society. Their politicians are so rotten that they are ready to trust a virtual bear. Bear, who has no education, makes dirty jokes while preparing to run for president.

season 3

We will not have time to look back, as the “carrot” and “stick” will be introduced into our society through new technologies. One of the Black Mirror series about “likes” well reflects the meaning and essence of such a world.

It is interesting! Despite the fact that the creator of the series, Charlie Burker, showed new technologies in a very impartial light in the plot, in real life he actively uses gadgets. He declares that he is not going to stop and likes to sit for hours on social networks.


Imagine that social media likes and “fives” are now embedded in the public system. It is on them that not only your well-being, financial situation, but also your whole life will depend. The main character had to feel in her own skin all the injustice of the current system. Previously, she was a round “four”, but due to intemperance, her score fell to a “deuce”, taking away from her many benefits and advantages along with her status.


Episode 3 of the series “Black Mirror”, the meaning of which is also in the influence of technology on life, is called “Shut up and dance.” This is the worst dream of any person whose personal space has been violated. Through the fault of the cameras and the virus that got onto the laptop of the protagonist, the poor fellow became a victim of blackmail, which put him before a difficult choice. His life was no longer his. Some inexperienced hacker controlled his dependence on society and fears. By the way, each of us is able to get into a similar situation soon.

The Philosophy of  San Junipero

The main characters of the 4th episode of the 3rd season of “Black Mirror” Kelly and Yorkie live in virtual reality. The meaning of this uncomplicated, but very extraordinary story shows what modern society has chosen, standing on the threshold of reality and illusion. What would you choose: a hundred years in the real world or eternal life in a game installation?

Thus, the meaning of the entire 3rd season of the Black Mirror is how deeply information technologies can take root in our lives, ceasing to bring us former joy and turning life into a hell from which we will never be able to get out. It remains only to remember the past with sorrow.

season 4

The new season of the series has drawn mixed comments from viewers. The directors began to experiment with genres, the presentation and the general concept changed. But viewers mostly complained about the reruns. Despite the fact that the Metalist series was divorced from the concept of the series, the rest of the series, written by screenwriter Brooker, reminded that the nightmare of the future is not how deadly new technologies are in people’s lives. And the fact that they themselves chose a similar fate for themselves, independently falling under the influence of their own smartphones.

DJ’s Tale

The meaning of Black Mirror season 4 episode 4 perfectly captures the above thought. The plot is extremely simple. When programmers invented a special program capable of finding a soul mate for any person with absolute probability, the life of society greatly accelerated. But did it bring the long-awaited happiness? After all, they fell in love with each other, and according to the contract of the system, they could not be together.


The meaning of the 5th episode of the 4th season of the Black Mirror just carries that terrible warning about the threat that can hang over humanity in the distant future. When the machines created by scientists will soullessly exterminate people and will scour the planet in search of the remnants of humanity.

season 5

A lot of new things were expected from the premiere of the fifth season. Indeed, earlier, Brooker surprised the audience with the released film Bandersnatch, which reflected several allusions to episodes of the third season, but turned out to be quite unusual. The meaning of Black Mirror season 5 episodes is valuable life lessons that can be taken in large volume.

For example, the meaning of the 1st episode of the 5th season of the Black Mirror is that the real reality has nothing to do with the fictional one. We can see this in the story of two friends, Carl and Danny. Online, they had incredible dizzying sex. And in the real world, they turned out to be the most ordinary heterosexuals and could not even touch each other.

The series Black Mirror, the meaning of which is the adequate use of technology, turned the world upside down. The point is not that everything new brings destruction. And the fact that people themselves create chaos, making daily negative choices. Each episode of the Black Mirror series has its own philosophical meaning. Having delved into it and learned all the lessons, you can radically change your life.

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