Annihilation Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

The meaning of the movie Annihilation (2018): explanation of the plot & ending. The film “Annihilation” belongs to the genre of science fiction. At the heart of the plot, something unknown invades the territory of the earth. And the main character with his team goes on reconnaissance to collect data, hoping to win this battle. It would seem that everything is simple, but the meaning of the film “Annihilation” is different. It is “something” on earth, like cancer in the human body.

Description of the story

At the beginning of the film, the main character, Lina, is giving a lecture about tumor cells. And specifically about the fact that they are not aggressive, in principle harmless. But, quickly and randomly multiply, copy and spread throughout the body. The anomaly that has appeared on the ground has the same effect. Such films with meaning make you think about the planet, oncology.

shimmering tide

Her husband, Kane, who has been inside the anomaly, returns home to Lina. He was the only one from his squad to return from the expedition. But he does not remember anything, behaves strangely, then he suddenly becomes ill. On the way to the hospital, a special service intercepts Lina and her husband and brings them to the base. To save her husband, the main character goes with a team to reconnaissance to collect data in the anomaly, which is called “tide”, “flicker”.

Inside is not hell at all, but a real semblance of paradise. Around greenery, flowers, time flies unnoticed. But not everything is so simple. It turns out that the anomaly distorts images, changes the structure of the DNA of a person and everything around, crosses species. On the way to the source of the anomaly – the lighthouse, they encounter a mutation of plants and animals. So, plants begin to appear on the body of one of the heroines, and the mournful cry of another girl from the detachment, whom he tore to pieces, is heard from the bear.

Anomalous analogies

Based on this, 3 aspects of the plot are highlighted:

  • Intrusion and violation of the border.
  • Distortion of the environment.
  • violation of its integrity.

Actually, cancer behaves according to the same principle. It changes our body, copies at the cellular level. The cancer cells are just as meaningless as the clones that appear at the end of the movie. The appearance of Lina’s husband has not changed, but inside he has become different. The hero has lost all interest in his surroundings. The plot of the film “Annihilation” is about an anomaly on the planet, no one talks directly about cancer, but this can be noticed consistently in everything, it becomes clear even from Lina’s lecture.

Interesting! This film says that cancer is not evil, but simply a huge force that is devoid of any motivation. Something new is being built, while the old organism is being destroyed, as a side effect. So clones, they have no thoughts, motives, they just copy the original.

Ending and hidden meaning

So how did the movie “Annihilation” end? Here the last scene is the most mysterious. When the main character got to the lighthouse on her own, she discovered that her husband was here. After watching the video from the camera, Lina learned that Kane committed suicide using a phosphorus grenade. Instead, his exact copy returned, which number is unknown, but this is a 100% duplicate of him.

Lina makes her way into a deep hole left by an object that has fallen to the ground. There she meets Dr. Ventress, the leader of the expedition. Before dying, she says that the aliens have no motive, they just exist and change the world around. Then her body explodes, a creature appears from it with a beam, which gave rise to this anomalous zone.

This something is trying to clone into Lina. The main character fights and puts a phosphorus grenade into the hands of her clone. It explodes, the lighthouse is destroyed, and Lina gets out. At the base, she is questioned in detail, then she meets with Kane. We can say that a kind of “chemotherapy” was produced on Earth.

The ending of the film “Annihilation”, namely the meeting of the spouses, is the most mysterious. At this time, the eyes of both “flicker”. This may mean that the anomaly has not disappeared, but simply acquired a new form. And now they are like residual cancer cells on the mainland. It can be assumed that they will become the basis for the recurrence of the disease, that everyone has cancer, and after successful therapy it does not disappear anywhere. Actually, this comparison is the meaning of the film “Annihilation”.

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