91 Days Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The mafia decides everything in the city. The police are inactive. Law enforcement officers are not able to protect the civilian population. Prohibition is a good period to start doing illegal business. Both criminal bosses and petty criminals try to earn as much as possible from their activities. The black market is booming. Who can put an end to this madness?

The meaning of the movie “91 days”

The film “91 Days” is not just an exciting motion picture. This story is about revenge. Smiling Angelo peers into the cold April night. He does not even suspect what grief he will have to endure. In the meantime, the character enjoys a cozy family life. Despite the cold outside the window, his house is filled with warmth and light. An indescribable feeling of serenity, joy and happiness. It looks like the best is yet to come. Angelo has many grandiose plans for the future. He should be able to do everything. The house is his fortress, a symbol of security. The hero and his little sister play and have fun. They are looking forward to the arrival of their father.

However, something is troubling them. The children hid in the closet. A sudden knock on the door startled them. Three strangers appeared at the door. The warmth and calmness that had once filled the house began to come out through the open door. What’s happening? Anger began to penetrate into the space of the dwelling, displacing everything in its path. An unpleasant premonition bordering on despair. Here’s something going to happen. This uncertainty compresses, presses on the characters from all sides. Hearts are beating rapidly, a chill runs down the back, the soul is ready to be torn to pieces at any moment.

Everyone around understood that the city was ruled by lawlessness. For some residents of the city, the goal is to get underground booze by any means. And the mafia actively helps them in this. Criminals control every step of the townspeople. It is the criminal structures that are at the top of the system.

One day the character received a strange letter. The mysterious sender provided details that took the recipient back seven years. It was then that he experienced a terrible tragedy. The whole family of the hero was ruthlessly killed. Now the character has a plan, which he tries with all his might to bring to life. He clearly knows what he wants. And he won’t back down.

The meaning of the finale of the movie “91 Days”

The anime film “91 Days” is an interesting and unusual project. And the ending of the picture turned out the same. At the end of the story, it becomes clear that this was not blind revenge. The character was not driven by spontaneous rage. A lot of time has passed since the tragedy. Only the wounds on the heart were still fresh. The hero is smart, he does not do spontaneous actions. The character seems to be playing a game of chess, thinking through and reconciling his every move.

The hero challenged the underworld. He alone is trying to defeat crime bosses and a whole army of their subordinates. The character seeks revenge. It’s just an unfortunate goal. Even if you have been hurt unbearably, you should not try to take revenge on the offender, otherwise this destructive feeling will consume you. 91-drama denounces the vices of people, their personal motives. There is no right or wrong in this story. The ending of the anime film turned out to be bright and unexpected. Everything happened in an instant.

Anime film 91 Days: Meaning of the film & Explanation of the ending

On the screens, viewers watch a whole story that carries a deep meaning. The filmmakers are just telling the story. They do not point to right and wrong things. The audience decides for themselves who should sympathize and who should not. The period of dry law left a strong imprint on the life of the people of that time. Everyone survived the best they could. The characters had to walk the path in 91 days. They lived the way they could. They acted according to their conscience. They can be condemned or reproached for their lack of moral principles. But they could not help it. Or they could, but they didn’t want to.

It was no accident that the character escaped on a cold April night. For seven years he waited and hoped that the right moment would one day come. And when the hero received an unexpected letter from a secret sender with a complete list of the real killers of his family, he realized that it was time. He had a difficult road ahead of him.

Mafia families fought for spheres of influence in a small town. They could not divide the territory in any way. Did any of them win? Are they satisfied with their lot? The character masterfully infiltrated the world of criminals. He purposefully goes to the conceived. On his way there are various obstacles and difficult trials. The character sees friends from the past with whom pleasant memories are associated. Suddenly he is overwhelmed with regret for what he did. He tries to drive away obsessive thoughts. He needs to move on. Forward and only forward.

At the end of the anime film, the audience has a desire to evaluate the entire path traveled by the characters. During this period, they had to go through many difficult and difficult moments. Some simply failed, stumbled and left the race. The meaning of the finale of the film “91 Days” is that one should never “dig another hole.” Otherwise, the day will come when you yourself will fall into it. Man must be under the control of good intentions. So that later you do not have to regret your reckless actions.

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