Inside I’m Dancing Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The meaning of the film about two people who have known It … Inside I’m Dancing is one of the films with meaning, which tells the story of two disabled people who do not want to be in care in order to feel alive. Freedom is not easy and shows which of them is ready to accept reality and who is not.

The plot is based on the Irish book of the same name. Before writing the novel, the writer worked for some time in a center for the disabled, and met with cerebral palsy Dermot Walsh. He became the prototype for the protagonist of the plot and subsequent cinema.

Well, today we will consider the meaning of the film Inside I’m Dancing”, and also go through the plot and the main characters.

Plot Analysis of Inside I’m Dancing

Focus on Michael. He has suffered from cerebral palsy since childhood. His mother is dead, his father does not want to take responsibility. He lives in a nursing home. Michael hardly speaks, his speech is incomprehensible to other people.

Despite this, the hero adapted. His life was measured within the walls of the institution, but he suffers from loneliness and misunderstanding of others. One day, he meets Rory’s new patient. He has muscular dystrophy. The guy immediately says that he will not live by the local rules. After meeting Michael, the newcomer makes it clear that he knows what he is talking about. They become close friends and spend a lot of time together.

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Rory doesn’t want to stay in the nursing home for the rest of her days. He regularly appeals to the authorities of the center with a demand to give him the right to an independent life. Every time he gets rejected. Michael sees the suffering of a friend and decides to help him. He sends an application to the center for granting him the right to an independent life. The Council agrees, but asks Michael to hire an interpreter. Without thinking twice, it turns out to be Rory – the only person who can make out his speech. Young people go to free swimming.

To get a house, they turn to Michael’s father. He agrees. For a nurse, they hire a girl, Shevon. She does not have special skills, but the three of them become fun exactly until the moment when Michael confesses his love to the girl.

Michael looks at Shevon's charms

She understands that she cannot reciprocate his feelings, and leaves her job. Rory is soon diagnosed with pneumonia. The disease becomes incurable along with his muscular dystrophy. Doctors make it clear that Rory will die soon, and he is transported back to the center. Michael decides to get a friend out of rehab to help.

When he manages to get permission, he runs to please his friend. However, on the spot, he is informed that Rory is dying. At the end, Michael, inspired by the strength of Rory’s spirit, decides to move forward, to explore the world instead of his friend.

What’s the point

Rory, Michael and Shevon are walking in the parkPhoto: Instagram›anastasanders

“But in my soul I dance” is not just a story about the hard life of disabled people. The picture is that only by going beyond the limits of comfort you can know true happiness. You can get up every day and fall asleep according to the schedule, see nothing in the world but the hospital walls. And you can make an effort, get out and start living the way you always wanted to.

The main meaning of the film about life is not to waste life, waiting for the end, to enjoy the little things, to appreciate everything that is, to stop being afraid of public opinion.

The film makes a strong impression. Looking at the lives of people with disabilities, each viewer thinks about their existence. Having movable arms, legs, head, a person complains a lot about his life.

Poster for the film with the main characters

Therefore, Inside I’m Dancing becomes a kind of fulcrum, inspiration from which many important thoughts can be drawn.

The main idea is that each person begins to live his day as if it were his last. Stop wasting your life on complaining, resentment and anger.

On this, our summary of the film Inside I’m Dancing came to an end. Do you have questions or suggestions? Be sure to write them in the comments.

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