Meaning of The Pillars of the Earth Novel by Ken Follett Review

Analysis of the plot and meaning of the novel “The Pillars of the Earth” by Follet or how a work can cause a tourist boom. Not every writer can boast of a monument during his lifetime, but Ken Follet is very lucky, because in one of the Spanish cities there is now a full-length statue of him. And the reason for this is the popularity of the novel “The Pillars of the Earth” and the tourist boom that happened after that.

Today we will consider the plot and meaning of the novel, as well as the main characters. So sit back, it will be extremely interesting!

Plot Analysis

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In the courtyard of the XII century and medieval England. By the will of higher powers, the ship with the heir to the throne crashes and everyone dies. After the death of the current monarch, who could no longer produce an heir, a civil war for power begins in the country. We see all these events from the perspective of people who are far from hostilities, but they feel their consequences firsthand. In these turbulent times, the history of the construction of the most famous cathedral in all of England begins.

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It is noteworthy that the plot is divided into 50 years during the XII century. That is, in the time allotted by the author, we will be able to see almost the full life of the main characters.

Main characters

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There are a lot of colorful characters in the novel, which in many ways create a beautiful and intriguing story:

A tom builder is a bricklayer who, by coincidence, is left without a job. He has a wife and two children who need to be kept warm, sheltered and fed. Tom is truly a specialist who dreams of building the tallest self in all of England. He has a clear mind, he is calm, strong and courageous. Jack is the son of Tom’s second wife. This man is really nice and interesting to watch. For all that he grew up in the forest without society, he is curious, with a sharp mind, wayward. Prior Philip is a young and enterprising monk who is the literal embodiment of a servant of God, and a hard worker. Only due to his internal qualities he was able to find funding for such a large-scale architectural complex. Alina is the daughter of a count who is used to living in luxury and prosperity. However, the war has made its own adjustments, and this character will suffer in the course of the novel, perhaps the most. You really sympathize with her. Waleran Bigod is the bishop who is the cunning villain who made the most of this novel. He is ready to pay hard for his vanity any price. It is he who represents the whole threat to the good intentions of the heroes. Percy Hamley is Bigod’s faithful dog, whose actions cause real disgust in readers. This man is cruel, lustful and greedy.

The meaning of the novel

The main meaning of the novel “The Pillars of the Earth” is diligence and hard work, as well as the desire to leave after something so beautiful that it will delight and inspire people hundreds of years after the death of the creator. Our bricklayer, who wanted to create the greatest architectural structure in his life, thought something like this.

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To achieve this goal, he had to go through a lot of tests in the conditions of dual power in the country and rampant marauders. However, patience and work will grind everything. Therefore, the book teaches us to concentrate on the most important thing, and cut off the extraneous noises in your life as much as possible.

It is precisely the concentration and merging of all forces to achieve the goal that modern society lacks, since we have been replaced by universal human and civilizational values ​​with simple consumerism and the pursuit of more expensive clothes. Friends, do not waste your time on trifles, but dream big.

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