Lost Highway Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Lost Highway (1997) is a psychological thriller with a non-linear plot, directorial courage and excellent acting. Unraveling the plot after the first viewing is almost impossible. But what is it: a sick fantasy, a nightmare, or a well-planned reincarnation? What did the director want to talk about, what deep philosophical meaning did he put into the film?

What is Lost Highway about?

The film takes place in a two-story mansion, which is located in the suburbs. There was discord in the couple. Spouses do not trust each other. Fred becomes more and more convinced that his own wife has betrayed him. Ahead of a series of strange, inexplicable circumstances. First, the intercom rang. Someone informed the spouses about the death of Dick Laurent. After that, the Madisons found mysterious video cassettes in their mailbox. Then a strange meeting with the Mysterious Man in the midst of a party. The couple were forced to quickly leave the event.

After this event, Fred discovered another video that shocked him. It depicted the mutilated corpse of his wife. In addition, next to the dismembered body was himself. The hero managed to recover after what he saw only at the police station. The verdict of the court was unequivocal: Fred is guilty of the death of his own wife. The hero was sentenced to capital punishment. Fred will be waiting for his inevitable fate in a prison cell.

Further events are not amenable to logical explanation. In the morning, Fred was not in the cell. Instead of a hero, the guard found Pete Dayton, a simple auto mechanic. They were forced to let him go, having previously installed special devices that allow him to track every step of the hero. But not long Pete lived a familiar life. He contacted not only Dick Laurent, but also Alice Wakefield, Mr. Eddy’s lover. The charming blonde and Pete began dating, however, in order to save their relationship, she developed an incredible plan.

Then Fred reappears instead of the auto mechanic. Mystery Man, Dick Laurent, Rene Madison. Is this just some sick fantasy?

The Meaning of Lost Highway

Many film critics believe that “Lost Highway” is a delusional dream of a killer of his own wife. A sick fantasy of a man who was able to take the life and dismember the closest. However, everything is not so simple. Such an explanation lies on the surface. But it is not the only correct one. If we imagine that this is just the nonsense of a schizophrenic, then a number of inconsistencies can be noticed in the film.

Why does the main character not remember the moment of the murder? If it was he who dismembered her, why did he start looking for her in the house? In addition, Fred’s meeting with the Mystery Man did not go unnoticed among the people present at the event. Can’t they all go crazy at the same time?

What is the deep meaning of the film “Lost Highway”? Family problems gave the spouses away from each other. Misunderstanding between the characters led to the fact that Fred began to suspect Rene of treason. However, these are only guesses of the main character. The wife sincerely and tenderly continues to love her husband, she is not capable of betrayal towards him. To prevent the gap in the couple from becoming more obvious, you need to learn to hear and listen to your chosen one. No need to live solely on emotions, far-fetched conclusions. It is important to speak frankly with your soulmate and work together to find a way out of this difficult situation.

The film “Lost Highway” is about what a person has lost to himself. Sad thoughts about his wife’s betrayal consumed him. He tries to escape from reality, plunging into the virtual world of his own illusions. However, no one has yet been able to escape. Obsessive fears become constant companions of the hero’s life. He seems to be asleep, he has a nightmare. He just can’t wake up.

The cyclic nature of the film suggests that in our life everything repeats itself. Our dark thoughts overtake us wherever we are. If a person has committed a vile act, then he has to live with it. You can not step over the mental pain that penetrates under the skin and tears everything from the inside. Everyone will get what they deserve. Nobody canceled the boomerang rule. Sometimes our imagination is much more terrible than punishment from the outside. After committing a crime, a person is left alone with his inner demons, which over time will turn his life into one continuous nightmarish hallucination.

The meaning of the ending of the movie Lost Highway

An ambiguous ending that everyone understands in their own way. Dick Laurent, who became the personification of chaos and fear, is no more. The forces of good were stronger than evil. The hero got rid of his obsessive thoughts and fears. He managed to overcome himself, he no longer intends to exist in the virtual world. Painful fantasies, hallucinations are a thing of the past.

All decisions must be made with a cold head. Often, due to surging emotions, we do not see a way out of a difficult situation. We are crushed, broken. We are at an impasse. We stop. It is important that during the period of life’s unrest, doubts, there is a person with us on whom we can rely. A person who will not betray or leave, even if the whole world is against you.

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