Analysis of Me! Me! Me! by Daoko & Lyrics

Many have seen this video, after which everyone is wondering what is the meaning of the song Me Me Me. Let’s analyze the song and try to figure out what Daoko’s “Me! Me! Me!

At the very beginning of the song, an image of ardent love appears before us. The girl confesses her passionate feelings for the young man, in her desire to always be with him. The image of a young man occupies all the thoughts of a girl in love, but something unexpected happens, and pain overshadows a bright feeling. All-consuming, soul-rending pain.

The reason for the change of feelings is explained next. The guy creates for himself the ideal image of the one who should be his girlfriend. He creates an idol for himself, but the chosen one does not correspond to his ideals. The image invented in his head is just a figment of fantasy, nothing more than a mirage, and the flesh-and-blood girl who loves him was forgotten by him, unable to reach him with her feelings. She believes that he loved this ideal image, not her.

In desperation, the girl calls to the heart of the guy in a plea to open her soul to her, to tell her about her tastes and interests so that she can change to match his preferences. It was because of this that their relationship was mired in lies, because she tried to become someone she was not.

Her heart is torn apart by this pretend play, but because of her great love for him, the girl is ready to wait. Deception threw a real chaos in the girl’s head. She is afraid that she will soon disappear, cease to exist as a person, become an invention in reality. The young man goes deeper and deeper into the fictional world and lives there more than in the real world, and the girl is unable to fix it. She is forced to watch this, remembering her former lover, before he plunges into a non-existent reality. She remembers his smell, the image that she remembered in the minutes that they spent together, until her lover left her for a fictitious ideal.

All that remains for her is to shed bitter tears, spend her days in anguish and sadness, in the hope that one day he will return to the real world, to her.

The girl, out of her own impotence, wants to destroy that image he invented, so that she no longer takes away love from her, does not take away all the time from the young man. The girl begins to go crazy from this obsession with the murder of a seductress that does not exist in reality.

At the end of the song, the girl cannot imagine life with this guy in the future. He is mired in the virtual world, unable to see the line with reality, hence the question addressed to him: how will he live on? His maniacal desire to evaporate from the real world and live in a fictional world will lead to a fear of reality, which will become his shackles, which will not allow him to move on.

The girl recalls that she always tried to be herself, but he did not appreciate this and preferred a simple fiction, a non-existent image of a real girl. As a result, this led to the complete collapse of the relationship, from which only fragments of memories remained.

The girl wanted the guy she loved to know her real, but he refused to see her feelings, which made him wait all this time and believe that he could cope with his ghosts, which did not let him go from the world of dreams. But alas! One-sided feelings, unable to reach the opponent, cannot last forever. They left and the lover left him.

Write in the comments your guess what the song Daoko “Me! Me! Me!” and what meaning do you find in it.

Lyrics of the song Me! Me! Me! by Daoko

Every moment, every moment
I dreamed of spending time next to you
Every moment, every moment
My thoughts were about you
I was yours, only you I lived,
Feelings were divided in half:
I wanted, I wanted,
So that you could feel this pain yourself

You didn’t love me,
But in your head is my ideal image:
Having united all fears,
You created an idol for yourself,
You yourself did not understand
How far I am from your fantasies,
After all, they are just a deception,
What you yourself invented
Mirage, just a mirage…

Because of you, I’m stuck in a lie
Give me a lesson in a good life, show everything
Slowly, gently rebuild
me in parts, Make me your dream
My heart is torn in half from pain,
And so every day
But, loving, I’m waiting for you
No time to regret
If only I could just erase everything …
My mind has long been drawn into the abyss,
Soon I will disappear
And I will sing to drive you crazy
Days are flowing away like water
You are no longer around,
And everything is losing color
I still
Remember your
Aroma …
I try to forget,
But from I can’t escape my thoughts about you
You know,
since that day I dream the same dream
Long nights every time
Since that day, I’m still sad about the same

You didn’t understand me
You didn’t understand my tears
If it’s not too late for us
I’ll be waiting for you

It ‘s torn into small pieces from the inside
In my head it repeats again
Cute, nice, better and it can’t be,
I want to kill her
Cute, nice, it can’t be better,
I want to kill her It’s
torn into small pieces from the inside
In my head it repeats again
Again in head… It
repeats again…
Again in the head… It
repeats again…

And how are
you going to live,
tell me?
And how are
you going to live,
tell me!
And let you go through life with a smile
Any mistake will be fatal
Fear will be handcuffed you
are torn from the inside into small pieces
Memory haunts me
In my head it repeats again
Sweet, sweet, better and it can’t be,
I want to kill her
I I always tried to be myself in everything,
Well, you, well, what happened to you?
And now there are only fragments of mirrors,
I wanted you to know me better
Do you understand? Understand?
Only you I wait
Only you I love
Feelings are not eternal – so fleeting …
Feelings are not eternal, they melted like smoke

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