Wonder Egg Priority Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Explanation for the ending of Wonder Egg Priority anime about magical eggs. Wonder Egg Priority anime is about Aya, a girl in high school. She has a friend in the face of the girl Koito. One day he lays hands on himself. Ai is inconsolable. It is difficult for her to come to terms with the loss. But then Ai finds an egg that transports her to another fantasy world. And there Ai meets another girl. Aya’s mission is to prevent anything bad from happening to this girl. Ai becomes aware that there are powers capable of resurrecting Koito. To do this, you need to save a lot of people from trouble. Aya needs magic eggs, which she must acquire. She must help the living beings who are there.

A distinctive feature of the anime “Wonder Egg Priority” is the originality of the plot. It was completely invented for this piece. There were no other similar works that the creators of this anime could rely on. There were no manga and no books until Wonder Egg Priority was created. This is very uncharacteristic for Japan, where all anime is based on primary sources in the form of comics.

For this, a special “thank you” must be said to the authors of this anime series. It should be added that all the characters and the background are carefully drawn. The anime looks pretty good. The lack of manga or books does not affect the plot, which is well thought out and looks interesting.

Wonder Egg Priority anime is about girls who have girlfriends. They all made the decision to commit suicide. But they can be returned, or at least get the opportunity to communicate with the girls who have gone to another world. for this, the heroines need to protect other girls. The scene of action is another reality. Various monsters live in it. Here again the analogy with Silent Hill. Terrible creatures are actually the fruit of emotional experiences. To get into the other world, you need to purchase a special magic egg in the store. Then you need to split its shell.

Each broken egg contains a girl who needs to be protected. In addition to local stories, there is a main narrative. For its development, it is necessary to continue to break eggs and save the girls who live in them. Pretty original. Perhaps when the anime does not rely on the originally existing manga, something interesting and worthwhile is obtained. It is felt that the plot sometimes touches on topical life topics, which not everyone will like. After all, many people appreciate the light genre. Despite this, Wonder Egg Priority anime is beautifully filmed and suitable for all fantasy lovers.

Thus, girls who need help are sitting in magical eggs. For this miracle eggs you need to buy. Pretty good story line for an anime. After all, here, as elsewhere, the formation of stagnation is possible. And this means that there are no new good stories. And the fact that anime is moving away from the tradition of having a manga as a source also deserves respect. Definitely, Wonder Egg Priority is a worthy successor to the great cause of anime, which appeared back in the 20s of the 20th century.

It remains only not to let the genre fade away. Visual design at a high level. There are no shortcomings. The special effects are quite up to par. The musical arrangement is also up to the mark. The soundtrack is catchy and original. In general, Wonder Egg Priority deserves the highest praise from critics and viewers.

You can, of course, criticize the plot. Sometimes it has holes in it. Sometimes some plot twists are not fully revealed. But it leaves room for the viewer’s imagination. Thus, the anime “Priority Miracle Egg” does not set itself the task of conveying to the viewer a whole narrative that is meant to say something. Its purpose is to make people think about what is happening around. After all, the girls who are imprisoned in miracle eggs are the audience themselves, who do not want to leave the familiar shell of their being and look at the world around.

Wonder Egg Priority anime project is a bold decision. One can only express the hope that in the future such anime will appear that will have a non-standard plot and make viewers think about the world around.

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