A selection of the 20 best witch movies for lovers of sexy beauties with an otherworldly twist

Films about witches are quite popular, as there are a lot of fans of mysticism, spells and magic in the world. At the same time, directors specifically make women as attractive as possible so that the attention of the audience is directed in the right direction. However, few people are against this.

So today we will consider the 20 best films about witches, which are not only possible, but also necessary to watch at your leisure. Sit back, grab yourself something tasty, and we begin!

The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

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Everyone knows that the streets are dangerous at night, but people tend to be afraid of criminals. But law-abiding citizens do not suspect that at night all evil spirits come out to hunt, with which it is impossible to cope with simple weapons.

However, there is the Night Watch, which for centuries maintains a balance between Good and Evil, and also defeats the presumptuous “night hunters”. It is noteworthy that every good or bad deed slowly but surely tip the scales in one direction. So the forces of Good and Evil are forced to exist in two worlds, trying to win in an invisible battle.

Season of the Witch (2011)

witch time.

In the courtyard of the XIV century and the city of Marburg in Europe. The surrounding lands and the settlement itself suffered a terrible infection – the Black Death, which has already mowed down a good half of the inhabitants.

Cardinal D’Ambrause, already near death, accuses the desertion of the knights Bayman and Felson. However, he agrees to forgive them all their sins if they deliver a terrible witch to a distant monastery for burning. The knights do not mind, but they insist on a fair trial and set off on their journey. Along the way, they will have to figure out whether the young girl Anna is really a witch and what are the real reasons for the rapid spread of the plague.

The Brothers Grimm (2005)

Brothers Grimm.

This is a story about adventurers Will and Jacob Grimm, who later became famous storytellers. However, while they travel around Europe, taming the “evil spirits”. For example, in one village they invented a witch at a mill, and then for a decent fee they drove her away, the same thing happened with a troll on a bridge.

However, the fame of the evil spirit hunters reaches the Napoleonic authorities, and they are hired to investigate the mysterious disappearances of young girls in the forests between France and Germany.

However, here our adventurers encountered a real sorceress, and now the brothers will have to show all their abilities in order to emerge victorious from an unequal battle.

Gretel and Hansel (2020)

film "Gretel and Hansel"

This is an updated version of the ancient fairy tale of those very Brothers Grimm, which tells about the adventures of a half-starved brother and sister. According to legend, they enter the Enchanted Forest in search of food. However, the guys do not suspect that they themselves have already prepared the role of dinner for the old witch.

Dark Shadows (2012)

Stills from the movie "Dark Shadows".

This is a story about a wealthy nobleman Barnabas Kollisch, who was once recognized by Casanova. In a fit of passion, he breaks the heart of his young servant Angelica.

She turns out to be a real witch who, in a fit of hatred, makes Barnabas a vampire and locks him in a crypt for 200 years.

After the due date, he still manages to get out of prison and he returns to his native place. To his horror, he sees the family house in complete desolation, all the descendants of the hero make ends meet, and each of them has their own skeletons in the closet.

November (2017)

November (2017)

This is a story about a pagan Estonian village, around which witches, werewolves and other evil spirits are found in abundance. In the center of the plot is a young and pretty peasant woman Liina, who is head over heels in love with her fellow villager Hans. However, the guy is in no hurry to reciprocate, because a beautiful young lady from the manor’s estate caught his eye.

The Love Witch (2016)

Love Witch: Stills #1146074.

The main character lives in a strange world, which is stylized as the United States of the 60s. A young witch desperately wants to love and be loved. To do this, she decides not to choose the means, because everything is fine in the war. Therefore, she selects the sexiest males, and uses feminine and otherworldly things on them.

However, the trouble is that the guys are only extremely strong and courageous in appearance, but inside everything is much more prosaic. Therefore, they do not withstand the witch pressure and quickly die one by one.

The Witches (2020)

"Witches" by Robert Zemeckis

Outside the end of 1967. The main character’s parents die, and he moves to his grandmother. However, she soon notices that witches have begun to hang around them, who do not mind turning her grandson into some kind of cute animal.

Therefore, the grandmother decides to hide him in the most beautiful and richest hotel in Alabama, where her cousin works. The woman thought that the boy would be there only among rich guests who, out of boredom, would engage in all sorts of indecency. However, it was on the territory of this hotel that the Greatest Most Important Witch decided to organize her coven.

Witching & Bitching (2013, Le streghe sono tornate)

1. Witches of Sugarramurdi 2013.

For three comrades, everything started out just fine – they decided to rob a bank, dressed up in costumes of different characters from the movie. But the catch is that they inadvertently ended up in a real lair of witches.

A small town during the Inquisition became famous for the fact that more than 300 people were arrested here at one time, of which 40 were sentenced to death for witchcraft.

Now this cursed place firmly holds the unlucky robbers. They need at all costs not to succumb to the witches’ spells and get out before it’s too late.

Seventh Son (2014)

film The Seventh Son (2014) .

This film about witches put a young guy in the center of the plot, who turned out to be the seventh son of the seventh son. According to legend, only such a person can become a witcher. However, this is not the only condition. A person must go through a lot of training in order to learn how to deal with his emotions, mind and body, since the main weapon of any evil spirits hunter is the mind.

Traditionally, few people love witchers among the people, but it is they who protect the lands from evil forces and do their dirty work. Now the young guy Tom Ward will have to become a witcher’s apprentice in order to proudly wear this title later.

Practical Magic (1998)

practical magic movie

Before us is the traditional female mysticism. There are bad rumors about the Owens house, that the mansions are owned by witches who doom the men they like to die in their youth. However, the charming sisters are not up to anything bad, they just want to be happy women.

The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

A scene from the film "The Last Witch Hunter".

There are a lot of secrets still unsolved in the modern world, but one of the most amazing is that witches live among us. According to the plot of this film, we have before us evil powerful creatures who want to send a deadly plague to the world. For centuries, hunters fought against them, who mowed down the orderly ranks of creatures in order to save all of humanity.

However, only one hunter Calder has survived to this day, who had previously managed to kill the almost almighty queen of all witches. But he still does not know that she managed to resurrect, and now she longs to destroy the person who could kill her.

The Wretched (2019)

First Witch, The Wretched

Before us is a 17-year-old guy named Ben, who, due to discord in the family, decides to move to his father for the summer, and also earn some money on the pier. Next door to her lives a young family with a couple of beautiful kids.

The idyll is destroyed after a couple leads an ancient evil from a forest walk into a small village. Ben immediately notices something is wrong, but his father does not want to hear anything about any oddities there. And his new girlfriend Mallory believes that everything that happens has some kind of reasonable explanation.

Suspiria (2018)

Suspiria (2018), Stills from the film.Photo:

Before us is a young US citizen who moves to Berlin to become a member of the famous troupe of dancers. Within the walls of an ancient studio, the girl, to her horror, realizes that something sinister and otherworldly lives here. Soon, she also comes to the realization that she is the next victim.

Now she will have to quickly reveal the terrible secret of the curse, which for a long time went hand in hand with the dance academy. The girl’s motivation is excellent – not to become another victim of otherworldly forces.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Frame N178243 from the movie Hocus PocusAccording to legend, if a virgin lights candles in the house of the Sanderson sisters on Halloween night, they will rise from their ancient graves to eat the children in the city and become forever young. Since the sisters have lain in the ground for more than 300 years, they will now have to get used to the new realities of life.

For example, why do you need a broom now if there is a vacuum cleaner for flying? Doing magical nasty things to everyone around, the sisters are so carried away that they completely forget about their cunning opponent in the face of a black cat.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

movie "witch hunters"

This German film is based on the fairy tale of the Grimm brothers Hansel and Gretel, which we have already considered. According to the plot, the brother and sister were abandoned at the age of 12 to the mercy of fate. The parents decided to leave them alone in the forest, as there would not be enough food for everyone.

Despite the predatory nature of the forest, the siblings survived by becoming witch hunters. Now the help of specialists can come in handy, as children suddenly began to disappear in one of the villages.

Gradually delving into the matter, the hunters realize that they will have to face not only witches, but also a more dangerous opponent.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)

The Sorcerer's Apprentice Stills #41610548.

This is a story about the magician Horvath and Balthasaurus, who were once the closest friends. Both of them were extremely passionate about the study of magic and in their time achieved great success in this field. However, after they had to go their separate ways, as Horvath became fascinated with black magic, and decided to destroy all of humanity.

He decided to choose New York as his first destination. Now Baltasaurus understands that only he can stop the evil magician. However, the extreme depletion of magical powers forces him to find a student for himself, whom he can prepare for the decisive battle. The old magician still manages to find an assistant, but can the young guy master all the magical disciplines and defeat the powerful Horvat.

The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Film stills

Before us is a story about three modern witches who yearn for their image of an ideal man, living in the territory of a provincial New England town.

However, the appearance of a rich and irresistible man named Daryl Van Horn seems to change all the pieces on the chessboard. Is his appearance a mere coincidence or unconscious female sorcery?

The Unholy (2021)

 movie - wicked.

A young girl named Alice sees the face of the Virgin Mary and after that gains the ability to heal diseases. Having heard about her, crowds of people from all over the vast country flock to the girl for help. Among them is a scandalous journalist who wants to release a provocative and scandalous report in order to save his career.

He will have to figure out whether the girl Alice can really heal the sick, or evil forces have taken possession of her.

Spell (2020)

Spell (2020)

This is a story about a successful lawyer Marcus from New York. He learns of his father’s death, takes his wife and a couple of children aboard a private jet, and travels with them to Kentucky for the funeral. However, on the way, they crash over the Appalachian mountains. The man gets severely wounded and wakes up in the house of a strange elderly woman, Eloise. She says that she cured all his injuries, knows nothing about the family. However, the worst thing is that a woman uses voodoo magic quite actively, which will definitely not lead to anything good.

This concludes our selection of the best movies about witches. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. And that’s all we have. So have a peaceful sky over your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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