A Cure for Wellness Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

The meaning of the film A Cure for Wellness (2016): Plot Explanation. The presented work is an ambiguous creation of the director. The film did not receive rave reviews from both film fans and film critics. This happened for the reason that not everyone caught the meaning of the film A Cure for Wellness. The director’s message turned out to be so encrypted that only a few managed to interpret it correctly.

Description of the story

An exciting thriller is just the tip of the iceberg shown to the viewer. In fact, he touches on serious topics than the banal “struggle of good and evil.”

Interesting! Filming took place in Germany at Hohenzollern Castle, which was closed to tourists for several days, as well as in one of the abandoned hospitals.

Poverty is not a vice?

The plot of the film A Cure for Wellness begins with the acquaintance of the audience with the main character. Lockhart is a young guy who strives to make life more prosperous. Since childhood, the poor fellow has been unlucky:

  • The protagonist’s family has no connections and a large fortune
  • The father of the family at a certain moment “fell down” and decided to take his own life. He jumped off the bridge, leaving his wife and son behind.
  • From a young age, the guy was forced to work in order to provide for himself and his mother.

One day, the main character decides to place his mother in a boarding house so that nothing ties his hands on the path to success.

Suspicious sanatorium

The guy finds himself a high-paying job in a Wall Street company. The authorities instruct the young and ambitious hero to complete an important task. Lockhart goes to a Swiss sanatorium to find the head of a corporation there. Pembroke has been living in this place for many years, not wanting to return to a leadership position in the company.

Arriving at this strange place, the guy realizes that something is wrong here. After some time, the hero also becomes a patient of the hospital. From one old woman, the main character learns a story about a local baron. When his beloved fell mortally ill, he was beside himself with grief. In order to get a unique medicine, the resourceful baron experimented on peasants, destroying them by the hundreds.

Lockhart suspects that bloody experiments on humans are going on, and Pembroke is most likely the victim of such ruthless experiments.

Ending and hidden meaning

How did the movie A Cure for Wellness end? Lockhart manages to find out that the head of the sanatorium is the same baron who conducted experiments on people 200 years ago. This man was able to create a cure for death. It is made from a special fluid that is produced by eels. And one of the important ingredients of the potion is … the bodies of the guests of the sanatorium.

The main character manages to get rid of the cruel baron. Together with his new acquaintance Hannah, the young man leaves the sanatorium. However, there will be no happy ending, because the insane smile on the young man’s face suggests that the man’s mental state was disturbed.

Someone saw in the picture a reference to the Nazi experiments. However, the meaning of the film A Cure for Wellness is connected with the consumer society. People, in order to achieve their own goals, completely forget about their relatives and friends, about humanity, about intangible, but no less important values. Before you walk over the corpses to your goal, remember that even with a medicine for death in your pocket, you can become food for eels.

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