“The Dark Knight,” “Terminator 2” and 3 More Sequels That Surpassed The Original Film

In the world of modern cinema, there is the concept of “sequel curse”. It sounds intimidating, but it only means that it is impossible to shoot a sequel in such a way that it would surpass the first film. Indeed, most of the existing sequels are a feeble attempt to repeat the success of the first part, which do not even claim to be “better than the original.” But there are those who were able to overcome the “curse” and became not only “better”, but also completely overshadowed the first or first and second (if we are talking about a triquel) part. Below we highlight five such sequels / triquels that surpassed the original film. Go.

Toy Story: The Great Escape (2010), triquel


Toy Story is Pixar’s first full-length cartoon in 3D, and its release 25 years ago was a real technical breakthrough, turning the then existing animation upside down. The second “Story of Pears” came out four years later, and at the moment is the weakest of the entire series about the adventure of toys. Perhaps because the other two parts are simply unattainably good, or perhaps because this part was considered by the audience and critics not the most “necessary”. Often paying attention to the absence of any strong changes in the plot of the picture, either in the narrative itself or in the characters and actions of the characters. Nevertheless, 10 years later, Pixar is releasing the third Toy Story: The Big Escape, a cartoon that made a splash, received a huge box office and many positive reviews.

The Dark Knight (2008), sequel


The first film from Christopher Nolan’s famous trilogy “Batman Begins” was the director’s debut in the field of superhero action films, and at the same time an attempt to revive a half-dead character after the disastrous “Batman and Robin” (1997). Nolan decided to move away from the classic image of Batman and made the film as neonatal as possible, and the hero himself more sinister and gloomy. Such changes did not go unnoticed, and in the year of its release, “Batman Begins” received good (as for a superhero movie) ratings from critics and viewers, collected a pretty good box office and had a sequel in the form of the legendary “The Dark Knight”. The second film was a real breakthrough, both for the superhero and for the rest of the cinema: more than 150 nominations and 92 awards as a result, including two Oscars – for Best Supporting Actor and Best Sound Editing. To this you can add more than one billion box office receipts and the title of one of the best films based on comics. Recommended for viewing.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) sequel


Undoubtedly, the cult and noir “Terminator” (1984) is one of the best films about the confrontation between machine and man. The film was filmed literally “on his knees” using all available means, including a wheelchair along with an expensive camera trolley. These savings were not only caused by a limited budget, but also by the fact that, as in the case of the first Star Wars, no one expected any particular success from the Terminator. Nevertheless, the film received positive reviews and grossed more than $ 80 million on a budget of 6. Director James Cameron delayed the release of the second film for more than seven years, with the desire to show a liquid terminator, for which there was no suitable technology to create in the 80s. The expectation was justified. After its release in 1991, “Terminator 2: Doomsday” not only consolidated the success of the first part, but also surpassed it, both in the box office and in the perception. Despite the fact that noir is gone, the film has not ceased to be cruel and harsh, which is what the audience expected from it.

A Few Dollars More (1965) sequel / The Good, Bad, Ugly (1966), triquel prequel


“The Dollar Trilogy” is an example of a completely unique trilogy, where each next film is better than the last. Perhaps because the main character of the trilogy, actor Clint Eastwood, plays different characters in each of the films; or maybe because all three films have their own plot. However, this is still a trilogy, directed by Sergio Leone, with the same actor in the lead role, with the Wild West at its center. And if about the first (“For a Fistful of Dollars”, 1964) or the second (“A few dollars more”, 1965) few have heard. Then the third – “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” has become a real classic of Italian spaghetti westerns, and is considered by most critics and viewers as the best western in the history of cinema.

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