17 films about the wife that will reveal the truth about the state of modern marriages and relationships between a man and a woman

Films about a wife can be useful for young people who believe in ideal relationships and are unaware that the other half may not be exactly what our brain imagines. This is a huge problem. However, it is much more difficult after to understand how she could leave or choose another man.

So today we will look at some beautiful pictures that can shed light on the enormous complexities in the relationship between a man and a woman, especially married ones.

Sit back, grab yourself something tasty, and we begin!

8 new dates

8 new datesPhoto: kinomania.ru

This is a story about Vera and Nikita, who have been married for 3 years. In the midst of another showdown, the couple shares their ideas about the ideal husband and wife. As a result, in the morning they wake up with new halves, one might even say ideal. Nikita now has a third-size blonde wife who cooks well, and Vera’s millionaire husband buys his favorite croissants for breakfast.

But still, with whom is it better to live – with an ideal or a loved one?

Insanely faithful wife

Madly Loyal Wife (2000)Photo: imoviestream.com

There are many ways to return a runaway husband, and they are divided by the degree of cruelty, cunning, assertiveness and rigidity. When Jolyne’s husband Karl disappears overnight in an unknown direction, the girl has no doubt that she will be able to return her husband. Yes, in her head there is not even a thought that their marriage broke up. she is sure that she will be able to return her beloved and restore trust in the relationship. However, the problem is that she herself does not yet know how exactly to do this.

All about my wife

All About My Wife: PicturesPhoto: en.kinorium.com

This is a South Korean story that is about Doo-hyun and Jong-in. A man and a woman met during the infamous Nagoya earthquake. They fell in love, got married and began to live together. Seven years later, she, the same successful and beautiful, successful woman, and her husband is a loser who is tired of constant attacks and criticism against him. He wants to end the relationship, but does not decide to directly tell his wife about this.

Doo-hyun is looking for every opportunity to leave home. In the end, he tearfully asks the authorities to transfer him to another city. However, in a new hotel, the wife suddenly arrives after her husband and stays in his room. Trying to find a way to get rid of his wife, he asks his legendary macho friend Sung-gi to seduce his wife in order to demand a divorce in good conscience.

Diary of his wife

Diary of his wifePhoto: mil-lib.rnd.muzkult.ru

This is a very tragic story about loneliness and love, which reveals the hitherto unknown private life of the famous Russian writer Bunin. Before you is an extremely confusing love story in which Bunin, his wife Vera, as well as the writer Gurov, the opera singer Margo and the poetess Galina took a direct part.

living flesh

Living Flesh (1997).Photo: imdb.com

This film about his wife is based on the novel of the same name by writer Ruth Randall. In the center of the plot is Victor, who, after a quarrel with his wife, inadvertently injures a policeman. Now he has to serve 4 years in prison. Already there, he learns that the man he injured is becoming a very famous basketball player, an idol for millions with huge contracts.

Moreover, he marries his Elena. And what should our hero do now?

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Film stillsPhoto: filmz.ru

Before us is a couple of young American women Vicki and Christina, who decided to spend the summer on the shores of Barcelona. They were immediately fascinated by the city, as well as the young artist Antonio. At the same time, Vicki is rather old-fashioned, and is set for a serious relationship, the apogee of which will be a veil and a crown.

But Christina is extremely liberated and very sexy, ready for anything. Antonio cannot choose one, because he likes both girls to a certain extent. Relationships in the love triangle become more and more complicated every day, and become simply unbearable after Antonio’s ex-wife, who still believes that she has rights to the guy, comes into play.

Jules and Jim

Film stillsPhoto: wallhere.com

Outside the beginning of the last century, Paris. This is a story about native Jim and Austrian Jules. They walk, warm up in the gym, discuss girls with whom the Austrian has always had much less luck. However, everything changes after the femme fatale Katrin bursts into their lives. Jules falls head over heels in love with her, and asks his friend not to interfere. However, in reality, everything is not so simple. It seems that Catherine has two hearts beating in her chest, which equally blaze with passion for two different men.

5 to 7. Lovers time

Film stillsPhoto: filmz.ru

This is a story about a very passionate romance between a young writer and the beautiful wife of a French diplomat. They are forced into hiding, both living in New York. Every day, they have only two hours from five to seven in the morning for intimacy and sincere love.

time traveler’s wife

The time traveler's wife.Photo: filmpro.ru

They met when the girl was only six, and he was thirty-six. They went down the aisle when she was twenty-three and he was thirty-one. The thing is that Henry’s boyfriend suffers from a very rare genetic disease – time travel syndrome. Therefore, his sudden disappearances become at first an unpleasant surprise for his wife, but his appearances are extremely comical, traumatic and, as a rule, quite tragic.

The perfect trap

The Perfect Trap (2018).Photo: m.kino-teatr.ru

A romantic trip to a luxurious villa on the shores of Italian Tuscany should be a real outlet for Brian and Cassie from worries and problems. However, as soon as they approach each other, they are overtaken by a mysterious stranger who draws a rather young couple into a dangerous game. The worst part is that you can’t trust anyone.

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray LovePhoto: ovideo.ru

Before us is the story of a married woman, Elizabeth Gilbert, who one day clearly understands that she does not live her own life and is not left to herself. The good thing is that she knows what she wants. Therefore, after a painful and rather emotionally difficult divorce, she nevertheless sets off towards the endless world in order to discover new horizons for herself and to know herself better.


Film "Consequences"Photo: kg-portal.ru

Germany after the end of World War II. Throughout the country there is great devastation, famine and open riots. The protagonist of the picture is the British soldier Lewis Morgan, who is appointed interim mayor of the almost completely destroyed city of Hamburg. Now it is necessary to restore the infrastructure from scratch.

Together with him, his beautiful wife also moves to a luxurious mansion. Difficulties begin after they find out that they will be sharing a house with a German architect and his emotionally unstable daughter.

28 bedrooms

Posters for the movie "28 bedrooms"Photo: film.ru

A man and a woman collide in the same hotel in the same city. A couple of months later, they meet each other again in a restaurant at the hotel, and for the second time they spend the night together. They are not stopped by the presence of soulmates – the girl has a husband, and the guy has a girlfriend. This is the beginning of a great love that develops into a very deep relationship.


Proximity (2004).Photo: m.imdb.com

It is known that a person suffers greatly when he cannot get what he really wants. However, it is even worse when he himself does not know what he wants.

So, the young writer Dan is head over heels in love with the stripper Alice, but he does not refuse to have an affair with the photographer Anna. In turn, the rather gloomy macho Larry becomes Anna’s boyfriend, while dating Alice at the same time. The problem is that no one can fully decide who they want to stay with. Relations in the quadrangle are gradually heating up, and forcing the heroes to rush into outbursts of passion, inexorably approaching a paradoxical denouement.

zookeeper’s wife

zookeeper's wifePhoto: kinomania.ru

This is a true story about a couple, Jan and Antonina Zhabinsky, who managed to save the lives of more than 300 Jews during World War II. They came face to face with dangers and risks, which were intensified many times over by contacts with a former friend of the family, Lutz Heck, who loved Antonina from the very beginning. However, with the rise of the Nazis, he has become a high-ranking official and is now ready to lay claim to her.

The artist’s wife

The Artist's Wife: FramesPhoto: en.kinorium.com

At the end of the 19th century, the Danish artist Marie Tripke married the brilliant and world-famous painter Peder Severin Krøyer. Their couple was admired by the entire public, and many officials dreamed that one of them would paint a portrait for them.

However, behind the wealth, the growing daughter, the beautiful house and the outward gloss with popularity, there was a real nightmare. Her husband suffered from a hereditary mental disorder and could rapidly change his state from apathy to uncontrollable fits of rage.

However, everything changes when she meets the Swedish composer Hugo Alven, whom Marie sincerely and with all her heart fell in love with.

Last night in New York

Movie Last Night in New York.Photo: drive2.ru

It seems that the newlyweds Michael and Joanne are happy – a huge apartment in the center of Manhattan, beauty and success. However, just one night will make them immediately doubt each other. Even in the afternoon, it seems to the wife that her husband really liked his new employee Laura, with whom he is forced to go on a business trip. Therefore, she accepts without a twinge of conscience the invitation of her ex-husband to meet in the evening and have dinner. So a long night will begin, which will become a real test of marital fidelity for the couple.

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