17 films about sailors that are worth watching for lovers of adventure, beautiful women and endless expanses

Films about sailors are extremely popular, as many viewers are tempted by the fate of brave travelers who watch the vast expanses of oceans and seas with their own eyes. The feeling and smell of freedom in such conditions is maximum. That is why we so want to escape from problems on land and go to unknown distances.

Today we will look at some great films that fans of the genre will definitely like. So sit back, grab yourself something delicious, and let’s get started!

Master of the Seas: At the End of the Earth

Master of the Seas: At the edge of the Earth.Photo: filmpro.ru

In the yard is a series of Napoleonic wars, and a military sailboat called “Surprise”. In the fog, he is attacked by an unknown huge ship while the warship was patrolling the Atlantic. Miraculously, Captain Jack Aubrey and his crew manage to get away with extremely serious injuries.

However, the captain, nicknamed Lucky, nevertheless decides to pursue his opponent, and rushes after him to the ends of the world. Now at stake is not only and not so much Jack’s reputation as the lives of the crew and the ship itself.

Battle for Myung Ryang

Battle for Myeong Ryang.Photo: m.kino-teatr.ru

This film tells about the legendary battle for Men Ryan, which took place in real history in 1597. Then the Japanese decided to land on Korean territory in order to capture easy prey. However, the well-known and already quite cult admiral Lu Songsin managed to sink the enemy fleet of 133 ships with 13 ships.

Captain Blood’s Odyssey

Captain Blood's Odyssey:Photo: en.kinorium.com

Before us is the story of an English doctor who was mistakenly convicted and sent to hard labor. However, he managed to escape.

Now the former prisoners manage to take control of the Spanish frigate, and they are forced to decide to raise the black flag. They still remain outside the law of the civilized world; moreover, a real hunt has opened for them.

And the storm came

Film stillsPhoto: ampravda.ru

The plot of this film is about sailors, which naturally concerns the open spaces of the sea. This time the picture tells about real events that took place in 1952. Coast guard officers, using improvised wooden boats, were forced to go in a severe storm to rescue the crews of two tankers that were carrying oil.


Frame from the movie submarinePhoto: kinonews.ru

Outside the autumn of 1941. One of the German boats is sent to its destination (Atlantic) in order to equalize the chances of the German fleet in the fight against the British. However, all the memories of loved ones, a strict schedule and training alarms will end, because hell ahead without much chance of salvation.


Movie Marius 2013Photo: intorrents.net

On the territory of Marseille since ancient times there was a picturesque port. Our main character is the son of the port innkeeper Marius. The young man in his short life has already seen a lot of sailors and beautiful ships, all his insides rush into unknown distances. However, he meets a beautiful girl, Fanny, who falls in love with the guy.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Marius Honore’s friend wooed the girl. Now the guy will have to choose between a chance for love and sea adventures.

Sleep at the start of the mist


The beginning of the 20th century and the ice of Chukotka. Canadian sailor John is miraculously saved after a shipwreck. A local Chukchi family agrees to take him in. It is extremely difficult for a sailor to adjust his worldview and train of thought to local customs.

However, over time, he succeeds, and for the first time in his life he really finds friends, love and a real family.


movie submarinePhoto: Yandex Zen

Stan’s guerrilla unit is brought to the attention of a highly secret mission. As you understand, the action of the film takes place during the Second World War. So. The guys, along with their leader, must sail across the Atlantic to the shores of the United States on a Nazi boat, which is loaded to the brim with enriched uranium. How do you like that?


Film "Yacht": Photo: yachting-tour.ru

A lone fisherman seems lucky to find a yacht abandoned or lost in the fog. However, it turns out that he is stuck in it. Over time, the man realizes that there is someone else or something on the yacht besides him, and it has plans for a man. Whatever it was, he needs to choose outside, and he will do everything to achieve a result.


Greyhound movie poster, 2020Photo: on-desktop.com

In the courtyard of February 1942 and the waters of the North Atlantic. A sea convoy with soldiers, military cargo and food is sent to the port of Liverpool. They are, of course, accompanied by a group of US Air Force ships. After the ships left the reach of any aircraft, they were attacked by German submarines.

In the center of the plot is Admiral of the lead destroyer of the convoy Ernst Krause. It is noteworthy that before that he did not have to take part in hostilities. However, he reluctantly has to defend himself in the middle of the ocean from the so-called “wolf pack”.


Film MidwayPhoto: kinoclub.livejournal.com

This is a story about one of the largest and most important naval battles in World War II. In the summer of 1942, the American fleet, led by Admiral Chester Nimitz, completely defeated the Japanese squadrons at Midway Atoll. Many experts recognize this event as a turning point in the entire Pacific War.

In the heart of the sea

In the Heart of the Sea - In the Heart of the Sea Photo: sport-music-kino.blogspot.com

In the yard in 1819. An American ship called the Essex, with twenty sailors on board, leaves the port of Massachusetts to hunt whales. For a year and a half, their voyage is successful, but it is interrupted by the attack of a huge sperm whale.

As a result, the team has to transfer to boats in the middle of the ocean and fight for their lives for three months.

Lieutenant Hornblower: Retribution

Lieutenant Hornblower: Retribution.Photo: kinoscan.com

English troops and sailors are trying to destroy the Spanish fort on the island of Santo Domingo, as it is the main military base in the entire West Indies.

Lieutenant Hornblower disembarks with his soldiers and slowly approaches the defensive fortifications. However, the rash actions of his immediate superiors lead to the fact that the lieutenant’s soldiers begin to lie down under the deadly fire of the Spaniards.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates Of The CaribbeanPhoto: wall.alphacoders.com

This is a story about the extremely ambitious pirate Jack Sparrow. He has to enter into an open fight with the old pirate Barbossa, who stole from Jack his main treasure – the Black Pearl ship.

The situation becomes extremely confusing after the beautiful Elizabeth intervenes in the affairs of the pirates, as well as Commander Norrington, and Elizabeth’s fiancé Will.

But what Jack Sparrow does not know is that his enemy Barbossa is cursed, and with the team every night he turns into living skeletons that do not feel anything.

Seven pairs of unclean

Film framePhoto: Yandex Zen

This movie is set in 1941. Rebellion on the high seas is always extremely difficult and terrible. The hatred of a group of prisoners and their guards had been building up for weeks and months. Therefore, it is not surprising that strong negative emotions overwhelm both parties. The beech of prisoners in such a situation is especially terrible. However, everything changes after a common enemy appears, which must be destroyed at all costs.


addr N115058 from the movie AdmiralPhoto: kinonews.ru

The action of this picture takes place during the time of the still very young Dutch Republic, which is simultaneously attacked by Germany, France and England. At the same time, a civil war is raging inside the youngest country.

The only and most powerful weapon of the Dutch is a strong fleet. Therefore, only one person can lead it and protect the republic – this is Miquel de Ruyter.

sea ​​battle

Film stillsPhoto: top10a.ru

NASA’s radio transmitting stations have been transmitting signals into space for many years, hoping to get some sort of answer. However, no one thought that such actions would lead to an alien invasion.

During a naval exercise in the Pacific Ocean, 4 unknown ships splash down near human ships. An unknown power dome immediately covered the surrounding territories and the island of Hawaii. Now the pair of ships that remained inside the dome will have to fight much more powerful opponents in order to protect the Earth and all of humanity.

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