15 films about monks that fans of the genre should watch

Films about monks are popular in narrow circles, but such projects still attract more viewers every year. The thing is that people are interested in immersing themselves in the mysteries of faith, following the spiritual development of characters, observing the true manifestations of the great faith..

So today we will consider a few worthy films on the topic. Sit back, grab yourself something tasty, and we begin!

monk and demon

Description of the film "The Monk and the Demon".Photo: ovideo.ru

In the yard, the first half of the 19th century and the monastery. A new inhabitant, Ivan Semenovich, adjoins him. However, no one yet suspects that, along with the newly minted monks, a dark force also penetrates the temple, which is represented in the person of the Legion (he himself appears to Ivan as such). It was this dark entity that chose our monk as its object for manipulation in order to lead him astray. However, the stronger the temptation and the sweeter, paradoxically, the strength and spiritual strength of our Ivan increases.


Movie ShaolinPhoto: wall.alphacoders.com

The enmity between the mass Chinese warlord reaches its limit. In pursuit of new provinces, they destroy a lot of ordinary people, and every day more and more plunge a huge country into the abyss of madness. A young warrior named Xiao Che defeats a Shaolin monk in a duel and begins to brag about it to everyone.

Such behavior does not go unnoticed, and the whole family of the guy is cut out. He miraculously manages to escape.

Now Xiao Che is sheltered by Shaolin monks, who subsequently agree to help him in the fight against the local kings. Our guy’s goal is very noble – to protect ordinary citizens of the country.


Monk Photo: kinomania.ru

It’s the 18th century, and this is the story of the rise and fall of the Spanish Capuchin monk Ambrosio. It so happens that in the monastery he is seduced by the witch Matilda, who pretended to be a young novice for this.

Information about this reaches the Holy Inquisition, and now, in order to save himself, the Capuchin man nevertheless agrees to a deal with the Devil himself. It is noteworthy that this is an original story, which was first staged and told back in 1796 on the territory of the Iberian Peninsula.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter … and again spring

Film stillsPhoto: regnum.ru

No one can change the usual course of events, life and the change of seasons. First, everything is born, blooms, reaches its peak, and then gradually begins to fade. So a couple of monks live in a hut remote from the outside world.

As nature changes, their souls are filled with energy, and after that they almost fall into hibernation. However, they still cannot break out of the vicious circle of suffering and passions that invariably seize each of the living beings.


Samsara (2011).Photo: imdb.com

This is a story about a young monk Tashi who spent a long time in meditation far from civilization. As soon as he returns to his native monastery, the abbot rewards him with a very high rank. However, our hero is tired of following the letter of the law and instructions, he wants to change his life. Therefore, he makes an extremely responsible decision to go out into the world, leaving the monastery.

On this path, he will be helped by his wise wife Pema, who will show the guy the difference between scriptures and the real one, and will also help him understand the real meaning of love for dharma.

Little Buddha

buddha.pngPhoto: steemit.com

This is a story about an American boy, Jesse, who, along with a couple of Indians, Raju and Gita, are the new incarnations of the deceased Lama Dorje from Tibet. Now they will have to completely change their lives to match the honor that has descended on them.

A story is also told in parallel, perhaps even a legend about Prince Siddharth, who embarked on an extremely difficult path of the Spirit.

Journey to the West

Movie posterPhoto: victorshiryaev.org

This is the first film of an original story about a Buddhist monk who decides to make a long journey to the West. It all starts with the narrow streets of Marseille, where our hero walks and meditates. He does not care about the nationality and religion of the people who live there, since meditation and self-control are much more important. In parallel, a story is told about the monkey king, who became so proud and rebelled against heaven, for which he was imprisoned under the mountain. However, the Buddha decided to release him in exchange for devotion.

So it turns out that the monkey king becomes a monk’s apprentice and together they go to the Western lands.

Bulletproof Monk

Bulletproof Monk 2003.Photo: ivandaiy.blogspot.com

In the center of the plot is a monk who masterfully owns various martial arts, and also wears a powerful ancient scroll. Its peculiarity is that it gives its owner tremendous power. Now our monk is going to the USA to find a new guardian there.

To his amazement, he finds it in the face of a charming bully named Kar. So our monk starts teaching the guy, while at the same time they have to protect the scroll from the gangs of the man who has been chasing him for over 60 years.

Now our couple must use all their skill and skills to ensure that the powerful scroll does not fall into bad hands.

Two warriors

Frame from the film "Two Warriors".Photo: film.ru

In the ancient walls of the Shaolin Monastery, this legend is carried through the ages. So already it turns out that two monks-friends are expelled for the use of weapons. Outside the walls of the holy place, their paths drastically diverge – Tinbao joins the troops of the evil ruler of these lands, but Yunbao adjoins the rebels who protect the common people.

Former comrades yesterday, now they will have to meet on more than one battlefield. However, both understand that the last and most terrible battle is coming soon, which will decide whether good will triumph, or whether evil will be stronger this time.


Movie IslandPhoto: iz.ru

Outside the Great Patriotic War. A German patrol ship captures the barge on which Anatoly and Tikhon were transporting coal. To beg forgiveness from the invaders, Anatoly does a terrible thing – he kills his old comrade. The Germans eventually leave him on a mined barge, but the man manages to escape thanks to the help of the monks who lived in a nearby monastery.

Years pass and now Anatoly is an old man who lived a righteous life, and people from all over the country come to him to ask for advice. However, the terrible sin that he committed during the hostilities weighs heavily on his soul. The monk feels the nearness of his death, but he is tormented, because he does not know if he could beg for the forgiveness of the Lord with a righteous life.

Andrey Rublev

Andrey RublevPhoto: fb.ru

This film about monks is nevertheless dedicated to the great painter Andrei Rublev. In the courtyard of the 15th century, long-suffering Russia is torn apart by internecine wars, nomadic raids, pestilence and famine. In this difficult time, a great person is born who is destined to change everything around.

There is not so much reliable information about the personality of the painter, and only individual creations have survived to this day. Therefore, the authors of this film tried to embody the spiritual world of Rublev on the screen in all its glory.

rose name

The name of the rose.Photo: kino-teatr.ru

Territory of Italy and the monastery of the Benedictines. In 1327, a young novice went with a Franciscan to a remote monastery in order to investigate the massive and rather mysterious deaths of monks. Behind all this, as a result, there is a terrible secret, the key to unraveling which is in the ancient manuscript, which our monk Adso found in the library of the holy place.

Black Death

Black Death" (Black Death) 2010Photo: fishki.net

This is the story of two monks who must hunt down someone who they think can bring back to life those who died from the Black Death. The fact is that in England, the plague mows down entire cities. In such an apocalyptic world, it is not surprising that fears and superstitions flourish.

About people and gods

About people and gods: Stills #663372.Photo: en.kinorium.com

The territory of Algeria and the 90s of the last century. Eight French monks live in perfect harmony with their Muslim counterparts. Gradually, however, the local indigenous population begins to radicalize on a religious basis. However, the determination of the monks grows in proportion to the growing tension in society. They decide at all costs to stay in the abode of their God.


Pilgrimage (2017)Photo: movieinsider.com

The year is 1209 and the territory of Ireland. A rather small group of monks is forced to go on a pilgrimage through a network of islands where there is an ongoing war between tribal formations.

The mission is aggravated by the fact that they are also transporting a relic of their monastery – a stone that was used in the torture of St. Matthias. They need to get him to Rome. As they move forward, the material, religious and political situation in different regions of Ireland becomes clearer. The monks, albeit belatedly, nevertheless understand that the land they walk on is full of superstitions and fears, which can lead them to real death.

This concludes our selection. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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