15 boxing movies worth watching to boost testosterone and the will to win

Most of the films that will be presented in this selection are based on real events and people. Of course, some of the facts are hidden, while others are embellished for more drama. But the sports drama is good because the intensity of passions and testosterone flow like water.

So today we will look at 15 boxing movies that fans of the genre will definitely like. Make yourself comfortable, grab yourself something tasty, and we begin!

baby in a million

Film stillsPhoto: imdb.com

The IMDb rating is 8.1.

Our original top begins the harsh Clint Eastwood and his film. Let’s say right away that this is not the female version of Rocky, who will also be in the selection. On the contrary, we have before us a tough movie that hits right in the face, and is not hidden behind beautiful shooting, stylish dialogues and philosophical overtones.

The plot tells us about Maggie Fitzgerald, who is just over 30 years old, and she works in a dirty diner, wears worn clothes and is dirty herself. And Frank Dunn is an old boxing coach who keeps a completely dead gym. The man was left with only bitterness from the loss of the past. It seems like they were just destined to meet.

Maggie really wanted to choose from the daily hell, and become strong. She sees her coach as a father and the only person who cares about a rather fragile girl. But the fragile waitress for Frank is a way to drown out spiritual anguish and bring life to the gym.

So it turns out that the girl, angry at the whole world, unmistakably knocks out her opponents, and Frank teaches her self-control and composure. However, life itself is a heavyweight fighter that Maggie just can’t beat.

Real Steel

Real SteelPhoto: playground.ru

The IMDb rating is 7.1.

Before us is the story of Charlie Kenton – he is a defective product in the labor market, in particular, roboboys. He lives with his dead coach’s daughter, can’t pay his bills. The man is so mired in his disappointments and resentments that he simply does not dare to call him a good guy. It so happens that he, without a twinge of conscience, sells his son Max to rich relatives, and they are happy to take the child from his father, who has no home, no money, no conscience.

Before leaving, father and son spend the last time together. A man takes a guy to underground robot fights, makes an unsuccessful bet and loses his last money. Then both go to an old junkyard, where Max finds an old robot. It turns out that he has paternal stubbornness, and he drags him into the garage, almost dying along the way.

Next, the training of the ancient robot Atom begins with Charlie, who teaches him the basic techniques of boxing. In the process, father and son become a real team, and decide to take Atom to the title of world champion in robot fighting. Why not?


Knockdown Cinderella ManPhoto: top10z.ru

The IMDb rating is 8.0.

This is a movie about James Braddock. He was a famous boxer from the United States and competed in the heavyweight division. This guy, according to his biography, was born in Hell’s Kitchen – one of the most dangerous areas of Manhattan, where the crime rate simply went off scale. James had his first fight at the age of 21, boxed in the ring for 7 years, and officially ended his career.

However, a year and a half later, he returned to fight the reigning world heavyweight champion Max Baer. Bookmakers gave Max 10% to win. However, 15 hard rounds allowed the guy to write his name in the world history of sports, and Braddock still received the championship belt.

It is noteworthy that in life both boxers were not as terrible as they were portrayed in the film. The death of both rivals in the ring is also not fiction, and the boxer was remembered by the public for his sense of humor and amazing charm.


Frame from the movie "Rocky".Photo: film.ru

The IMDb rating is 8.1.

No boxer movie is complete without a mention of Rocky Balboa and his nemesis Apollo Creed. The first was a simple bouncer with a moneylender who participated in underground battles in his free time, but the second was the reigning world champion. The only reason Creed decided to fight Rocky was PR. However, their confrontation eventually stretched over 6 films.

Rocky will learn, comprehend, lose in disgrace and brilliantly knock out, live in luxury and live in the ghetto. However, in his thirty years of life, this guy has earned a place in the pantheon of great fighters. And Sylvester Stallone starred in one of the most successful franchises in the history of cinema.

Creed: Rocky’s Legacy

Creed heritagePhoto: filmz.ru

The IMDb rating is 7.6.

Seems like 6 movies wasn’t enough to bring the franchise to a close. The directors decided to add two more films about the son of the deceased Apollo Creed Adonis. Rocky at first does not agree to train his son, albeit a dead one, but a sworn enemy. However, he soon realizes that he himself needs Adonis.

This is not to say that this is the best sports drama, but you can watch two films several times. It is noteworthy that Stallone received the Golden Globe for these works as the best supporting actor. Such recognition was especially valuable against the background of the previously received anti-awards “Golden Raspberry” and “Worst Actor of the Century”.


Stills from the movie FighterPhoto: filmz.ru

The IMDb rating is 7.8.

This film is based on the real life story and sports career of American Mickey Ward. He, from some side, repeat the fate of Rocky. Mickey lived in a very poor area in poverty, participated in street fighting, but was considered a loser. However, then a professional career and a title happen.

The film shows Mickey being trained by Dicky’s half-brother, who used to be a great fighter but was destroyed by drugs. The functions of the manager are performed by the mother, who also did not do very well at her main job. As a result, this is a story about three losers in life with a good ending.

The picture turned out to be very sincere, the lead actor Mark Wahlberg refused to take money for shooting, and independently asked Christian Bale to play Dicky. The choice fell on him, because the guys have known each other since kindergarten, and their daughters played on the same site.


Movie Ali 2001Photo: intorrents.net

The IMDb rating is 6.7.

Probably no one in the world will say that he has not heard of Muhammad Ali. It was one of the strongest boxers in the history of the sport. The absolute world heavyweight champion, as well as a public figure, an ardent pacifist who defended the rights of the black population in the United States. It is noteworthy that Ali even received a sentence of five years in prison for refusing to fight in Vietnam on religious grounds.

This film for two and a half hours is a great opportunity to remember once again about this great man.


Frame from the film "Warrior", 2011Photo: shkolazhizni.ru

IMDb rating -8.2.

This is a story about Tommy Conlon, who was last at home 14 years ago. Then the father was actively engaged in self-flagellation and self-destruction of his life, drinking one bottle after another. However, during the absence of his son, the father nevertheless pulled himself together, stopped drinking and began to live according to Christian precepts.

When Tommy returned home, he offered his father a drink, which he received a firm refusal. Then the son went berserk and on emotions in the gym he beat the famous fighter of the local rank.

This showed Tommy that he could easily vent his rage in the ring and get handsome money for it. However, he lacked the technique that the former boxer Conlon Sr. took up.

Now Tommy is getting ready to play at the Sparta tournament, not yet suspecting that he will have to meet his brother in the final.

Mad bull

Mad bullPhoto: goodbye-office.com

The IMDb rating is 8.3.

Scorsese’s “Irishman” was a hit and received a huge portion of popularity even before the release, and after all, the famous director has already told a story about a lonely man who retells all the ups and downs in his life.

In the film “Raging Bull” the main character also starts from scratch, contacts the mafia, and then loses everything, including his family, due to the mistakes made. And this film is based on the novel, as well as the memoirs of the famous American boxer Jake LaMotta.


Footage from Lefty (2015).Photo: lowpc.ru

The IMDb rating is 7.4.

This film has collected all the movie-boxing motifs in one picture: the world champion abuses his power and glory, so he loses everything in one moment. After his fall, the protagonist has to bit by bit collect his lost personality on his native streets.

And in order to be fully reborn, boxers are led by an experienced and merciless gray-haired trainer. On the one hand, it is useless to look for some new ideas and motives in this film, but everything is filmed really high quality. There is a powerful emotional intensity, but what else is needed for a good sports drama?

Resurrecting a Champion

film "Resurrecting the Champion"Photo: livelib.ru

The IMDb rating is 6.7.

This is the only movie in this collection that does not directly tell about the adventures of the brave boxer. In this picture, all attention is paid to the ruined destinies.

In the center of the plot is a sports journalist who is on the verge of a crisis of personality and profession. However, on the way to hopeless depression, he meets a homeless man. After talking with him, he realizes that in front of him is a former drummer athlete who is now eking out a miserable existence.

Once on the street, the former champion very quickly became a punching bag for local teenagers, and alcohol and drugs took the rest of his strength.

The journalist, being impressed, re-analyzes his actions and understands that it is simply impossible to build a bright and happy future on a lie.

stone fists

Stone Fists (2016)Photo: m.kino-teatr.ru

The IMDb rating is 6.4.

This is a story about the legendary Panamanian lightweight boxer Roberto “Stone Fists” Duran. The real biography of an athlete in itself is similar to a clichéd picture about a boxer.

Duran had to live on the street, malnourished and enduring the cold. He did not have a father since childhood, so we have before us the ideal material for creating a powerful fighter. Strength of mind, body and will became the key to survival for the boy, so it is not surprising that he put all the accumulated energy and desire to escape from the slums in the market.

True, the voice of the street still often made its way outside the ring, and he was extremely defiant and unrestrained.

Pazman devil

Film stillsPhoto: filmz.ru

The IMDb rating is 6.8.

The film tells about Vinnie the Patient, who became the “Panamanian devil”, breaking into the world of boxing. He became champions despite a broken neck. Doctors told him that it was impossible to box normally with such an injury.

At the same time, Winnie was not an exemplary athlete, because he loved shocking, leopard prints and casinos. After the first three defeats in the ring, everyone forgot about the young and daring boxer.

However, he did not give up, and the managers found a new coach for him, who beat all the nonsense out of him. Then the guy began to win, but fate itself told him that it was time to end the sport – he again got into a car accident and broke his neck. However, without removing the metal frame, the Patient again secretly broke into training in order to return to the ring again.

Fat man in the ring

Fat man in the ring.Photo: filmpro.ru

IMDb rating -6.4.

This is a story about mixed martial arts fighter Scott Voss. He is a biology teacher who decides to participate in official UFC fights. His main task is just to survive and get money even for losing. Our teacher will have a hard time, because he is not in the best shape, but he does not want to take it. Now at the end is not just a victory over the enemy, but love and a career.

female fight

Women's fight:Photo: en.kinorium.com

The IMDb rating is 6.7.

Before us is a film about girls in the ring. Diana does not like to be feminine, hates skirts, gossip and being a secretary, as her father prophesies to her. The only consolation for the girl is her younger brother. One day, she accompanies him to the gym and finds a space where she can be herself.

Now she does not intend to retreat from her dream, and is ready to enter the ring in order to prove to herself and others the right to her orientation.

This concludes our selection of series. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments.

And that’s all we have. So have a peaceful sky over your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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