12 best movies about viruses that will help you understand who is really the owner of the Earth

Films about viruses are quite popular, especially against the backdrop of the recent epidemic, which is still not over. So people are very worried about the topic of infections, viruses and global diseases that can nullify all the achievements of human civilization. For some, this future will seem too gloomy, but we all know who the real rulers of planet Earth are.

So sit back, we have prepared the 12 best films about viruses, after watching which there is something to think about.

Strain “Andromeda”

Film stillsPhoto: kinonews.ru

The film was directed by Robert Wise based on the book of the same name by the legendary science fiction writer Michael Crichton. If you don’t know who it is, here are a few familiar franchises – Jurassic Park and Westworld. The main difference from other films is the absence of superheroes who alone save the world. Here, human psychology and the ability to work in a team come to the fore.

For those who may find this film a bit dated, there is a two-episode mini-series recently produced by the Ridley brothers and Tony Scott.

The plot revolves around a deadly virus of alien origin, which came to Earth through the fault of the military. Now a team of doctors and scientists is at the site of the infection to study it and find a way to counter it.

Why watch: The film is worth watching if only to mentally thank the scientists who are quietly and calmly doing their job. Yes, albeit by trial and error, but these people are the only ones who protect the world from global extinction.


Frame from the film "Epidemic".Photo: profile.ru

This is a solid Hollywood drama directed by director Wolfgang Petersen. Here the main roles are played by the wonderful actors Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman and Dustin Hoffman.

In the center of the plot is the most dangerous virus that epidemiologists are trying to curb. It is noteworthy that its nature is earthly, because a rather respectable laboratory, which received a contract from the military, was responsible for the development. Scientists are figuring out how to stop the virus, but this requires patient 0, which turns out to be a simple monkey. The problem is that it disappears without a trace and the case becomes serious.

Why watch: this picture is worth watching if only to observe the selfless work of specialists who are doing everything so that as few people as possible suffer from the deadly virus.

World War Z

World War Z (2013).Photo: imdb.com

This film about the virus was based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks, an American science fiction writer. However, a lot has changed with adaptation. For example, traditionally slow zombies have been replaced with fast and dangerous ones, and the personality of the protagonist has undergone major changes to suit the personality of Brad Pitt. Also, the original story was measured, and the director decided to create an action-packed action movie.

The plot revolves around former UN employee Jerry Lane. His family becomes almost the first witnesses of the attack of the living dead on the still living people. Now the man must go to South Korea to begin his own investigation into the causes of the outbreak.

Why watch: this film shows us a lot of positive and caring people who are ready to help the main character and others even against the backdrop of a global apocalypse.

Last love on earth

Stills from the movie Last Love on EarthPhoto: childresearch.ru

The film was directed by British director David McKenzie. He decided to show, perhaps, the strangest epidemic in history. People first lose their sense of smell, taste buds atrophy, and later hearing and vision also become inaccessible. Critics quite strongly scolded the picture for the unsuccessful combination of the love line with the conditions of the post-apocalypse, but the audience clearly liked the story.

The plot revolves around Michael and Susan, who love each other’s souls. However, the problem is that an unknown virus is gradually turning off their basic feelings one by one, and now their relationship is hanging in the balance.

Why watch: the director decided to show people what would happen if a person was deprived of the opportunity to hear the voice of a loved one, see his face and feel his touch.

28 days later

Cinema: "28 days later".Photo: playground.ru

Before us is a post-apocalyptic thriller by Danny Boyle, which tells about a virus that destructively affects the human psyche more than the body. This plot allowed the director to focus more on the personification of the most terrible human vices against the backdrop of a global catastrophe. It is noteworthy that the theatrical version of the film has a good ending, but there is also an alternative version with an increased level of gloominess.

In the center of the plot is the courier Jim, who finds himself after a coma in the hospital. He goes outside and sees the terrible consequences of the epidemic, which turns ordinary people into aggressive killers.

Why watch: this film teaches that even in the most terrible times it is worth preserving human qualities in yourself, because this is the only way to preserve the right to call yourself a rational being and a Human.


Frame N49860 from the movie BlindnessPhoto: kinonews.ru

This film is based on the novel by José Saramago, which was a real bestseller in the 90s. The author himself received the Nobel Prize in Literature. The dystopia that the author draws for us hides a simple human vice – blindness. She, according to Saramago, is given to people as a punishment for sins, and as a reason to atone for them.

The plot revolves around the wife of a local ophthalmologist, who becomes the only carrier of antibodies from a general epidemic of blindness. Against the background of such developments, the authorities decide to isolate the infected in order to protect other residents of the city.

Why watch: the director wants to show us the importance and necessity of mutual support. Difficult times should not repel each other and enmity, but help and support.


Infection movie posterPhoto: filmz.ru

This is a thriller by Steven Sodenberg, who at one time extremely frightened the audience with its realism and gloom. Recently, people are increasingly realizing that the director somehow managed to predict the appearance of the coronavirus with his picture. Moreover, even the symptoms of a new disease in people are quite similar.

The plot revolves around a new deadly virus, the origin of which is unknown. It is rapidly spreading around the world, and a vaccine is still very far away. Against the backdrop of general panic and a rampant number of rumors, one unscrupulous journalist adds fuel to the fire, skillfully playing on the mood of the audience.

Why watch: the director wants to show us how important it is now in the world to have critical thinking and be able to preserve the independence of thought processes. The most important thing in critical situations is not to succumb to the charm of incompetent individuals. For example, one of the characters in the film makes great money advertising medicines that do not help 100%.

Train to Busan

Korean Zombie Horror "Train to Busan"Photo: film.ru

Here is a dynamic Korean film about the virus from director Yong Sang-ho, which truly amazed critics and audiences around the world. Many saw in the picture a lot of social and political implications, and the characters, who for the sake of survival have changed beyond recognition, have become the hallmark of the project.

The plot revolves around a businessman, his little daughter and other people who were locked in the train. The place of his arrival is the city of Busan. All these events take place against the backdrop of an outbreak of an epidemic, which very quickly turns an ordinary person into a living dead.

Why watch: The director shows us the importance of cooperation in difficult situations, as well as timely notification of members of his group. Often, it is not so much negative news that leads to panic, but the desire to silence them and commit unforgivable acts under the guise of good intentions.

12 monkeys

Frame from the film "12 Monkeys".Photo: film.ru

Director Terry Gillian managed to confuse everyone with his work. Even the critics were not entirely sure what was happening on the screen. The main mystery is whether the events shown are real, or whether everything happens in the head of the protagonist.

The plot revolves around the criminal James Cole, who goes back in time to collect as much information as possible about an incurable virus that in his time destroyed more than half of the world’s population. At the same time, survivors are now required to hide underground in order to somehow make ends meet.

Why watch: The film perfectly shows the evils of the consumer society, which is slowly but surely leading to the destruction of the planet and the human species itself. The director in some episodes says that everything is already predetermined, and there is no point in fighting the inevitable, while in another, he seems to hint that everyone makes their own decisions in life. Which option to choose is up to you.

I’m a legend

Film stillsPhoto: yakutsk.ru

This film is based on the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson, but the author in the original story wrote about something else. The central role in the film was played by Will Smith, whose fans liked the character on a par with the immortal Men in Black project.

The story revolves around the only surviving military doctor, Robert Neville, who becomes one after scientists discover a cure for cancer. However, unplanned mutations lead to the fact that a deadly virus is released into the streets by the city.

Now the only surviving man has to while away his days in a deserted city, which is inhabited either by zombies or vampires. His main meaning of life is still to try to find an antidote for the virus and save humanity.

Why watch: the director shows us the moral side of science. All attempts of humanity to fight the infection in other ways have failed, and now the main character is forced to endure the nightmare of loneliness in an attempt to find a cure. The whole movie is one huge warning.


Reportage frame from the filmPhoto: en.kinorium.com

Before us is a low-budget thriller of Spanish origin, which turned out to be extremely successful. So much so that the American version called “Quarantine” even subsequently appeared on the network. The audience was not explained here where the epidemic came from, because the main emphasis was placed on frames that chilled the blood.

In the center of the plot is the energetic journalist Angela Vidal, who arrives with rescuers to a large residential building. After certain checks, it turns out that it has become a hotbed of an unknown virus, and all the residents are slowly but surely turning into dangerous zombies.

Why watch: this project is for people who want to tickle their nerves. The main characters find themselves locked in a large house, which is teeming with an indestructible number of bloodthirsty infected. As you can imagine, nothing good will come of this.


Poster for the film MediaPhoto: julia-klay.livejournal.com

The Spaniard brothers Alex and David Pastors, in addition to this project, later created the “Epidemic”, which also talked about an epidemic disease, which was expressed in a panic fear of open space in people.

When the consequences of the spread of deadly viruses became visible around the world, the brothers Brian and Danny decide, together with their soul mates, to go away to wait out the epidemic. However, almost immediately, things don’t go according to plan.

Why watch: the directors wanted to show us the importance of humanity even in the most critical situations. However, the heroes of the film completely forgot about this and, under the eyes of the audience, they commit terrible, ambiguous acts.

This concludes our selection. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. And that’s all we have. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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