10 Movies with Tom Hanks You’re Unlikely To Have Heard of

Tom Hanks, without exaggeration, can be called a key actor in American cinema. And not only because of its popularity. The fact is that most of the characters he played have embodied on the screen what is usually called “national character”. This, of course, did not happen immediately.

Hanks’ acting career began back in 1974. And for all this time (more than 30 years), the actor has not starred in any bad film. Luck or not, a question for his agent. But with the absence of bad ones, many good ones appeared, which, for one reason or another, did not gain sufficient popularity. Most likely, they were crushed by the giants of Hanks’ filmography.

In any case, the lack of publicity does not make the film a bad one. That is why below you will find a list of 10 good films with Tom Hanks that you probably never heard of. Well, or heard it briefly. Go.

Splash (1984)

The romantic fiction Splash tells the story of a funny and naive young man Allan Bauer (Tom Hanks), who was lucky to meet a real mermaid (Daryl Hannah). The film turned out to be amusing. In addition, this is also one of the first main roles of Tom Hanks, where he, as it should be, acts in the role of a simple-minded comedian.

still from the movie "Splash"

Bachelor Party (1984)

In the same year, after “Splash” came the comedy “The Bachelor Party” where Hanks got used to the role of a romantic, but still comedic character. The plot of the film tells about the groom Rick Gessko, whom his friends throw a super-party before the wedding.

still from the film "Bachelor Party"

The Man in One Red Boot (1985)

A year later, another significant comedy with Tom Hans comes out. In the parody-spy “The Man in One Red Boot,” Hanks’ hero Richard is a failure violinist who, by an absurd coincidence, gets himself into serious problems. In order to get out of them, the hero will have to fool the mafia and the secret service.

still from the movie "The Man in One Red Boot"

Joe Against the Volcano (1990)

The comedy “Joe Against the Volcano” tells about the official Joe, who, according to the doctors, has several months left to live. For this reason, the hero decides to duck into the mouth of the volcano in order to develop his boss’s business. In addition to the unusual plot, this picture marked the appearance of the duet Hanks and Ryan, who will appear together more than once in the actor’s subsequent films.

still from the movie "Joe against the Volcano"

Philadelphia (1993)

One of the first serious roles of Hanks took place in the film “Philadelphia”. There he played the HIV-positive gay Andrew Beckett, who is fired from the robot because of his status. This role broke (for some time) the role of a simpleton comedian and brought the actor his first Oscar for Best Actor. By the way, after Philadelphia in 1994, the actor starred in the already cult Forrest Gump, having received his second Oscar.

still from the movie "Philadelphia"

You’ve got a letter (1998)

The romantic comedy “You’ve Got Mail” did not bring Hanks back as a comedian. Which we think is good. Here he starred with Meg Ryan for the third time. About the second “Sleepless in Seattle” tactically silent, he is so good.

The plot of the picture will tell about Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly, who prefer anonymous communication on the network, although, without knowing it, they faced many times live. This film should be watched at least because of the duo Hanks + Ryan, which, starting with “Joe against the Volcano”, has been unambiguously modified.

still from the movie "You've got a letter"

Cursed path (2002)

The gangster drama Road Cursed had every chance of success if it hadn’t been so dark. Undoubtedly, Hanks plays well in the role of gangster Michael Sullivan Sr. In this film, the actor revealed new facets of his capabilities, embodying not the most positive character. The plot will tell about the blue gangster who learned the secret of his father and is now in danger.

still from the movie "Road to Perdition"
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Gentlemen’s Game (2004)

Two years after the dark drama, the black comedy “Gentlemen’s Game” was released, where Hanks, using his former experience as a comedian, played the prim gentleman Professor H. H. Dorr, who has no small criminal talent behind him. The film tells about a team of crooks who intend to commit a “robbery of the century.”

still from the film "Gentlemen's Game"

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

The actor played the most significant role in the 2000s in the biographical drama Charlie Wilson’s War, where he played a character who undergoes significant metamorphoses throughout the film. From a party-goer to a fighter against communism, and a lobbyist for military support, Charlie Wilson.


Hologram for the King (2016)

The concluding picture of the top is the tragicomedy “Hologram for the King”, where Hanks played the role of businessman Alan Clay, who, willy-nilly, found his happiness in the most unexpected place, far from home. The film, like the role itself, was definitely a success, but Hanks himself once again confirmed his ability to play funny and at the same time dramatic characters.

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