10 films about the Vikings for lovers of relief, bloodthirsty, arrogant and self-confident northerners

Films about the Vikings are quite popular, as many are attracted by tall brutes who wanted to spit on the protection of your settlement, religion and other nonsense. They just want your gold, booze and women.

So today we will consider some beautiful paintings for fans of this genre. Sit comfortably, hide everything of value just in case, and we begin!

13th warrior

13th warriorPhoto: wink.rt.ru

This is the story of Ahmed ibn Fahdlan. He is a sophisticated aristocrat and poet, who, in punishment for strong feelings, decides to go as a diplomat to the barbarian North to the Vikings. Warriors of individual tribes are just preparing for a campaign against the mysterious tribe of Corpse Eaters, who leave behind only human skeletons.

An ancient belief says that only 14 chosen warriors will be able to defeat the enemy. For everything to work, you just need a stranger in the squad. Therefore, our former poet becomes the 13th warrior and takes up arms to defeat evil in the name of new allies.

Valhalla: The Viking Saga

Valhalla: Viking Saga.Photo: kinogallery.com

Outside is 1000 AD. Before us is a mute warrior named One-Eyed. He manages to escape from slavery and on the way home he meets the Vikings, who are heading to Jerusalem. On the way to the goal, they get into a terrible storm.

Having got out of the bad weather and the impenetrable veil, the Vikings and our hero realize that they ended up in previously unknown lands.


Beowulf Photo: zbrushtuts.com

The action of this film takes place at a time when monsters walked the earth and heroes capable of landing with them.

The story begins with an exceptional warrior named Beowulf managing to defeat a creepy monster that has been killing the locals in the village.

After that, our warrior from the northern lands becomes the ruler of the lands there. Soon, another Danish king summons him to help him deal with a monster named Grendel.

As a result, our Beowulf receives fame, wealth and temptations that lie in wait for him on the way. Now he will have to fight not only with monsters, but also with himself, in order to be not only a leader and a warrior, but a husband and a man.

viking blood

viking bloodPhoto: kino-teatr.ru

This Viking movie is about a loner who comes to a northern village. There he understands that the followers of the ancient gods and those who “picked up” the infection of Christianity decided in earnest to cut each other’s throats. Therefore, the stranger decides to earn as much as possible from this battle.


viking moviePhoto: russiantourism.ru

In the yard earlier the Middle Ages – the time of heavy swords and the laws of blood. The ruling family is now in strife. The law says that a bastard must avenge the death of the brother of the Grand Duke. However, he finds himself and loses everything, because much more weapons are needed for peace than during a war.

Captive. The escape

movie escapePhoto: film.ru

The year is 1363 and Norway, whose population almost all died from the Great Plague. Before us is a poor peasant family who decides to move to other places in search of a better life. However, on the way through the mountains, robbers attack the caravan and a young 19-year-old girl, Signe, is captured by thugs. She understands that fate is destined for her not much better than a quick death.

So she decides to run for herself.


"Pathfinder" / Pathfinder (2007).Photo: hi-fi.ru

This Viking movie begins 600 years before Columbus arrived in North America. The northerners find the new mainland first and decide to invade Indian territory. After a clash between two groups, a little boy from the Vikings ends up in a camp with the indigenous people.

They accept him and bring him up in their own image and likeness. Subsequently, he also meets with his blood relatives, but it develops into a massacre, and destroys almost the entire tribe of Indians.

Therefore, our hero decides to put a bold and bloody end to this confrontation.

Valhalla: Ragnarok

Valhalla: Ragnarok (2019) .Photo: kino-teatr.ru

Ragnarok is near, and the great Scandinavian gods are gathering their last meager forces for the decisive battle. With Boki and Thor, a couple of mortals also stay in the heavenly chamber to meet their death at the hands of giants and Fenrir.

The huge wolf will wake up very soon, and the ancient giants will lay siege to the sacred walls of Valhalla. However, is it possible to change the destined and stop the end of the world?


vikings moviePhoto: filmz.ru

A group of Scandinavians, after a terrible storm, finds itself on the coast in the rear of their opponents. Now they need to survive, and this can only be done by reaching their settlement.

Now a group of Vikings will have to go through unfamiliar and hostile territory in order to stay alive.

The last viking

The last viking moviePhoto: wink.ru

852 AD. Vikings plunder settlements and churches across Europe. Their exploits, bloodthirstiness and ferocity are legendary everywhere. Here the clan and the Vitarra family decides to try their luck and goes to the shores of Britain.

Around the fire, during tales and jokes, a detachment of Vikings is unexpectedly attacked, only Vitarr manages to survive.

He is the last of the clan, and now a plan of revenge is brewing in his head. Let none of the relatives be around, but a real Viking always has a true friend and comrade – a sword.

This concludes our selection. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. And we have prepared for you a few no less interesting collections. Here they are:

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Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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