10 films about the house that are filled with mysticism, supernatural and secret

Movies about the house are extremely popular, as directors lure viewers with a creepy atmosphere, passions and a secret that will have to be revealed. If there are some creepy screamers in the process, then it’s even better. This is the secret of all such films.

We have collected for you some interesting pictures that you can and should see. So sit back, take something tasty with you, and we begin!

Ghosts of War

movie ghosts of warPhoto: ampravda.ru

Outside in 1944. Five American or British soldiers were sent to an Allied outpost in what was still German-occupied France. The brave soldiers hope that this will be a pleasant respite, but terrible things begin to happen in the house.

Before you is a mystical thriller with a twisted plot set in the Second World War.

Side effect

Frame from the movie "Side Effect".Photo: oxvo.ru

This is a domestic film about a house, the directors of which decided to rethink the archetype of Baba Yaga.

Before us is a married couple who are experiencing the horror of losing a child. Therefore, they decide to change the situation and move into a view apartment in a house on the embankment.

However, one of the most recognizable buildings in Moscow is turning into the logo of dark forces. It is noteworthy that from the technical side, the domestic project is not inferior to Western ones, a tense and gloomy atmosphere is guaranteed.

I hear voices

I hear voices 2020Photo: lkino.su

This is a Spanish thriller with a pleasant touch of horror that tells us about the power of psychophony. The plot is a plus or minus standard for films of this genre – the family moves into a new house, which they bought cheaply due to the fact that it needs renovation.

The director put more emphasis on creating an eerie atmosphere, which is emphasized by the musical accompaniment.

Winchester. The house that the ghosts built

cinema winchester the house that the ghosts built.Photo: sckatik.ru

The story of the heiress of the famous arms company, who is forced to live in a huge building, the architecture of which defies any comprehension. The woman’s relatives are extremely concerned about her mental health, so they call a doctor for her.

As a result, a good film was obtained from an alloy of the grain of truth, as well as legends and myths.


Movie "Nanny" (2020)Photo: en.kinorium.com

This film about the house tells about a young teacher who decides to change her usual way of life. Therefore, she decides to go to the old mansion in order to raise orphans.

It is noteworthy that this is a modern adaptation of James’ story “The Turn of the Screw”. The estate where the film was filmed is extremely picturesque and spacious, and the windows and doors constantly creak.

The spell. House 32

House 32 / Malasana 32 (2020)Photo: kinonews.ru

This is a Spanish film about a mysterious apartment that a family is forced to take out a mortgage. A family of farmers decides to try their luck in the capital for a chance at a good job. After some manipulation, they still manage to find a wonderful apartment, but soon the sweet dream turns into a terrible nightmare.

The film was filmed in the old area of ​​Madrid, so the place impresses with its authentic charm and decadence.

You should have left

You Should Have Left (2020)Photo: mobillegends.net

A story about a house that was lost in the wilderness and a family that decided to rent it for a certain time. They decide to take a break from the bustle of the city, and therefore leave for tens of kilometers. The house in which the movie is filmed has good architecture and minimalistic decoration, which allows viewers to pay attention to all the details.

Voice from stone

Voice from the stone.Photo: tv3.ru

This is a dramatic film that tells us about an old manor in Tuscany. Prior to that, many generations of one family lived in it, so it is more of a family crypt than living space.

A young girl decides to move into the family nest. She will work as a nanny who will adapt the children after the tragic events they have experienced.

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak movie 2015Photo: wink.ru

This is a wonderful film by the Mexican master Guillermo del Toro. She tells us about the daughter of an entrepreneur, Edith, who is extremely educated and was able to climb the social ladder from the bottom. However, suddenly her father dies, and her daughter becomes a victim of the perverted Old World.

An extremely tragic picture is played out in front of the audience, which is emphasized by stylish interiors, as well as colors.


Film "Shelter" 2007.Photo: Yandex Zen

As expected, a young family moves to an abandoned estate near the coast. There used to be an orphanage in this house, and the main character had previously been in it for a certain time. Now she decides to equip her life in it with her family, and reopen the orphanage.

This concludes our selection. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. And that’s all we have. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles.

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