10 best thrillers of 2022 with an unpredictable ending

If you like to spend your time watching movies, staring at the screen and grabbing your fingers on the edge of the sofa or chair, congratulations – you love thrillers.

Especially for you, today we will look at the best thrillers of 2022 that you can already watch. So sit back, grab yourself something delicious, and let’s get started!

On the edge

On the edge / The Ledge (2022) .Photo: hi-fi.ru

It’s boring to shoot just a thriller, each film should have its own zest. For this project, these are beautiful mountain landscapes and rock climbing.

The plot tells us about a pair of rock climbing girls who meet four guys before climbing.

A night by the fire and a little alcohol in the morning lead to dire consequences. To survive, now the girls will have to climb higher and higher to the top.

All old knives

All old knivesPhoto: gq.ru

This film is not for those viewers who like a brisk pace and constant tension. This project is more like old school Cold War spy movies.

The plot is that in 2012, flight number 127 was hijacked by terrorists. The government refused to meet their demands, and as a result, everyone on board died.

Many years later, representatives of American intelligence have information that one of their own could give the terrorists a tip on this particular flight. The protagonist is obliged to get to the bottom of the truth and even suspects his beloved of the crime.

Can’t find peace

Can't find peacePhoto: bigfangroup.net

French thrillers are rarely found at the box office, and this project is just an exception. This is a story about a “dirty” cop who tries to hide the scene of the accident and the dead body of the driver. However, as we know from history, everything secret once becomes clear. So our hero soon receives an anonymous message from an incognito witness.

sudden luck

Sudden Fortune (2022).Photo: imdb.com

The protagonist of this film is a loser, who is called “Nobody” throughout the running time. He is tired of being a squishy and poor man, so he decides to take fate into his own hands and raise money. The question of a plan arises in his head, how to do it. The only thing that comes to mind is to steal from a thief, and he breaks into the millionaire’s house.

However, everything goes in one place after the same millionaire and his wife are announced on the threshold of the house.

No exit

No exit.Photo: justwatch.com

The main character of this 2022 thriller is a girl named Darby Thorne. She has a difficult past and is in rehab for drug addicts.

However, when she receives a message that her mother is in the hospital, her daughter runs away, steals someone’s car, and goes to her mother. Nature has its own plans, and the girl gets into a terrible snowfall, the roads are blocked. She, along with four of the same poor fellows, is now forced to wait out the bad weather in a modest village house.

However, everything changes after Darby finds a gagged girl in one of the vans.


Film KimiPhoto: 1didi.ru

This thriller was directed by Steven Sodenberg in 2022. He no longer claims to be at the heights in cinema, but simply explores the areas and territories that are of interest to him.

The main character of his new film is a girl named Angela, who suffers from anaphobia. She is afraid to go outside, so almost all the action takes place in her apartment.

She is stuffed with technological gadgets, and the girl herself works in the office of smart speakers, responsible for processing erroneous answers.

While listening to another tape, she hears a woman being killed in the background, and Angela decides to find out exactly what happened there. However, her life is now in danger.

weekend trip

Shot from the movie "Day Trip".Photo: film.ru

This is a story about two American women who decide to go to Croatia and have a good party over the weekend. However, in the morning, the girl Beth, tormented by a hangover, does not remember at all what happened to her. Moreover, her girlfriend is nowhere to be found.

Now the girl is alone in a foreign country trying to get to the bottom of the truth. However, the more she finds and remembers, the more confusing things become.


Stills from the movie FreshPhoto: teambsmbd.com

The movie starts out like a typical romantic comedy – 20-year-old Noah can’t find a boyfriend and is still looking for the right one. And suddenly luck smiles at her – she goes on a date with a beautiful guy after meeting in a grocery store.

And now he invites a girl to a country house for the weekend. She agrees, but the sweet fairy tale soon turns into a real nightmare.

High-rise building

High-rise building, 2022.Photo: kino24.su

This is a wonderful thriller of 2022 from the domestic director Anton Maslov. He’s already directed the previously excellent TV series Middle Vampires, and refuses to rest on his laurels.

This time he tells us the story of firefighter Anton, who returns home after a terrible day at work. The door to the high-rise building is opened for him by his daughter, and the man lies down in the bath, simply falling asleep.

His neighbors, whom he began to flood, wake up. And then Anton realizes that his daughter is nowhere to be found. She entered the house, but did she enter the apartment … Now the man will have to scour the human anthill in order to find the girl.

Each inhabitant here has his own secrets, and sometimes they are ready to do everything just to keep them secret.


movie "Thursday" (2022).Photo: cadelta.ru

Before us is a young kindergarten teacher who, after a long break due to illness, returns to her work duties. Everyone around her considers her an impeccable educator.

However, everything changes dramatically after she takes all the children hostage, demanding money, participation in the negotiations of one inspector and a personal meeting with the Prime Minister of India.

The police structure of a huge country comes out of hibernation in order to find the reasons for such actions of a terrorist.

This concludes our selection of the best thrillers of 2022. If you have questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. And we have prepared for you no less cool collections on the topic. Here they are:

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And that’s all we have. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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