What is the new Russian film Streltsov about?

Recently, there has been an increase in Russian films based on real-life Soviet personalities. Recall the same “Move up”. However, this time we would like to touch on the meaning of another film. “Streltsov” is the brightest representative of modern trends in Russian cinema. He tells us about the fate and life of a young promising football player. But what can be interesting and remarkable in his path to glory? In this article we will analyze the meaning of this film and its essence as a whole.

The meaning of the film

The story begins with the fact that we see the talented football player Eduard Streltsov, who plays for the Fraser team. We see his gift almost immediately – on the way to training, he calls his girlfriend Marina at the bar where she works. But it cannot come up, because the company simply refuses to pay. Eduard Streltsov offers to pay them if he “kicks” the ball on his foot about 1000 times. This happens, so drunk people agree to pay.

But he’s late for the match. His team loses three goals, which Streltsov scores and evens the score. This is where the match ends. Forward Artemov and Torpedo coach Viktor Maslov pay attention to a promising young man. He is invited to the team.

Streltsov at first does not believe his luck, but agrees. At home, he jokes that he does not want to move because of the girl and friends. It becomes obvious that he is insanely glad that he was noticed.

A certain Postnikov takes the post of head of the ideological department. He begins to condemn the drunken goalkeeper, but notices that Streltsov himself is in no hurry to do the same, and he also does not advocate the expulsion of a player from the team. It can be seen that Postnikov and Streltsov are antitypes, between which a confrontation is just emerging.

During the match against Spartak, it is Streltsov who inflicts a decisive blow on the opponent’s goal, which causes Artemov’s anger. He gets his opponent drunk and arranges a pogrom in his hotel room. However, the plan to expel Streltsov does not work – the team protects Streltsov, so Artemov is expelled.

Because of the great fame, Streltsov begins to lead a rather free lifestyle, which is why he receives reprimands from Postnikov. Further, he tries to make a typical patriotic player out of Edward. He asks to prepare him for joining the Komsomol, but he will not be able to do it the first time. However, sympathy arises between Streltsov and Alla, who prepared him for this.

Then everything goes downhill. Because of a provocation, Streltsov arranges a fight with Artemov, he is accused of rape, which he did not commit. Eduard Streltsov has been in prison for several years. But he loses his talent even because of such a life. And the point is not that he himself lost everything, but that Streltsov was not a typical football player, he is unique! His character may not be sweet, but he is alive! That is why he runs into some not the most honest people.

In the end, he is nevertheless restored, and then transferred to the USSR national team. Life is getting better, but it is the match with Brazil that will be decisive in his career.

The meaning of the final

At the end of the film, Streltsov enters the field against the team of the Brazilian national team. However, the unexpected happens – Postnikov declares that he has filed a petition to remove the football player from the match. The judge can’t do anything, he has to obey. However, this does not suit the fans, they start screaming and burning newspapers. The match is in jeopardy due to the unrest. But Brezhnev decides everything – he calls and asks to return Streltsov.

Postnikov is removed from his post. Streltsov joyful exit on the field to the cries of the fans. He feels really happy. The film ends with the first kick of a football player on the ball. We do not observe the game itself, but it becomes clear that it will become a real triumph for the player. Further, only world fame and respect awaits him.

If you are so interested in the fate of this player, his sports life is described on the Internet. The film is only a cinematic display of the main events in his life. Perhaps, if the film is successful with the audience, we are waiting for the second part, which will describe its further fate.

What does such a cultural work of cinematic art say? You always need to believe in yourself and follow your own talent. Eduard Streltsov underwent the most difficult life trials and challenges, but still retained his fortitude. He went through all the difficulties, and then received the well-deserved fame and recognition.

In general, the film says that you should always be yourself. There is a way out of any situation, you just need to find it. Using the example of Eduard Streltsov, we see that indeed, even after the most severe trials, one can maintain a human face and self-confidence. Motivation after watching the movie overwhelms!

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