What is the movie “When the trees were big” about, the meaning of the film

When the Trees Were Big was made in 1961. In this popular Soviet film, such eminent actors as Yuri Nikulin, Inna Gulaya, Vasily Shukshin, Leonid Kuravlyov and other popular artists starred.

The Meaning of “When the Trees Were Big”

At first glance, it seems that the story is quite simple, although not often found in the days of the USSR. First we see a person who does not have a permanent job. His name is Kuzma Kuzmich Iordanov. Now they would say about such a person that he is a freelancer. But in Soviet times, there was no such word yet. At that time, people who were doing odd jobs were called shabashniks. Back in Soviet times, there was an article in the Criminal Code. According to her, a person who did not work anywhere for a disrespectful reason could be brought under an article for parasitism.

When Kuzma Kuzmich is summoned to the police station, the minister of law conducts an explanatory conversation with him. The major says that Iordanov leads an anti-social lifestyle, does not work anywhere, and drinks. This is completely unacceptable for a former front-line soldier who has awards. So the audience will know that he was a valiant participant in the Great Patriotic War. But then something happened in this man’s life. After all, he is single, has no wife or children. Without a family, Jordans gradually began to slide down the social ladder.

The major threatens to evict Kuzma Kuzmich from Moscow. But then the life of the protagonist abruptly changes one case.

When he and his partner decide to earn some money and help the old woman carry the washing machine home, he accidentally drops the equipment, then falls himself.

This accident led to injury, Iordanov was taken to the hospital. When the old woman came to visit him, she said that they had a girlfriend, Natasha, in their village. She is an orphan. Then the idea comes to Iordanov’s head to impersonate the father of this girl in order to continue to mess around, but to live on everything ready.

Sincere and naive Natasha believed that this was her father. Iordanov’s plans are beginning to come true. He continues to idle, lives for his own pleasure in the fresh air in the countryside.

But gradually the main character begins to find himself. And now his conscience is tormenting him. Kuzma Kuzmich allows the girl to tell who she really is, but Natasha, who finally found her dad, does not want to believe in this story. She asks the man who has become a native never to joke like that again.

And Kuzma Kuzmich cannot bring suffering to the girl, so he no longer returns to this difficult conversation.

When this former front-line soldier comes to work for his adopted daughter’s young husband, he sees how locksmiths work. Iordanov wants to remember the past, he is trying to carve a detail. How much joy the main character had when he succeeded. This is how the main meaning of the film “When the Trees Were Big” is revealed to the audience, that it is never too late to correct. The man who at the beginning of the film was a parasite, a hypocrite and a drunkard is transformed before our eyes. After all, he is surrounded by such positive people as a sincere daughter, a hard-working son-in-law, a wise collective farm director. Under their influence, the main character begins to be reborn. His conscience woke up, he also wants to work.

The meaning of the finale of the film “When the trees were big”

Toward the end of the film, we also learn that that old woman also has a big and kind soul. Seeing Iordanov in her native village, she did not betray him, so as not to disturb the peace of the girl Natasha, who finally became happy having found her father.

At the end of the film, the main character receives a summons from the police. He is scared, because he is sure that his scam has been revealed, and now he is waiting for punishment. Iordanov decided to pack his things and leave. He did not tell his newly found daughter anything, but dejectedly lowering his head, he goes to the station.

Along the way, Iordanov meets the chairman of the collective farm. From that, Kuzma Kuzmich learns that he was called to the police only because he has been living in the village for a long time, but he has not registered here.

The main character was incredibly happy that everything was fine. By the end of the film, it becomes clear that the former parasite and brawler is completely reborn. He will again go to work as a mechanic, as he began to remember the already forgotten skills, and now Iordanov wants to work. He sincerely fell in love with his adopted daughter, who surrounded her father with love and attention. Of course, in response to this, the already hardened heart of the former front-line soldier trembled. The awakening of the best feelings of his soul was also helped by the sincerity of Natasha, who, by her example, helped the newly found father to believe in himself and change for the better.

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