What is the movie “The Secret of Mary” about?

The series was presented last year and immediately won the hearts of fans of the dramatic development of events. Film production of Ukrainian production, filmed under the strict guidance of Nikolai Mikhailov. In total, 8 episodes were filmed, and all of them are filled with meaning and reflection on life. Everyone develops it in their own way, regardless of whether we want the presence of certain events in it or not.

A girl from the outback named Maria marries a young businessman Alexei, who is just starting his own business. He has a misunderstanding with local criminal authorities (after all, the series describes the events of the early 90s), and soon Alexei finds himself in prison. Not so given, having become a family, Maria and her lover are forced to endure separation. Alexei does not want his beloved young wife to gain the fame of the wife of a criminal, and decides not to answer her letters, does not come to visit her. Maria understands all this perfectly and makes the decision of her husband. She leaves for Moscow to start a new life there.

She meets Mikhail – feelings arise between them, passion flares up, and very soon Maria realizes that she is pregnant. A daughter is born, and then it turns out that Mikhail has a family and his official wife is also expecting a child. Maria is taken by surprise by such news. In addition, her beloved daughter is kidnapped. The woman does not understand what to do, she returns to her province, and there she meets Alexei, who has already served time and was released from prison. They renew their relationship – Maria is thus trying to get out of the depression that overtook her after an unsuccessful search for her own daughter. Many years later, Maria has a chance to find her blood, and she begins a long and difficult journey of searching.

This melodrama squeezes out a tear from the viewer and regret for the main character. However, the film does not teach this at all. The script is built in such a way that the viewer empathizes with the heroine, in which life develops in this way, and indicates the value of the moment. A person simply needs to live here and now, not to live in the past, not to try to look into the future. Feel and live in the moment, enjoy those emotions that tear apart the soul.

Another meaning of the series is based on the struggle for happiness. Absolutely everyone has the right to be happy. At first, Maria’s story developed very well – she married a novice entrepreneur, they build their family nest and love each other very much. However, life is unpredictable – happiness collapses like a house of cards. Usually this happens in life too – you will not have time to get enough of your happiness, as it has already turned into torment or completely disappeared. In any case, Maria was happy – she had a little girl, her beloved and adored daughter. But she was kidnapped.

Maria’s life is like an attraction – good events alternate with bad ones, there is no stability as such. Maria for a very long time kept the memory of the girl in herself, the memories did not allow her to live in peace. It seemed that she did too little to save her little blood, did not save, did not try to save. The heroine of the film feels these torments throughout the story. But in the end, she decides to tell her husband and friends about everything and try to win the love of her daughter. The heroine finds the strength to discover the secret, share it with another person and make a huge amount of effort so that the child returns to his mother.

The evolution of the heroine is clearly visible from the beginning of the film to its very end. Timid shy Maria dreams of happiness at the beginning and a serious, experienced woman, ready to tear to pieces for her child. This whole process is accompanied by keeping secrets about the most intimate – the daughter, whom she failed to protect from the influence of the criminal world of the 90s of the last century.

Each person has his own skeletons in the closet, which he cannot show to other people. We are sensitive to certain memories, we protect them, afraid that someone might reveal them. Mary only dared to tell her story thirty years after it happened. How long did she carry pain and resentment against her life! But the meaning of the finale is that it is important to talk about your experiences and feelings right away, not to hide or bury it all in the depths of your soul. It is important to speak, and then it will be easier for you, and others will know how you really feel. Psychologists say that the more a person talks about his experiences, the easier it is for him to survive them. There is a moral cleansing when all the negativity leaves with the words.

Life is too short to carry around the weight of memories. Decisions need to be made here and now, not waiting for the right moment.

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