What is the movie The Price of Love about?

Russian-made melodramas do not have the best reputation. Often they are scolded for the lack of originality, excessive illogical emotionality of the characters. This is not entirely fair, because, frankly, this is not a shortcoming of domestic cinema at all, but a feature of the melodrama genre. “The Price of Love” is a small series with a perhaps banal plot, but vital and touching. You should not expect great discoveries in terms of cinematography or new meanings from the cinema of this genre, but with its function, to captivate and make you think about close and understandable issues of personal life, family and love in modern reality, it does an excellent job, and this is the meaning of the film .

A special mention is worth a well-chosen cast. Anna Nevskaya, Pavel Krainov, and all the main actors in the lead roles are very beautiful people, the director works great with landscape shots, which together gives a very good picture.

Watching the film is worth it for people who love aesthetic, unhurried cinema, as well as for those who want to enjoy the uncomplicated, but fascinating drama of the life of ordinary people.

What is the movie The Price of Love about?

The main character of the series has been working as a teacher at the university for many years. She teaches a foreign language course, specializes in Spanish. This beautiful, stately, very youthful for her age (but not desperately youthful) forty-year-old woman is becoming more and more disappointed in her personal life.

She has been married for a long time, her daughter is growing up (according to the laws of the genre, the girl is at the most difficult, transitional age), but there is no love in the family anymore, feelings have long cooled down, everything has come down to a joint life and raising a common child.

Elena’s husband, despite the fact that the woman is very beautiful, is cheating on her, which does not escape the woman’s attention. Elena understands that she is still quite young and beautiful, that there must still be love in her life, but she tries to ignore such thoughts.

Elena’s friend (also a very interesting character, a kind of tornado woman, expressive, emotional, bright, but a little ridiculous) constantly hints to a woman that she should live, and not suffer about cooling in relations with her husband. But all this would not have gone beyond talk, if not for subsequent events.

A very young guy, Andrei, appears in Elena’s life. He is a student whose woman teaches foreign languages. A beautiful teacher instantly attracts the attention of an amorous guy, which he does not intend to hide. He attracts Elena’s attention in every possible way, beautifully looks after her.

A woman, in whose life there has not been anything like this for a long time, succumbs to a fit of feelings and leaves her husband. She falls in love with Andrei and is sure that she can be happy with him, despite the almost twenty-year difference in age.

Andrey, having achieved the love of a successful, accomplished and attractive woman, essentially fulfilled his plan, he did not intend to start a long-term, serious relationship.

Elena understands that she will not have a future with Andrei, there is no point in establishing relations with her ex-husband, and they have not had any relations for many years, only appearances. So, succumbing to impulse, a woman pays her price of love, left with nothing. The plot is simple, consider the message of the film, what the film is about.

The meaning of the film The Price of Love

In fact, the film reveals a very relevant issue – how people experience a midlife crisis. Having reached the period of maturity, the main character realizes that her entire past life no longer has value. Love has passed, the daughter has moved away, a career cannot fill her whole life. A woman is frightened by what awaits her ahead (the unknown is always frightening), so she tries to “escape” back to a carefree youth by starting a relationship with a student. However, you cannot return to the past, life goes on as usual. Therefore, having “played” a little during adolescence, a woman faces the same problem – she needs to live on, but not running away from problems into a hopeless relationship, but consciously choosing her new path.

The meaning of the ending of the film The Price of Love

The meaning of the ending is very symbolic. The woman is left alone, but this is not a sad ending. Relations with a student were needed only in order to break the old, obsolete connection with her husband. At the end of the film, the main character is free from everything that held her back, which means she can begin to build her happy future life.

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