What is the movie The Ninth 2019 about

Mystically thriller “The Ninth” tells about a complicated and mysterious case. Otherworldly forces, occult sciences, esotericism. People are attracted by everything secret and unknown. A series of terrible and inexplicable murders terrifies the entire city. Who will help the police investigate this case? What did the director want to say with his confusing storyline of the film and what meaning did he put into the film “The Ninth”?

What is The Ninth (2019) about?

End of the 19th century. Petersburg. Local residents pay more and more attention to esoteric and occult sciences. People are seriously concerned about the existence of otherworldly forces. Olivia Reed, a well-known medium not only in her own country, but throughout the world, visited the capital of the Russian Empire. The Briton gathered at her séances the majority of the city’s population. Her tour can be called extremely successful.

However, the British medium’s public appearances coincided with a series of mysterious ritual crimes. Unknown people kidnap girls right on the streets of the city. Subsequently, the mutilated bodies of the murdered victims were found in different parts of the capital. The young police officer Rostov is entrusted with investigating these mysterious crimes. Ganin was appointed as his assistant. However, with each new disappearance of the girls, additional mysteries appear. The investigation is at a standstill, the case is becoming more and more complicated and hopeless.

Rostov is at an impasse, the policeman has no evidence that could help him find the criminal. In desperation, the officer turns to a British medium for help. Olivia is his last hope to catch the villain. Rostov suggested that the real or imaginary abilities of the famous medium would give the hero a chance to get on the trail of the killer. Just what should Olivia do? Just summon the spirits of the dead girls.

The meaning of the film “The Ninth” (2019)

In the film “The Ninth”, the director relied on clairvoyance, esotericism, and the occult sciences. But what is the meaning of the mystical thriller? This film is about how the ghosts of the past never let us go. They live in our memory, returning again and again. These are our personal demons. We ourselves carry tons of memories in ourselves, not doing to dump the load that no one needs.

The film “Ninth” is an intrigue film. The director keeps the viewer in suspense until the very end. Who is this cunning killer? What is the meaning of mystery crimes? The film subtly and accurately shows the relationship between people: how a police officer gains confidence in a British medium, how the characters who come to public séances communicate with each other.

To dilute the detective heavy line, the director inserted comics into his work. It gave the film an air of lightness and ease. This new trend in Russian cinema cannot but interest the sophisticated viewer.

The entourage of the mysterious and enigmatic St. Petersburg perfectly resonates with mysticism and esotericism. The contrast between the poor and the rich. Some can afford everything, others are forced to survive in terrible conditions. Secret rituals, tours of the famous medium. People are tired of aimless uninteresting existence. They are attracted by everything unknown and unknown. Residents of the capital are trying to escape from their miserable swamp. Therefore, they attend the public séances of a British woman with joy and great hope.

Rostov and his assistant are investigating a complicated case for a long time and carefully. However, over time, it becomes clear that these mysterious murders are part of a mystical ritual. Or is it the fruit of someone’s sick fantasy? Maybe all these murders occur only in the imagination of a person? We set limits for ourselves. We blame others for our failures and troubles, but not ourselves. We attribute our aimless existence to fate, we turn to clairvoyants for help. We are ready to pay fabulous money to dubious psychics in order to find out our future. But why?

The film “Ninth” is magic, magic, mystery. The love line between the characters added additional experiences to the film. Also, this picture tells about self-sacrifice for the sake of a common cause. The heroine is ready to lose her life to save the girls. The complex relationship between the characters, the intertwining of destinies, a series of inexplicable phenomena suggests that in any situation you can and should look for the right way out.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Ninth” (2019)

Throughout the film “The Ninth” the viewer asks the question: “Who is the killer?”. Crimes do not lend themselves to any sound logic. An experienced investigator cannot catch the thread that would lead him to unravel the mystical murders. At the end of the film, the viewer realizes that not many people claim the role of the killer. The lack of mutual understanding between people, the desire to know their future played a cruel joke on the heroes.

What is the meaning of the final “Ninth”? You should never rush things. Everything always goes its own way. It is important to remember that the past is no more, and the future has not yet arrived. It is necessary to live in the present, not leaving “for later” the implementation of your plans and ideas. A person needs to learn to deal with their fears and obsessive thoughts. People should remember that there will always be problems and difficulties. But the choice is ours: either whine or solve them.

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