What is the movie “Snowball” about?

The story of two happy newlyweds. However, over time, something went wrong and Vika’s husband Andrei began to live not only in two cities, but also in two families. Deception, betrayal and cowardice. Andrei cannot part with his new lover, however, his legal wife is also in the dark. How to end a relationship that is no longer needed? How to stop leading a double life and confess everything? Let’s try to figure out what true meaning the director put into his film “Snowball”.

The meaning of the film “Snowball”

A true and sincere film, Snowball highlights the problems faced by many families. Couple change. For the second half, who was deceived, it seems that the world has collapsed. But even worse is that the deceived spouse remains in the dark for a long time. This is what happened with Vicki. Initially, the happy newlyweds were filled with hopes for a happy long joint future. They went on a honeymoon, which they did not manage to complete successfully. Andrei went on a business trip, where the irreparable happened.

The meaning of the poignant film “Snowball” is that there is no place for cowardice and betrayal in relationships. Such a family is doomed to a dull existence that has no future. In this situation, the main character behaved like an egoist. He thought only of himself. He was not interested in either the internal state of his wife or his mistress. Andrew is just confused. Having committed a vile act, he showed cowardice. He could not honestly and sincerely confess everything to his wife. The hero made her a deceived woman, who was treated vilely and ugly.

The film “Snowball” is not only a film about treason. Its subject matter is much broader. A person on his life path faces many difficulties and obstacles. Many people prefer not to notice the complexity, putting them on the back burner. However, problems do not resolve themselves. If you do not pay attention to them for a long time, they accumulate, forming a snowball. And when a person least expects it, they splash out. In such a situation, you must immediately pull yourself together and make an informed decision.

The film “Snowball” is striking in its veracity. Realizing that it is no longer possible to live a double life, Andrey cannot break the vicious circle. He is confused, is between two fires. Wife and mistress. However, Andrei cannot be called a victim in this situation. On the contrary, he is the culprit of these circumstances. Only he should be responsible for his choice and for his actions.

Andrew does not want to empathize. Despite the fact that he was confused, he himself made such a choice. And he will also have to “resolve” the situation on his own. The hero so wants to shift the burden of responsibility to someone else. However, everything comes back like a boomerang. And Andrei will know his betrayal with renewed vigor. The meaning of the film “Snowball” is that you always need to live with a pure sincere heart and an open soul. And meanness does not paint anyone, life will fully repay for this. This must be remembered.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Snowball”

A double life has never brought joy and happiness to anyone. This is what happened with Andrew. He committed a vile act not only in relation to his wife, but also to himself. The hero, by his actions, doomed himself to an uninteresting miserable existence. The point of the film’s ending is that if you don’t solve problems, they accumulate, forming a snowball. And at the most inopportune moment he can fall on the head of a traitor. Why a traitor? Because Andrew cannot be described in any other way. He betrayed the dearest person – his wife, who trusted him with all her heart.

But is it possible to condemn the girl-razluchnitsa? She was wrong too. “On someone else’s misfortune happiness can not be built”. This phrase is relevant at all times. Everyone will have to answer for their vile deeds. You can’t climb into someone else’s family, you can’t destroy a nest that wasn’t built by you. Why did she get into other people’s relationships, breaking the idyll of two lovers.

After what happened, you involuntarily wonder if the feelings between the newlyweds were sincere and deep. Why did Andrei cheat on his beloved wife on his first business trip? The hero understands that he acted meanly towards his wife. However, he can’t do anything. Andrei did not even have the strength to confess what he had done. The meaning of the finale of the film “Snowball” is that even in the most difficult situation, it is important to be honest and sincere with your soulmate.

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