What is the movie series “Container” about?

Alexandra is the main character of the film, she is 27 years old and makes a living in a strange way. Many will consider this way of earning very extravagant. She is a surrogate mother for couples who are either desperate to have their own child, or do not want to do it themselves for certain reasons. A series of failures in life, a bad relationship with her mother, ups and downs in her personal life one day push her to agree to this very lucrative occupation. Thus, Sasha has become a kind of bioreservoir or container in which for 9 months, no matter how rude it may sound, she raises a child for people who paid for this service. Alexandra receives very impressive amounts for surrogate motherhood, which allow her to lead a comfortable existence and not particularly think about the moral and ethical side of this specific issue. The girl does not heed the advice of her mother, who vehemently condemns the activities of her adult child.

Sasha does not refuse to provide surrogacy services to anyone. It is also satisfied by ordinary people who do not try to hide the fact that they resort to the help of third parties for the sake of the noise and clatter of children’s feet in the house. He does not refuse media personalities who prefer to keep this moment a secret.

Alexandra in her work is always guided by one immutable rule: not to enter into close contact with employers before the birth of a child. But one day she waives this rule and moves during pregnancy to the house of the customers. Alexandra finds herself in a completely different environment: in the luxurious house of a wealthy official Vadim and his wife, Marina. This family turned out to be one of those who could have produced their own offspring, but the husband made a concession to his wife, who did not want to spoil the figure, endure hardships and discomfort and therefore fully agreed to a surrogate mother.

Initially, the reason for Alexandra’s move to the mansion was very natural. Marina explained this by caring for her unborn child. The surrogate mother was for the rich couple nothing more than a container for growing children, but at the same time a newfangled toy that many cannot afford. However, soon life under the roof of this house became a real test for each of them. Neighboring with this family, Sasha learns many unsightly secrets hiding behind a glossy and vanilla at first glance life. As in most ideal families, out of reach from the gaze of others, complete misunderstandings, scandals and mutual reproaches reign within the relationship of the couple. The heroine herself carefully hides the secrets that her hard fate has awarded her.

By chance, she became a hostage to circumstances that forced her to live in the house of a wealthy couple. Sasha is looking for ways to influence the situation, and at the same time to cope with the echoes of her past, which are rapidly trying to manifest themselves in her present. Marina, spoiled by prosperity and permissiveness, manages to learn about these secrets. And in the same period of time, Sasha’s former acquaintance is trying to find her, but by no means with good intentions. This moment brings a real commotion into the measured life of each hero.

The main theme in the series is the relationship between the surrogate mother and the clients. Initially benevolent Marina soon tries to dominate and bend Sasha under herself, demanding her submission in everything, from sleep and wakefulness, up to leisure activities and walks. Sasha does not want to live by someone else’s rules, which leads to an obvious conflict between them.

In addition to surrogate motherhood, the film also raises the topic of social inequality. You don’t have to be a great intellectual to notice customers from Rublyovka, who can even buy someone else’s life, and a performer from a residential area, who, in pursuit of a good life, is ready to sell what she carries under her heart. The useless existence of Rublev’s wives is contrasted with women who are ready to become a “container” for bearing children for them for money. This is how the modern world works.

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