What is the movie Let’s Divorce 2019 about

For many families, divorce is a tragedy. After the betrayal of one of the spouses, the other begins to look for problems in himself, trying to return the wrong chosen one. The movie “Let’s Divorce” shows that life does not end after divorce. This amazing story will show you how to deal with adversity. The film “Let’s Divorce” is especially useful for those who do not know how to live on after the mean act of a loved one. What is the true meaning laid down by the director in his work?

What is the movie “Let’s Divorce” about?

Masha is a professional in her field. The heroine is a doctor who shows great promise. She is completely immersed in her work. However, her determination and success in her work activities played a cruel joke on her. Masha focused all her attention on her career. The heroine missed the moment when her husband lost interest in her and decided to leave her.

Only Masha is not ready to give up without a fight. In her life, she used to rely only on herself. Despite the excessive workload at work, the constant whims of children, the heroine decides to return her unfaithful husband. Masha does not want to give her beloved husband to a charming beauty. The fitness trainer should be left with nothing.

To achieve the desired goal and save the family, Masha tried different methods. The heroine called for help even otherworldly forces. The cardinal changes that occurred with a successful doctor benefited her. Life opened up new horizons for Masha. But does she now need an unfaithful husband?

The Meaning of “Let’s Divorce”

It’s a terrible word “divorce”. Family split, betrayal, betrayal terrify many of the fair sex. After the departure of her husband, the woman begins to panic. She does not know how to live on. Her whole life is focused on her husband. But is it necessary to worry so much about the infidelity of a spouse? Does a woman really lose something really important when her husband leaves?

Let’s Divorce is about not taking divorce too tragically. On the one hand, this is a huge drama for the whole family, mental suffering for children, misunderstanding on the part of relatives and others. On the other hand, divorce is a transition to a new stage of its development. It must be remembered that “everything that is done is for the best.” In any difficult life situation, you need to find the strength in yourself to move on. Despite the heartache, condemnation, sidelong glances.

Why do many people think that a single mother with children is not capable of anything? Why is it assumed that after a divorce, her life will resemble only a miserable existence? Who gave men the right to consider themselves “the arbiter of human destinies”? A divorced woman is not a stigma. Endless darkness, the collapse of all hopes, the bitterness of realizing one’s uselessness or new perspectives, focusing on something really important, a chance to listen to oneself, one’s thoughts and desires. Each woman chooses for herself the further path to follow.

The film Let’s Divorce shows all the stages that a woman goes through when she finds out that her husband is cheating on her. The heroine now speaks angrily about him, then tenderly asks for forgiveness. She doesn’t know how to do the right thing. She grasps at every straw to keep the traitor. Persuasion, reproaches, tears, unwillingness to accept the situation. It was only after a while that she had an insight.

Masha even turned to a fortune teller for help. A typical situation for many desperate divorced women. They are ready to give fabulous money to a stranger just for a few words about how they should live on. The only problem is that no one knows better than you what to do next. All decisions must be made independently, guided by personal thoughts and desires. However, many women, faced with such a situation, begin to faithfully and faithfully wait for the return of a spreeful husband. But why do they need him after all this? Why do “divorcees” consider this option the only true one?

The meaning of the film is that a woman does not need a man to be happy. All the more true. A woman with her own hands can fill her life with bright colors, interesting moments and joyful events. The main thing is to be in harmony with yourself. Only after realizing its significance, a woman’s life will change. It is important to step over troubles in time and boldly move on.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Let’s get a divorce”

The main thing to remember is that if one door closes, it is important not to miss when another one opens. Divorce is not a sentence. This is an opportunity to look at yourself from a new perspective. This is a chance to change yourself, your priorities and values. You can’t concentrate only on a certain person, you can’t forgive people who have abandoned you with all their actions and actions. Life will put everything in its place. If a woman, despite the obstacles and difficulties, decided to become happy, she will definitely achieve everything. You need to believe in yourself and your strengths.

After self-flagellation, misunderstanding on the part of her mother, the heroine finally realized that her life did not end after the divorce. A single mother with children can be independent, successful and happy. It is a fact. Realizing her uniqueness, the woman again felt desirable and interesting.

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