What is the movie Labyrinth of Illusions about?

A story about human relationships, about fortitude and self-righteousness. The film “Labyrinth of Illusions” tells about love and what a mother is ready to do for the sake of her baby’s happiness. But why is this series so loved by the viewer? How did the director manage to show both incredible love and ruthless hatred in his work? The intricate storyline and deep meaning will give viewers food for thought.

What is the movie Labyrinth of Illusions about?

A rich influential husband, complete mutual understanding in the family, no material problems. It seems that one can only dream of such a life. Valentina Lavrova was lucky. The heroine is happily married. Husband Andrei carries it in his arms. Little son Nikita only pleases his parents. But Vali’s happiness was short-lived. Once Andrey decided to arrange incredible races. During this event, Valentina lost consciousness. After she was brought to her senses, strange and frightening news awaited the heroine.

Valentina found that her beloved son was nowhere to be found. The woman could not believe Andrei’s terrible words that Nikita had never existed. The son is just a figment of Vali’s sick fantasy. The woman does not and never had children. In addition, Andrei is sure that his wife suffers from a mental disorder. But the hero is not the only one who considers Valentina mentally ill.

Nurse Margo also thinks that Vali has an unhealthy fantasy. The family doctor confirmed the dangerous diagnosis and prescribed a sedative for the heroine. However, Valentina does not agree with the opinions of loved ones. The woman is sure that those around her are cruelly deceiving. She is determined to find out who she really is.

The meaning of the film “Labyrinth of Illusions”

Valentina’s heart is restless. She is sure that her one and a half year old son is in danger. The heroine does not understand why everyone around is talking about her mental disorder? Why is she prescribed strong drugs? How can she tell reality from illusion? Why are people trying to deceive her?

The film “Labyrinth of Illusions” tells the story of two strong-willed women. Each of them has a child. Each of them is ready for almost anything for the sake of their baby. However, these women have different ways of achieving their goals. Valentina does not agree to overstep moral boundaries. She with dignity endures all the hardships of fate and deprivation. Margot, on the contrary, for the sake of the happiness of her son, is even capable of betrayal and vile deeds.

But who can judge these women. Both Valentina and Margot can be understood. They are forced to fight for the most precious thing they have. Two such different destinies, a series of incredible events and trials.

Who is Valentina? At the beginning of the film, this is a woman who was lucky. She lives like in a fairy tale. Happy mother, caring wife, beloved wife. Further events unfold rapidly. Loss of a child. What could be scarier?! Valentina is not even offended by the fact that she is considered mentally ill. The woman’s only goal is to find her son. Nobody believes her. Nikita’s location is unknown. Valentina is desperate, she is cornered. However, even in this situation, she does not give up. She again and again finds the strength in herself to get to the bottom of the truth and find her boy.

The audience is in suspense until the end of the film. Valentina’s suffering is unbearable. How did she handle all this? Does she live in a world of her own illusions or is it a monstrous reality? A powerful film showing the love of a mother. Women live for their children and for children. It is in this that they see their destiny and their happiness.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Labyrinth of Illusions”

Little Nikita exists. This is not the fruit of Valentina’s sick fantasy. The heroine’s husband is dead. The spectacular nurse Margo was the culprit of his death. She had a cunning plan, although his goal was relatively noble. The woman fought for her child. She just chose the wrong path.

Intriguing plot, mystical events, illusion. The characters live like they are in a dream. They are abstracted from what is happening. However, the film “Labyrinth of Illusions” with a happy ending. Valentina managed to unravel the villain’s plan, she got her boy back. Vitalik also did well. Margot will have to answer for her actions.

The finale of the film “Labyrinth of Illusions” turned out to be extremely unexpected. However, everyone is responsible for their actions. Good has triumphed. For every power there is another power. This should never be forgotten.

Why was the child hidden from Valentina? Throughout the film, thoughts often arise that Nikitka does not exist. However, Vali’s confidence that she had a son was extremely convincing. The woman felt, knew, she never once doubted it. You can’t fool a mother’s heart. When the life and health of your child is at stake, other goals and interests do not matter. There is only you and your baby. And a great desire to find his son despite the distrust and misunderstanding on the part of others.

Valentina was lucky that next to her was a shoulder on which she could lean. Vitya believed her. He helped the woman find Nikita. He helped Vitalik. A huge and kind heart of a person who deserves respect. A noble deed that I want to talk about.

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