What is the movie “Hero” about?

The film “Hero” tells the story of a man who was unwittingly drawn into a spy game. Andrei will have to undergo training at a special school, which has been classified for a long time. 15 years later, when the hero was already leading a quiet, measured life, a strange call came in. Andrew must once again plunge into the atmosphere of chase and flight. But what is the true meaning of the penetrating film “Hero”? Why did Andrei have to know the bitterness of defeat, betrayal and separation in order to find happiness?

The meaning of the film “Hero” with Alexander Petrov in the title role

In the amazing film “Hero” the director raises several very important topical issues. Parents and children. Andrei’s father was a man of courage and perseverance. He wanted to raise his son strong and self-confident. But only warm friendly relations between a parent and his child did not work out? And do they need to be friends? Each viewer will answer this question independently. One by one it is obvious that the son should not be afraid of his father, he should trust him. But the parent was extremely harsh. The two closest people never managed to find a common language. They are like strangers.

The second theme, which reveals the true meaning of the touching film “Hero”, is the theme of the struggle for a happy joyful existence. But why does a person have to fight? And who are these hidden enemies? In the film “Hero” they are presented in the form of grown-up children who graduated from a special secret school. But why do these characters carry negative ideas and negative energy? What are they fighting for? There is no clear answer to this question in the film. It is possible that our complexes and fears act as the attacking agents of the secret service.

Children don’t have intrusive thoughts. They look at the world with wide eyes and do not expect a dirty trick from anyone. They are sincere and trusting. But when children grow up, these qualities suddenly disappear somewhere. They are replaced by fears that accumulate over time, forming a snowball. At the most inopportune moment, it can fall on our heads and crush us. This is what happened with Andrew. For too long he had accumulated in himself the grievances of past years. The hero could not let them go, and they played a cruel joke with him. He is entangled in his problems and limitations. Innuendo and distrust have led to a rejection of yourself for who you really are. The meaning of the film “Hero” is that one should never give in to danger. Whatever difficulties you meet on your way, overcome them with your head held high.

An important role in the exciting motion picture is played by a love line. The hero met a man to whom he was imbued with all his heart. Now he has no need to prove something to anyone, because he truly understood what happiness is. The true meaning of the film “Hero” is to show the viewer what is the main value of life. It does not matter what position you hold or what material wealth you have. If there is no person next to you who can support you during a period of trembling in life, everything else is in vain.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Hero” with Alexander Petrov in the title role

Full of events, the bright film “Hero” reveals all facets of the human soul. All the feelings of the characters are as if in the palm of your hand. Together with the characters, the viewer learns to overcome obstacles and find joyful moments in everyday life. The point of the film’s ending is to show you how to deal with betrayal and emerge victorious.

The acting is impressive. The great attention on the part of the director to the close-ups of the faces of the characters made it possible for the audience to consider all the emotions and feelings that the agents experienced. Andrei went through betrayal, but at the same time remained a man. This act is beyond praise. You should never act meanly with other people, because someday you will definitely change places. The film “Hero” without embellishment exposes the vices of the human soul. Sometimes we ourselves do not know how we will act in a given situation. Sometimes our enthusiasm and energy is not enough to make a decision. It is in such a situation that close people come to the rescue, whom you understand without words. They don’t moralize you, they just help you without asking for anything in return. It is such people that it is important to appreciate, like air. It is a pity that there are fewer devoted and sincere hearts than closed people who are concentrated on their problems and on their lives.

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