What is the movie “Her Secret” about?

The twisted film “Her Secret” intrigues the audience from the first scenes. The hero again and again will have to face a difficult choice. Love, money, connections, career. The film touches on topics that are familiar to everyone. Just win in the final: good or evil? Why does the viewer closely observe the fate of the characters, what fascinates him so much? By answering these questions, we will understand what true meaning the director put into the film.

What is the movie “Her Secret” about?

A promising lawyer is at the very beginning of his career. Igor dreams of becoming a true professional and conquering Moscow. The hero was lucky. He was accepted into the staff of a large development company. All roads are open before Igor, his business is going uphill. A successful lawyer looks to the future with confidence, because it promises to be cloudless and happy. Next to Igor is his charming companion – Zhanna.

A beautiful and passionate romance between the two characters develops rapidly. But suddenly the young lawyer realizes that the daughter of the head of the company feels sympathy for him. Nondescript Masha is head over heels in love with Igor. But if Zhanna is an impulsive and self-confident girl, then the daughter of the head of the company is her complete opposite. Masha seems to live in her own little world. Igor faced a difficult choice. On the one hand, if he takes a step towards Masha, then he will automatically have a successful climb up the career ladder and a comfortable existence until the end of the day. On the other hand, his sincere and tender feelings for Jeanne. Igor was already ready to propose to his temperamental companion, but took a break before thinking about the decision.

The hero begins to lead a double life, which eventually turns into a painful existence. Still, he made his choice. Igor decided to connect his future fate with the daughter of an oligarch. However, the young lawyer does not even imagine what a new role is destined for him. Now Igor has become a hostage to circumstances and his selfish ideas. The hero again has to make a choice on which his existence will depend.

The meaning of the film “Her Secret”What is the movie "Her Secret" about?

The characters in the film are so different, but they have one thing in common. All of them dream of being successful. However, everyone has different ways. Someone is not averse to walking over their heads, betraying their true love. But there are also sincere, benevolent people who make the audience empathize. The director tried to show the true values ​​that everyone should know.

Love or money? The main character could not decide what was dearer to him. The character took a break, thought, analyzed, compared. As a result, he decided to abandon his girlfriend, whom he had recently wanted to propose to. The young lawyer understood that all his dreams would come true if he chose the unsightly quiet daughter of the oligarch. He followed his vested interests. Career came first for him. Can he be blamed for this? Each viewer must answer this question for himself. The young man stepped over not only through his beloved girl, but also through himself. He betrayed, humiliated his companion.

But did he truly love Jeanne? When a person experiences strong deep feelings, he does not notice anyone around. There is only he and she. No third parties, no mercantile ideas. But the hero was different. His eyes were eclipsed by money. The double life did not bring happiness. The choice in favor of Masha made Igor suffer. The meaning of the film “Her Secret” is that you should never act meanly towards another person. Nobody canceled the boomerang rule. Igor became just a pawn in the capable hands of a manipulator. His desire to deceive everyone and become successful played a cruel joke on him. The hero was addicted to money. The film “Her Secret” talks about the fact that you can not chase only material wealth. After all, in this pursuit you lose something really important.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Her Secret”

The ending of the movie was extremely unexpected. Can we say that evil has conquered good? Everyone thinks differently. Almost all the characters shackled their true face behind impenetrable masks. Heroes, not embarrassed, betrayed, committed vile deeds. Deception has become part of their lives. Each of the characters had their own goals. Some of them did not consider the opinions of others. For them, there were simply no moral boundaries that could not be crossed. The finale of the film “Her Secret” shows what a person’s desire to get rich in an easy way can lead to.

Are there girls in society who look like Masha? Sincere quivering nature tried to believe the whole world. Money was of little value to her. Jeanne was the opposite of the heroine, not only in relation to material wealth, but also in character. She was ready to bend the whole world, but to achieve what she wanted. Methods and methods were not important to her. She just had to do it, to achieve it.

Igor turned out to be a mercantile person. Initially, he did not even imagine that he needed to be responsible for all his actions. The lawyer had to be responsible for his choice. They were driven by calculation. Thirst for profit, power, influence in society. Igor went to this, he was not shy about it. Only his choice did not lead to anything good.

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