What is the movie Heaven about? Airplane. Girl”: love without impurities.

“Sky. Airplane. Girl ”- a simple melodrama of 2002, a remake of the same touching melodrama of 1968. Directed by Vera Storozheva. Cast: Dmitry Orlov and Konstantin Khabensky, Renata Litvinova, Mikhail Efremov. The latter plays the same role in the melodrama that his father played in the original.

The plot of the movie

The plot is as simple as the sky above your head. She is a strange woman (Lara), he is a man (George), courageous to the point of rigidity. He works in a bank, she is a flight attendant. One day they come each in their loneliness to a cafe and get to know each other, because there is no one else in this cafe, except for the bartender Vanya. They start dating. She loves him, he loves her – not very much, but needs this woman. The whole movie is a series of dates and breakups. The strange thing is that his life is almost not shown, and hers is quite active. Work in the sky, hopelessly in love with the crew commander, an ugly girlfriend-colleague who has no luck in her personal life more than the main character, cities that change at a kaleidoscopic speed, her sky. The sky is the only special effect of the film – it changes with the mood of the heroine. There is also a former lover of Lara, who lives with her in the same house.

Lara loves George not speculatively, but really worries about him. Relations develop strangely, but one day he appoints her a date in an unfamiliar city. She comes, but he does not. As it turned out, she had to wait for his second call, but flew in on the first one. There is a real confession, and he realizes that he loves her too. Now Georgy makes an appointment with her and for the first time waits for her with flowers. Instead, Lara’s colleague comes running and says that Lara will not come: she died during a private flight, saving passengers. The end of the film.

Artistic features and difference from the original

In the 1960s, the play “104 pages about love” became a real theatrical hit. Then the melodrama “Once again about love” appeared with Doronina, Lazarev and Efremov. The same love triangle is in the remake. But first about the language of the film…

For the first 20 minutes, it seems that this is a student work with an artless game of famous actors, it is not known how they got into the coursework of a novice director. Courageous Orlov, about whom we know nothing, Litvinova is strange in everything, which is very annoying – her speech, gait, actions, behavior … But after half an hour this strangeness and primitiveness of the melodrama suddenly flows into an artachus quality. In the original, the beautiful blonde is played by the “Soviet Marilyn Monroe” Doronina. She is strange there in order to refute the Soviet motto “Be like everyone else.” Here, the strangeness of Litvinova and her hypertrophied woman are a rebellion against feminism, which was gaining momentum in those days. Today we know that feminism has won, but then it was not yet obvious …

If the original was sentimental and touching, then the remake is simple to disgrace, which is a little scary. The only thing that stands out in both films is the female character. There are no special effects here, there is only the sky, which changes with the emotions of the heroine: it is now gloomy, then clear …

Another feature is the name. This is just a commentary on the pictures, sometimes, however, dim. First a picture of the sky, then pictures of an airplane, then a picture of a girl, who at the end disappears forever.

There really are no bright colors and everything is artless. We met – almost immediately in bed. The main character is often tearful and looks like an albinoRemove post imagea. The main character is a man in a square, almost in a cube – hefty, unemotional, living by the rules.

The closer the final, the more a simple love story turns into the only object of perception, without the sky and the plane, only a girl and a man. They play simply, as in the beginning of the film, only the fainting of the protagonist falls out of the scheme. But he is natural, masculine, without hysteria. It’s just love without impurities. Here everything is also simple: he loves her to the point of fainting, she loves him to death.

Was it worth making such simple melodramas in the early 2000s? Yes, it was worth it, because it was a time of snobbery, when the intelligentsia, as in the 1960s, tried to appear complicated: it was fashionable to be smart. This trend was repeated several years ago, but now it has disappeared again, by the way, but this is not about that … The creators did everything to make the play from the 1960s look organic in the 2000s, so everything had to be simplified.

But it was a time when feelings were supposed to be complicated, only non-traditional couples appeared, and the institution of the family lost its relevance. The film “Sky. Plane. Girl” became a reminder that love between a man and a woman is eternal and nothing can replace it, and true feelings are simple. The movie is just about love. Don’t complicate.

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