What is the movie “Green Van” about?

The two-part Soviet feature film “Green Van” was released on cinema screens on December 28, 1983. It was filmed in the city of Odessa and in the Odessa region in the village of Severinovka. Filmed based on the story of the same name by Alexander Kazachinsky. The plot is based on the author’s life story. Alexander himself, during his turbulent youth, bore the nickname Handsome, and was a desperate leader of the gang. The last thing the gang did was steal a herd. The robbers drove the horses to the market for sale. And there they were waiting for a police raid. Kozachinsky broke away from the chase and hid in the attic. An officer of the criminal investigation department rushed after him. And when the bandit pointed his pistol at the pursuer, he recognized him as his childhood friend Yevgeny Petrov.

Together they once studied at the men’s gymnasium in the city of Odessa and played in the same Black Sea football team. It so happened that a bosom friend had been working in the police for two years. Kozachinsky was unable to shoot and surrendered. Evgeny Petrov sacrificed his career. He got a reduced sentence. Friends tied up with their past. And ten years later, Evgeny Petrov became a popular journalist and co-author of The Twelve Chairs and The Golden Calf. Alexander Kozachinsky in 1938 wrote the story “Green Van” in memory of his youth and faithful childhood friend. Great storyline for a movie.

The fate of this film was not easy. The green van wanted to shoot Vladimir Vysotsky. But life decreed otherwise. And after the death of Vysotsky, the script was handed over to the young director Alexander Pavlovsky. Leonid Yarmolnik and Stanislav Sadalsky were tried for the role of the main character Volodya Patrikeev. But the director needed “a bright young man with a burning gaze.” And Dmitry Kharatyan was ideal for this candidacy. In this film, the actor sang for the first time. That’s what the director wanted. The role of Handsome went to Alexander Solovyov, an actor of the Central Children’s Theater. The director invited Alexander Demyanenko to portray Shestakov. He showed him as an intelligent, lyrical person.

What is the movie “Green Van” about?

The action in the film takes place in the twenties of the twentieth century after the revolution. In the city of Odessa and its environs. Volodya Patrikeev (Dmitry Kharatyan), a graduate of a gymnasium, a professor’s son, the best football player in the school football team, is going to serve as the head of the district police department. He really wants to be useful to his city, his native Odessa and the young Soviet republic. A young employee is sent to the village of Severinovka, and is appointed head of the department. As an assistant, they give him a policeman Grishchenko. (Borislav Brondukov). Inspired by the methods of Sherlock Holmes, our hero begins the fight against crime. But against moonshiners and speculators, deductive methods do not work. Volodya has no doubt that he will put an end to crime in a short time. And fate gives him a chance.

He managed to detain the famous horse thief Pretty Boy. It turns out to be a school friend. With whom they played together in the same football team at the gymnasium. Life throws him another test of strength. He goes on the trail of a criminal authority. And he challenges Cherven himself. (Regimantas Adomaitis), who keeps the whole city in fear.

The meaning of the film “Green Van”

This is a light and at the same time sad story about the events of the twentieth century. Actors and directors created a heartfelt picture of that time. About friendship, about honor, about duty. Funny and sad are intertwined in this film in a bizarre way. This is a detective, and at the same time a comedy-lyrical film. Former lawyer turned murderer. Former high school student – thief. The main characters are trying to change the world for the better, to make it cleaner. Volodya Patrikeev, played by Dmitry Kharatyan, is young, naive, honest, full of enthusiasm. He firmly believes in the idea of ​​justice. Policeman Mikola Grishchenko – one of the best roles of Bronislav Brondukov. Played very colorfully, with soul and a great sense of humor. The music, the lines, it all came together. Blok’s poems, read by the hero Alexander Demyanenko, touch the soul.

The meaning of the film’s ending

The story of this film began, oddly enough, from the end. The final scene was dreamed by director Alexander Pavlovsky. He thought it was a sign. And finally, after much thought, I decided to take on the film adaptation. In the finale, the song “Where are you, July?” This song is a kind of bow to Vladimir Vysotsky, who passed away in July this year. The ending is bright and poignant. Friends, by the will of fate, ended up on opposite sides of the barricade: one policeman, and the other a horse thief. They both play football. Friendship still wins. Youth takes over. This ball game! How they make the transfer, how they take him away! Such beauty simply captivates, resonates in the heart And it seems that everything is still ahead of them, and everything will be fine. The off-screen voice of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan gives the whole action of the film an ironic flavor. And the songs performed by Kharatyan sound romantically pure and childishly naive. Perhaps this is the best film by Alexander Pavlovsky, the director who shot a dozen films of various genres.

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