What is the movie Ferry for Two about?

The life of Anna Zolotareva seems to be like a fairy tale. Happiness, prosperity, harmony. But one event divides its existence into before and after. A terrible car accident took away the closest person – a spouse. This terrible event and for the heroine did not pass without a trace. Anna’s condition is assessed as extremely serious, she fell into a coma. But the blows of fate did not end there. Will the heroine be able to survive all the misfortunes that have fallen on her? Will she get out of this situation with dignity? The creators of the film “Ferry for Two” tried to answer these questions.

After a while, the woman managed to recover. However, she had to go through a long period of rehabilitation. Anna was informed that she had lost her husband. This was a real blow to her. But this is where her black life streak has just begun. When her mother found out about the accident, her heart simply could not stand it. Grief consumed her. On the day of the traffic accident, the heroine lost another close and dear person – her mother.

Anna did not know that her husband, during his lifetime, made a will not in her favor. The heroine lost not only all her property, but also the house in which she and her husband had built a family nest for several years. Everything acquired by overwork went to the husband’s relatives. For a fragile, refined girl, there were too many terrible surprises. She had no idea that her life would change so dramatically. And most importantly, forever.

The heroine had a choice: to mourn her fate until the end of her existence or try to start life anew. Anna gathered her strength into a fist and chose the second option. She decided to take a chance. She could no longer stay in the huge city, because everything here reminded her of her past happy life. The capital in an instant became a stranger to her. She decides to return to her provincial town, which has been her home for many years. Aunt Marina meets her there. Anna goes to work at a local school as a teacher of Russian language and literature.

At first, the girl was not easy. Difficult teenagers did not accept her. Colleagues threw sidelong glances, spread gossip and rumors behind their backs, and some were frankly jealous. The atmosphere in the team was tense. In this outback, Anna is again trying to find herself, to forget betrayal, to forgive the people who left her. It was difficult for her. At some point, Anna almost despaired. The woman thought her life was over. But one meeting changed her views on existence. After meeting Fedor Shulgin, her heart began to beat faster. The character also could not be called happy and completely satisfied with his life. Fedor served for many years, visited combat points, which did not pass without a trace for him. The hero almost lost his sight. This fateful meeting stirred up long-forgotten feelings in Anna. After all, it was Fedor who was the first love of the heroine. Soon the woman found out that it was he who was the parent of the student who gave her the most problems.

The film “Ferry for Two” is a story filled with experiences and anxieties. despair and hope. When a person’s happy world collapses in an instant, it is very important to find the strength in yourself to move on. And fate “tossed” the heroes more and more tests. Only the characters didn’t give up. It seems that it is simply unrealistic for one person to endure so much grief. The characters in history prove that this is not the case. Troubles and terrible events failed to break the inner core of the heroes. They decided to start life from scratch.

Sometimes unexpected situations knock a person out of the usual life rut. The soul is filled with anxiety, doubt settles in the heart. A person does not live, but simply goes with the flow. It is extremely difficult to get out of this state. If a person does not do this, his existence will be deprived of the main meaning. Everyone should have a goal for which he will act. Anna did not want to stagnate, again and again remember her grief. She did not betray herself, her beliefs. And luck smiled at her, and harmony and peace settled in her soul.

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