What is the movie Dylda about

The film “Dylda” tells about two women who went through the whole war. They intend to return to a peaceful life, because all the hardships and hardships are already behind them. But how to do it, if not only around, but also in the soul, there are only ruins. A touching story of two women who, despite everything, dream of finding their happiness.

What is the movie “Dylda” about

It is no coincidence that men are considered the strong sex. They are able to withstand everything that falls to their lot. It’s harder for women and children. Especially in the war. Delicate fragile girls, after graduating from school, picked up machine guns and went to the enemy. Ordinary girls became ruthless soldiers. Their duties included bandaging the wounded, blowing up tanks, and shelling enemy troops. A time of great hardships, difficulties and problems for the sake of the Great Victory.

Post-war Leningrad. Autumn. 1945 The fate of the main character cannot be called simple. Iya has to contend with sudden bouts of stupefaction. She works in the hospital, where she was nicknamed Dylda. Iya has a little son, Pashka, who was born at the front. Everyday endless affairs, routine events, a series of problems and difficulties. Once the usual routine was broken. A fighting friend came to visit the heroine. Masha is determined. She intends to take from Iya what is rightfully hers.

The meaning of the movie “Dylda”

The war in this film is a thing of the past. Only the pain from these terrible events does not let go. Most of all in the war went to women and children. Gradually, the wounds are healed, but one awkward movement, and the memories are again refreshed in the memory. At the most inopportune moment, a sharp burning pain pierces the soul.

Masha’s arrival. In the life of two friends, a period begins, filled with diametrically opposed emotions. Boundless love, desire to help under any circumstances, contempt, cruelty. Each heroine has her own color. Vital peaceful green belongs to Ie. Mary, who is still at war with all her thoughts, corresponds to blood red. These colors appear suddenly. It is in that period of time when something important happens in the life of the heroines. This is a kind of signal.

The audience sympathizes with the main character. A crippled soul, lack of direction. How to recover after the war? How to heal emotional wounds? In many scenes, the director gives the audience the opportunity to think about what is happening. The lengthy episodes, the emotions on the faces of the characters speak for themselves.

Decaying state of mind. A huge generation of people faced the ruins. Mental wounds constantly bleed. Where is the further purpose of existence? The meaning of life is simply missing for many. Suffering and loss crippled women. But they have a choice: to mourn their bleak situation or to find the strength in themselves and return to the life they dreamed of before the war. Strong-willed women settled on the second option.

The characters are not only trying to recreate their city, which looks like ruins, they hope to regain their young years, full of hope, joyful expectations, aspirations. The harsh reality has crippled the souls of women. The heroines have seen so much grief in their short life that you can go crazy. Cruelty, indifference, ruthlessness could forever extinguish the fire of faith and hope in the souls of the characters. However, they found the strength in themselves and stepped over the hardships.

The film “Dylda” shows the collective images of the characters. Everyone has their own story, their own destiny, their own trials. This terrible tragedy touched every family. Many have lost loved ones and relatives, the meaning of further existence. After the war, some people did not know where to return to. Terrible grief took everything from them.

But with his film, the director demonstrated that the strength of the human spirit is invincible. No matter what, you just have to keep moving forward. Always. Under any circumstances. Everyone deserves a quiet peaceful life. Especially after the terrible tragedy that took away everything that people had, leaving them only faith and hope for a brighter future. It is important to keep them in your heart. Then any new obstacles and difficulties will not become an obstacle to true happiness. Whatever grief a person faces, one must remember that the sun will rise again. It always does.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Dylda”

This is not a simple story that tells about the life of two fighting girlfriends in the post-war period. These are collective images of characters who have common pain, common frightening memories, common traumas.

A powerful film about the war, revealing the incredible power of a simple woman. Different destinies, different characters, different views on life. People were united by a common grief. The film “Dylda” about the Great Victory. About the courage of women who, despite the difficulties and obstacles, believe in a brighter future. Having survived hardships, the heroines hope to find their happiness.

Women have faced many trials. But they did not give up, they did not give up. They were looking for the strength in themselves to go on. Otherwise, women would simply go crazy. This is not a bad dream, this is a harsh reality. Everyone must rely on himself and his spiritual strength. If one of them gives up, then no one will pick him up. The heroines knew about this, so they did not even allow themselves to think that they would not be able to recover for a happy life.

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